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  1. I was told to double clutch on the way up and don't bother shifting down till car is almost stopped. Don't race the motor but get into top as soon as possible. The motor pulls in top from very low speed. My car gets upto 50mph easy but I try to stay about 40mph. If the car has sat for a while the tyres get flat spotted and need some time to get rounded again so go slow at first. There's nothing better than taking the car for a drive especially if it is running nice. I can not give any tips as I am no expert but after a while you will get the hang of it. Regards Brian
  2. Hi, I use 3 drops of super glue. cork or felt is ok. make sure bearing cap grove is clean. I still seem to have the odd drip most of my oil come from the engine mount at front and runs down under then drops down and makes the car look like it is leaking everywhere. Regards Brian
  3. Hi Mike, that trim and paint job looks great, you'll make mine look tatty if you park next to me. Have you done much driving in it and did you get your oil pressure up. Regards Brian
  4. Hi Mike, video's are great, is that really 70years since last started.What sort of oil pressure do you have, is this your first Dodge 4. Did you do any other work to the motor which bytheway sound ok to me. I sent a picture of my motor of a recent rebuild. Not sure if it will come out any good or where it will show up. Regards Brian
  5. Hi Mike224, It's Brian here I live in Aspendale Gardens. I have a 1925 tourer. Question, what did you do to the pump to rebuild it. And did you recently do some work to the gearbox. The oil you bought is most likely the same as mine and you have to squeeze it out of the bottle, my tranny works ok.Also does your car have a magneto. Regards Brian
  6. Hi Revkent, Was just wondering if you have the pump working yet.
  7. Hi Aussie Dodge, I had a bad experience with my bearings, had a vintage motor expert do the job with the single grove big end and mains, the big ends did not last long and the mains were real tight, you definitley need the x or you will have trouble, I replaced my big ends with a set of used bearings and bought a dremmel and did my own x on the mains so I have a grove and a x , as mentioned by Robert schamfer the bearing edges and make sure the 3 groves on the sides are there if not use small round file do it yourself. Some experts should never be allowed to touch these old motors. My engine runs great even cruisers at 40-45 mph for more than 30min no over heating. This is the place to ask these questions because most of us have been there. regards Brian
  8. Hi Brian again, follow previous instruction to get top dead centre. I believe it may give you about 10 degrees before top dead centre. how ever this is the point you should settle at. Once you do that you need to change the small arm on the manifold it is operating back to front. The lever on the steering wheel is down for retard and up for advance, however on the magneto the arm is up for retard and down for advance. good luck regards Brian
  9. Hi; Brian here from Australia, do you have a magneto or distributor
  10. Hi my names Brian and I am from melbourne Australia, I have a 25er and my clutch does the same as yours, at first when cold I wobble the shifter and select the gear usually reverse and not too much trouble there, as I'm driving going up in gears no prob's at all. When things are warm and stopped at lights I have to go through the motion while stopped of into 3rd then 2nd to get first to avoid too much crunching. Sometimes it just drops straight in and makes me look like I know what I'm doing. I recently took my car for a 90 klm drive thats an hour each way, and although there were moments of crunching all went well. I have very thick oil in gearbox and have dropped idle down as low as possible. If your car is similar to mine I would leave it alone there is no syncro so there will always be a bit of crunching. I hope I have helped in some way and if you do find a solution let me know. I could do with some tips of how to gear down to 2nd without breaking something. regards Brian
  11. I know Cled well. He has lots of stuff including refurbished pieces, you probably saw his range. I have fitted his starter button, ball bearing fan, speedo cable they all work well.
  12. Hi, Brian here. I have a 25, and live in Aspendale gardens 3195 Although I do not have any spare doors if you are near by maybe you could come past and have a look at mine.
  13. I think many of us have been here before, I would replace the petrol if it is more than 2 months old. Another thing the advance /retard lever on steering wheel works opposite on magneto, so lever down on wheel is retard, lever up on magneto is retard. Worth checking. Do you have the timing hole. If so use white paint to mark both lines, I use the first line so I get more advance. I found I needed half my allowance to start. Hope this info is helpful
  14. Hi again, your on the money with press and tube idea. I used a crazy mix of what I had laying around. 2 pieces of 3mm angle 140mm long with cut outs 30mm long in the corners . The pieces will need to be long enough because the spring comes out quite a distance. So wear safety glass. Not sure the pressure but 6 tonne jack should do if the stroke is long enough. Because when you remove the collets the spring comes right up. On the end cup use texta to mark where the spring clip goes through for assembley. I used the flywheel to align the plate holes so the whole job was done inside the flywheel. It took me a bit of messing about to get this. By the way your clutch holes look ok so unless the bush needs replacing I think it is .750inch, I would not pull it apart. anyway good luck regards Brian
  15. Hi, when I pulled my clutch apart I use a 20 Tonne Garage press, and a spare fly wheel. If you would like to know the whole story let me know. It is a bit involved. Also some members may know of a better way or a special tool to do it. Either way I am happy to help. Regards Brian