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  1. Hello all, I am in a pickle and need suggestions on locating a part for my 1926 Model T Touring Convertible. Fan belt slips off from time to time, and most recently when I went to loosen the top pulley assembly (nearest the cylinder head and fan) to put the fan belt back on, I sheared off the adjustment "bump out" on the adjustment bushing with my metal drift, see attached pictures. I need a replacement for that adjustment bushing, (or whatever it is called), all the other parts fine, but do not see any similar part for sale in Langs or MAC's. Any help or suggestions appreciated!
  2. Hello all. This picture is not great, but wonder if anyone can help identify the car. Is it Buick or Caddy? Picture taken circa 1930. I believe it is my great uncle Sam in the driver seat. You can also just make out the gas pump on the left. My grandfather and his brothers opened up a Gulf gas station near their barn around this time, where they operated a taxi business and vehicle storage.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the information. Sounds like Aunt Mae had a pretty swank car for the day!
  4. This is a picture of my great,great aunt on her way to Florida from Maine circa 1930 (see license plate date). What kind of car is this? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  5. This is a picture of my grandfather's brother and the family dog and the picture is marked "Carroll Tyson's Austin". Mr. Tyson was a seasonal neighbor and somewhat well-known wildlife artist. My grandfather & his brother stored cars as part of their taxi business. I would be interested to know what year and model Austin this is. Thanks,
  6. Here are 2 other pictures, I beleive, of the first Ford (1935 or 36) I posted, where my grandfather is picking up a fare in his chauffer's uniform. Looks like 3 bands, not 4 of vents in the hood, so 1936 it is. Thanks for everyone's input.
  7. And if so, what year? My grandmother writes in a memoir that they sold their Pierce Arrow during WW II in order to purchase their first home. This picture taken in front of my great aunt's house when they first were married.
  8. I am not sure about the car parked in the weeds, but I wonder if it is a Buick that belonged to my grandfather's brother. Here is a picture of the Buick that I found in the same photo album, which on the back side was marked "Sam's 1928 Buick".
  9. Here, might be a picture of the Ford from the front, though I am not sure if this is the same car, because the hood vents are vertical, not the 4 horizontal mentioned in trying to ID the year. In any event, I like the chrome "eyelids" around the headlights in this picture. Thanks everyone for the comments, very helpful. My grandfather was a real car nut, a gene that runs in the family. I inherited boxloads of photos and am slowly working on getting all of his cars identified. Much obliged.
  10. Anyone know what this car is? My grandfather filling it up at his Gulf filling station which he set up in connection with his summer taxi business in the 1930's
  11. Thanks for clearing that one up. I now need to dig deeper in my archives and find picture of his Pierce Arrow.
  12. Attached is a picture of some of my relatives driving to Florida in a Franklin. The license plate is dated 1925, so that is the approximate date of the picture. My grandfather's uncle was a Franklin dealer from 1913 until he passed away in 1924. Any hints on the model and year of the attached car appreciated.
  13. Attached is a picture of my grandfather in the 1930s. I was told the car was his Pierce Arrow. Can anyone confirm, and in any event, identify the year & model? Thanks,
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