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    25 minutes ago, 39BuickEight said:

    Overall car assembly and mechanical knowledge continues to decline, while the cost of the restoration process continues to rise.  The result is fewer driveway projects are started, and fewer still finished.


    example, my father taught me maybe half of what he knew, and I will probably do the same with my kids


    Yup.  Speaking as a (relatively) younger forum member who was never taught how to do anything on a car, the only realistic way I could get into the old car hobby was to be ready to hire mechanics to fix things.  

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  2. On this board, it seems, news that Tesla's stock is up proves that the stock market is delusional, while news that Tesla's stock is down shows that the market is all-knowing. :)


    Seriously, I have no idea how to value Tesla vs. Ford, but I'll stick to my guns that Teslas are incredible accomplishments. World-beater cars, truly revolutionary technology that everyone sees as the future, constantly improving, blindingly fast, and beautifully designed.  All designed and made here in the USA, with factories popping up around the world to export US know-how.. Again, I have no idea how to value it versus Ford. But it seems like something we would want to root for, or at least I do.


    Related story about how Tesla is doing well in the pandemic while other car companies are struggling. 






  3. Yeah, my worst was once getting stuck in a torrential downpour coming back from a car show in a '38 LaSalle convertible I had recently bought.  Knew there was a chance of rain, but the weather sites didn't predict it would be so bad.  It was a long drive and I was worried it was going to get dark, making driving all the harder, so I didn't want to pull over by the side of the road for too long.  Seriously stressful given modern traffic, modern speeds, and not much visibility and no safety equipment.  Made it home fine in the end, but it was a memorable way to find out that the car wasn't particularly waterproof, at least facing that much rain coming down so quickly.




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  4. If the booster plates were designed to match that year's license plate, I think I have successfully dated the "Piedmont" plate I have.   I found it on the wall of an old garage in Piedmont, California, and there is only one year in which California's license plate was anything like that color -- 1927. 






  5. 5 hours ago, West Peterson said:



    Fascinating, West!   Thanks for the context!   If I can bother you for another question, do you happen to know who sold them, or how they were bought?  Were they just items you could buy privately to show your civic pride, or were issued by the city?  

  6. Over the years I have seen some license plate extensions with city names.  Here are three that I have: 




    I looked around online, and I haven't been able to find out much about them.  When were they used? For what purpose?  Were they used in addition to state plates, perhaps requiring a separate fee to park or drive in the city?  Or were they only ceremonial?  I figured some on this forum probably know.  Any help?

  7. 3 hours ago, edinmass said:

    It's best to hire someone to represent you when using a restoration shop. With digital photos, and phone calls, 90 percent of issues can be prevented. Also, if you let the shop know you have expectations about the finished product, they will generally be better at the details.


    That makes a lot of sense. Or at least let the shops know that you have friends.  :)

  8. Thanks for this insightful post, Matt.  It's part of the problem when car owners (including me) often can't personally tell when a shop has done a good job: We don't know enough to know when the shop owner is a hack.  Ideally, asking around and finding out who is actually good can lead us to the right place.  But it's tough when there are few options and we're not good at telling when someone knows what they're doing and is doing it correctly.

  9. I've been lucky enough to visit Aaron Weiss's Flying A Garage in Pasadena, and I saw on Vimeo that Aaron just recorded and posted a tour of it.   Lots of incredible CCCA cars.  Thanks to Aaron for making the video!



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  10. 1 hour ago, edinmass said:

    I do NOT approve of a 50’s car. Since you pay me huge money to help manage your collection, you should listen to the excellent advice and buy a pre war car I approve of. Both your boys are in agreement. It seems a Pierce Arrow is in your future. Time to addd some class, sophistication, and better engineering than all those Packards and Cadillacs you seem to get stuck on. Shall I start the search now, or after you get a house with a bigger garage. 


    Ed, the Pierce that I really want is a production Silver Arrow.  The mix of classic styling, art deco, and early streamlining does it for me.  I hope the Packard spirits don't strike me down for saying this on the Packard forum, but I think they're really beautiful. 


    And AJ,  I still rotate in my mind among a bunch of possible cars, but the xk140 is definitely in the mix.  It's all at least a year away, though, just fun distractions to think about for now.

  11. 7 hours ago, edinmass said:

    Wait till I tell your wife the new sign coming says "The Pack Shack & ACD man cave" think of all the spare time you will have after you move out.............😎




    PS- As I explained to you last time I visited..........you need more cars AND a bigger garage. 


    I've been starting to lay the groundwork for car #4 at some point.  I think a 50s two-seater of some kind may earn wifely approval.    As for a bigger garage, working on that, too!  We bid on a house recently that had a 4-car garage, but we didn't get it.

  12. 8 hours ago, alsancle said:


    Hey Orin,


    I think I see enough space to squeeze another car in.    And yes,   I like the sign.


    Thanks.  Re the garage, I wish!  The car on the right is just parked at a sharp angle. There's space in the front but the two cars are almost touching in the back.  I do that because the driveway on our tiny lot is clipped on one side, and you can't get the car on the right out without first taking the car on the left out unless you come out at that angle.  Drives me a bit crazy, but the house is a rental so it's only temporary.


    There's an active termite infestation in the garage right now so that sign may be the only thing keeping the building up. (The termite people are coming next week to treat it, and hopefully to strengthen the structure a bit; it's only a rental, but in an earthquake area you don't want cars in a flimsy garage. ). 

  13. 9 hours ago, 41 Su8 said:

    How long will we as a nation put up with all of these mandates and penalties that were never passed by a state or federal legislature.  The Supreme Court needs to act now!!!


    Most state constitutions or statutes already grant this power to the governor or the governor's agent.  It hasn't been used in a while, sure, but it's there and has been for a long time.  Either way, there's not much for for the U.S. Supreme Court to act on.  These rules are generally a matter of state law, not the federal law that the U.S. Supreme Court deals with.

  14. Having criticized the CCCA's logo, it's with some irony that I just bought one of their hats from the CCCA store.  I think the logo works well on the hat, actually.    It's too expensive, but if you can't go to CCCA events these days at least you can wear the clothes.



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  15. I'm soon going to be in the fortunate position of having two Packards in my 2-car garage, and I have decided to order a sign to commemorate the occasion.  Here's the image I created, should have the sign printed and sent to me soon.


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