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  1. This is in a very old box. It is large and heavy. I do not know what this goes to but I would think tractors, trucks or large farm equipment.:confused:
  2. could you add pictures or a website where we can see this car?
  3. A number of years ago, one of the top irons that raise the top on my Lincoln broke in half on the right side of the car. There are 2 irons that go up to the top of the door frame and the one that attaches to the top of the rear fender well is the one that has broken into 2 pieces. So the top does not go up and down and the rear vision is very constricted as you know. I also notice that most of the connections wobble due to wear. 1) So where can I get this pieces instead of trying to make them and do they fit other Ford vehicles? 2) With all the slop in the pivots, I think that I should do both sides. Most of the connections seem to be riveted so do I just drill them out? 3) I figure that it may mean that I have to remove the top? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tony
  4. Unfortunately, that one does not match my picture. I wonder if I am a year off?
  5. The Packard lens is different. It has larger shapes around the outside when you hold it up to the light. I have one of both.
  6. It could be a 1928 or 1929, but I am leaning more to the 28 with that visor.
  7. I believe that it is a 1924 Hudson Coach.
  8. I thought that most of the Essex cars in the 20's had the essex name at the top of the lense. They were not depress beam that I know of.
  9. Has anyone used the clutch and brake pads that metro sells? I need to know if they slide on, bolt on or glue on. I have a side draft. They list that it works on Franklins from 1920 to 1934. but I know that the pedals are different on these years so they are not universal.
  10. <table id="post865227" class="tborder2" width="100%" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td width="175"> Member Join Date: Oct 2007 Posts: 65 </td> <td class="alt3" id="td_post_865227"> Tail light Lens 1932-1933 Chrysler <hr style="color:; background-color:" size="1"> For the tail light it uses the lens from a 32-33 Chrysler. From the picture it is about 3 3/4" wide with no screw holes. It has a hall 5 digit number on the back in the 13*** range </td></tr></tbody></table>
  11. There is a guy that I saw at a swap meet that has early ignition parts. You might try him. NOS early ignition Valley, NE 402-359-5762
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