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  1. While at the 2013 SE Divisional Fall Meet people were scrambling to get their cars on the show field in the rain. Here is one driver determined to get his car on the field just before the deadline. http://youtu.be/SUp7NkH2C2Y
  2. Front Page publish feature is not working anymore...it shows trying to connect to the server but freezes... never get the password log in box.. could there be a problem on the server?
  3. The price of this car is now $ 19,500.00 Please contact my wife, Mary Ann Echelberry at 386-677-9507 for information.
  4. I am also having Front Page problems. In one folder, only half my files are transferring and it stops. Peter, can you set me up for ftp so I can get the files over that way? Send me the settings. I am familiar with Filezilla and FTP Commander and should be able to figure out the setup once I get the hostname, user, password and port (if necessary).. Send to: normanechelberry@earthlink.net Thanks..
  5. I'm glad there was a lot of response on this. Next question is: Is anyone using Microsoft Expression Studio ? If so, what do you think of it and what version are you using?.. It appears to be cheaper than probably the Adobe Dreamweaver is around $200, academic versions are less (I'm too old to be a student!).......
  6. Vector art in simple terms, is that you can stretch a clipart in vector form and it does not lose any quality... you could make it as big as a poster with no loss. Try that with a .jpg photo you have, stretching it... you would be looking at a lot of boxes (pixels) a lot quicker... vector is mostly lines and curves without going into a lot of tech stuff.
  7. Thanks everyone... my club decided to use a photo of our featured car for the show over line art. I started to hand draw it but didn't finish it before the decision. I used photoshop to trim the photo to the edges of the cars outline. Suggestion, if you take photos of a car for shirts/high resolution type projects, try to to have reflections of grass, people, etc. on the chrome and paint. Makes it much easier!
  8. Thanks Jay.. I have a photo of the featured car we will be using (a club members).. but it was taken with grass reflecting on the chrome, windows and the tires have grass up the edges of the tires. So I have a lot of cleanup to do to keep it a photo. The one you sent gives me an idea of how i can change to line art and keep it simple..
  9. Question for you I read that use Dreamweaver.... how do you do your uploads with it. Front Page has the "kind of keep it simple stupid" publish site button that makes the screen into two sides, one your computer the other the server (at AACA). Then you just click to Publish it (again) and it starts the automated process (that USUALLY works)... but I am interested in the Dreamweaver file transfer method.
  10. Any chance someone has a line art or clip art (not photos) of a 1937 Cord Cabriolet in their collection? I need one for our website and upcoming car show in April. Thanks in advance.. Norm, Volusia Region AACA Webmaster
  11. First, I would like to thank Peter and also pick his brain. I have been using Microsoft Front Page 2003 since it came out and there has been no upgrades to it. In those five years I am sure there are some improvements they could have made. Is there an alternative to using Front Page for our web design that any of you use or recommend. I am mostly looking to the near future of a re-do on the site and trying to get new ideas. The "publish site" feature is easy to use in Front Page but I would like to see other web page design features. Thanks in advance. Norm/Volusia Region AACA Webmaster www.aaca.org/volusia
  12. I haven't been here for a while, maybe someone can tell me the quick way to see or sign up for the E-News... or I missed it in a publication that my wife still has in her pile.. Norm Echelberry Volusia Region AACA Webmaster www.aaca.org/volusia volusia-aaca-webmaster@earthlink.net
  13. NOTE: The 1966 Honda Dream has been sold but the 1947 Plymouth is still for sale as of 10/10/2008 and the price is reduced to $ 21,250 - bottom price. It will not be advertised or sold for less...
  14. 1966 Honda 305 Dream Model CA77 Motorcycle More info and photos at: http://echelberry.org/honda-305-Dream-for-sale.htm 2008 Antique Automobile Club of America (A.A.C.A.), First Grand National Winner Other Awards Include: 2007 A.A.C.A. Senior National Award Winner 2007 Riding Into History, St. Augustine, Best in Class This Honda Dream is black (original paint), has slightly over 4,000 miles and is immaculate. $ 7,000 - includes: documentation (original owners manual and service manual); CD with Honda 305 Information from Bill Silver, aka "Mr. Honda" who lives now in Hawaii. Vehicle is located in Ormond Beach, Florida and can be seen by appointment. Owner can assist with local delivery depending on location. Contact: Norm Echelberry, Ormond Beach, FL 386-677-9507 email: honda305dream@echelberry.org Wife also selling her antique auto: 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe P-15 http://echelberry.org/for-sale-47-plymouth.htm 2008 Antique Automobile Club of America (A.A.C.A.), First Grand National Winner . Other Awards Include: 15 National A.A.C.A. awards. Price: $ 24,250.00 Parts and Service Manuals included, plus many parts. Contact: Mary Ann Echelberry, (386) 677-9507 - maryannechelberry@earthlink.net
  15. My wife and I attended and participated both days at the show. The hosts were outstanding. Everyone was helpful and the dinner banquets had excellent food and service. The trailer parking area was more than adequate and we could not believe the number of spectators both Friday and Saturday. Also, the Jr. AACA program they had was from what I heard a great success. I heard the kids judged 7 vehicles and were within 4 points of the regular judges score - and then found items the AACA judges didn't. That was great to have them involved. Thanks to all of the people who helped with the event. Norm & Mary Ann Echelberry
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