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  1. abs relay in engine compartment on passenger side by headlight, probably overheated with your foot on the brake for too long. You can test it by switching it for one beside it.
  2. I called and ordered 2. Edward at Heuer said the price is now 8.00 dollars plus shipping. Thanks for the tip. .
  3. Great list! I see one of cars listed[202177], but not the other. VIN 202460 c-b-b auto no yes thanks
  4. maybe dawn dish soap in hot water? it wont hurt anything
  5. For all you owners with six cylinders. item 160945613942 on ebay
  6. There is no easy way. It takes three hands. I turn on the head lights which allows a little more room to use a long (10 inch) screwdriver to push the headlight knob release button. It is hard to see and to push. You have to pull the knob while holding in the release button. Then I use my ice pick to turn off the headlights.
  7. If there is no hood liner the heat from the turbo will discolor the hood
  8. When I am going to be stopped for more than 20 or 30 seconds, I shift out of drive into park or neutral, then take my foot off the brake. I had to install a socket for the relay because the original melted. I think it cant heat up if your not using your brakes.
  9. What size is the O-ring My car takes a few [30] seconds to rebuild pressure after being off for just a few minutes thinking maybe a weak o-ring?
  10. TC's are great little cars. World class autos. A lot of us have more than one. A nice one was listed on Ebay thursday evening with a very reasonable buy it now of 4500.
  11. I have been driving for a year with no dash lights. My switch gets hot when they are on, not even warm when they are turned down. They work if needed but after replacing the socket[melted], I decided I did not need to use them unless really needed. I'm guessing a bad ground somewhere.
  12. I would say your accumulator has a white lable and should be replaced
  13. The headlights only go up in price.like a nice little nest egg
  14. 89 auto cabernet-bordeaux-black. The car was sold new in Merryville Indiana in 1989. I'm the second owner. It runs great. I drove it to chicago where I work[about 45 miles one way,all expressway]. What a nice ride. I see why we all love them. Odometer says 36,600 but its not working now.
  15. I picked my TC 10-17. It was love at first sight.I've read all 101 pages here.Its very informative.I'm glad to be here. thanks Luckyguy
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