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  1. I knew that I could count on the people Here!! Thanks Again for all the post and the wealth of knowledge. I new it was a Packard but the top had me a little confused, all the photos I could find showed full metal tops or convertible's not the padded top. the owner has a title for a 1932 light 8 but the tag is missing from the firewall ( but it may be in the car??? ). So I wanted to be 100% on the I.D. because the owner is asking $3000 for it, I looked the car over and all the hard to find trim and little psc are there. I was hoping to find a donor car for the sheet metal as Restorer32 posted. I was thinking of doing a period correct coach built custom??? keiser31; I cant give away all my secrets, but my wife thinks I am having an affair with my computer!!! Thanks Darren
  2. I have found another coupe and since I had a lot of fun with the last posting (of my Jordan model 90 G), I thought I would try it again. I am looking for verification before purchase on this one. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Darren
  3. I just got off the phone with Art from the Jordan registry, he wanted to let me know that I may have found the one and only 1932 model 80. I wont know for sure till I measure the wheel base. This puts the coupe past the end of production for the Jordan's and into the next group that was produced out of left over parts that were bought for a few cents on the dollar. It has always been a dream of mine to find a rare car, but there are lessons to be learned!! Rare does not always mean that is worth lots of money!! it can be so rare that there are no parts to even wish to start a restoration and its value is only as much as what you gave for it. Luckily I planed on making a traditional hot rod ( relax I have the approval from the Jordan car club ) but I have a little more work ahead as I will try to produce parts by hand. Darren
  4. I am I need of fenders and other sheet metal parts for a 1932 900 light 8 coupe. Will the fenders from the smaller Packard's fit the 900?? If any one has a set of fenders ( restorable condition ) please leave me a message. I am new to Packard's so be kind!! Thanks D.
  5. I would like to thank everyone for there responses to my post and to help identify my coupe. special thanks goes to keiser31. I found the coupe listed on eBay listed as Chrysler, REO, unknown. Like many of you I am a sucker for the odd ball and orphan cars. I also made myself a promise that if I found ant three window coupe for $500 or less I was going to buy it, I ended buying this one for $510. The coupe was located east of Cleveland Ohio so I rented a trailer and picked it up. The gentlemen that had the car said that it was located in a junkyard that was being crushed and the owners called him to se if he wanted it before it was crushed. The coupe had set in the last owner yard for some time before listing it on eBay. I just spoke with him to let him know what the coupe actually was. He also thought that it might be a Jordan but could not find any information on the internet to prove that. I found a few more photos on line so I have attached one of the right side rear that really shows the belt lines and gas filler. This photo is from 2011 AACA archives and there are some more shots of the dash and front of the car there. I have also add the photo of the metal tag that has the numbers ( 132-245 ) stamped in it and nailed to the wood framing just above the frame on the passengers side below the cowl. Thanks again for all your help. Darren
  6. to keiser31 Did the handleman have a chance to look at the door handle??? I have been around older cars but this is the first for aluminum quarters, I did see a Hudson last year that had an all aluminum body. I found a couple Hudson's that have been rodded that had the dual fresh vents but again the belt lines were wrong. I need a good place to start looking for ID numbers. Thanks every one for the information. Darren
  7. It may have been under my nose the hole time, the belt line looked familiar. It is the same as my 32 LaSalle so I did more looking and I found a picture of 1930 with dual upper cowl vents dual spare tires and the belt line looks the same, but the aluminum quarters has me stumped. Do I have a second??? Darren
  8. The first picture is of the dash, no gauges. The second is of the drivers side outer door handle and backing plate. The third is of the window mechanism. The fourth is of very thin die cast pcs found in rumble seat area and behind the front seat under a inner door panel.
  9. The rumble seat lid is 1 pcs, the second pcs is the panel below the lid that attached to the quarter panels. The top has 2 aluminum side panels (with the holes stamped in) and with material covering the top and back. Short of pulling the dash out, I have looked for the ID tags. The only tag I have found is the small metal tag with 132-245 below the cowl on the passenger side wood framing. I have found in my research, a few of the larger Chryslers had dual spare tires, dual cowl vents as this coupe does and the belt lines look the same. Also with having aluminum quarters could this be a coach built custom, using the doors forward of the large body and custom sports coupe back half???? I do appreciate the feed back as this one has me stumped. Darren I will try get the dash photos posted to day, as the weather here has been very icy.
  10. Hello I just recently bought this three window coupe. I am looking for help identifying the manufacturer. Two things stand out; the twin cowl vents and the rear quarters are made of aluminum, but the rumble seat lid is sheet metal. There is a metal tag nailed to the wood under the right side of the cowl, just above the frame ( 132-245 ) and the car has hydraulic brakes. Thanks for the assistance Darren
  11. Hello Sorry for the delay in replying, we had bad storms in the area and lost power , internet. I contacted the ASA with the serial number from the truck, it is a late 31 or early 32. If any one has photos of the cap/ornament they can send them to 28legs@frontiernet.net. Thanks Darren
  12. I am looking for a early 30's studebaker truck radiator cap/ornament. I dont have the one that came on the truck to compair. If any one has pictures, that would also help. Thanks Darren
  13. Thanks Ed I know that LaSalle and Cadillac coupe lids will interchange. I was really hopeing to find some out there that had one for the 32 coupe. I will fabricate one if I dont find one by the time I start the restoration. Thanks Darren
  14. Hello Thanks for the information. Robert I have sent you any e-mail on the rumble lid. Thanks Darren
  15. Hello I am in need of a trunk lid or rumble seat lid for a 32 LaSalle coupe. I think 33 or 34 GM lids might work. If any one knows for sure what make and years will interchange, that information would all so be a great help in locating the last big part for my project. Thanks Darren