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  1. I want to thank everyone who has given so much valuable info to me. I am making a wheel knocker which will screw on the axle about a 1/2 inch and then you hit it which then frees the wheel from the axle the knocker will also protect the threads of the axle and the axle itself. Thanks to all and thanks to Jack for all the info. I will let you all know how the tool works out later in the week. Thanks Mark (naandme)
  2. Thank you very much Phil I was pretty certain I needed to get some sort of puller now I have the picture I will get one and be on it in the morning Thanks again Mark
  3. Hello I have a 2 door 29 and i am fixing the brakes rebuilt master clynder and front wheel clynders but cant seem to get rear wheels (Drums) to come off axle. Is there a special tool needed (gear puller). Also would like to find a service book if one is out there. Let me know please 765 748-9731 Thanks Mark
  4. Hello I need some help in taking off the rear wheel (brake drums) Is there a special tool to remove them from axle (gear puller) if anyone can help let me know mine number is 765 748-9731 Thanks Mark
  5. The title says DA6 so I believe it is the DA series.
  6. 30-ML-106325-ML-<br /><br />Moved to Dodge Brothers. Please follow the link! Wayne
  7. Hi, I am new to the site and also antique autos I just purchased a 1929 Dodge Brothers 2 door 4-5 seater with an inline six motor. The car runs and drives well and the car is complete has a couple of minor problems but overall it is in excellent shape inside and out. Is there any books aviliable on making repairs? And what is a close value that this auto may be worth and what is the model 2door coupe? I know it is hard to say with out seeing but it is in great shape all glass is there and works, the lights work, runs and drives great, not any rust, running boards in great shape, spoke oak wheels are in great shape. has the trunk, the front crank, and all the jack and acc. for tire change. Anyway any info would be helpful I really like and enjoy it so far. Thanks Mark
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