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  1. Hi Aussie Dodge, I had a bad experience with my bearings, had a vintage motor expert do the job with the single grove big end and mains, the big ends did not last long and the mains were real tight, you definitley need the x or you will have trouble, I replaced my big ends with a set of used bearings and bought a dremmel and did my own x on the mains so I have a grove and a x , as mentioned by Robert schamfer the bearing edges and make sure the 3 groves on the sides are there if not use small round file do it yourself. Some experts should never be allowed to touch these old motors. My engine r
  2. Hi my names Brian and I am from melbourne Australia, I have a 25er and my clutch does the same as yours, at first when cold I wobble the shifter and select the gear usually reverse and not too much trouble there, as I'm driving going up in gears no prob's at all. When things are warm and stopped at lights I have to go through the motion while stopped of into 3rd then 2nd to get first to avoid too much crunching. Sometimes it just drops straight in and makes me look like I know what I'm doing. I recently took my car for a 90 klm drive thats an hour each way, and although there were moments of
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