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  1. I had a nice one in High school, and was forced by life to sell it. I would like to find a original or nicely restored one. Open on price, and I mean open. Thanks for any help. Pat
  2. Still looking for a decent front seat out of a 38-40 packard two door coupe or two door sedan. (928) 925 1932 Arizona
  3. Ian, seems like you have run into exactly the same problems. I resorted to an old after market locking hub cap. Close but not perfect. I am sure most of us are also looking for nice hub caps to no avail. Thanks for your input, stay in touch. regards Pat
  4. Out side rear view mirrors were an option, but both drivers and passanger side were available. Your tail lights depend on what model you have, as a generalality, the KCL were on the long chassie, and had more truck parts. If you just need lenses, then ebay, has them on and off. Complete original tails will be harder to come by. Suggest Hemmings Motor news classified. Good Luck, regards Pat
  5. prof pat

    need help

    Need help finding the production numbers for 67 chevrolet, nova. Anyone know a site that would help? Thanks, Pat
  6. Don, My prayers go out to you and your wife for a speedy recovery. Regards, Pat in Prescott, AZ
  7. Where has all of the creativity gone???? Gotta love what they did back in the 20-40's to promote their business. Thanks for the memory.
  8. West, just to throw my 2 cents worth in, be sure to use all of the proper under layments. Most use off white linen, then galvenized chicken wire, then cotten batting, then the top overlayment as discribed before. Best regards, Pat O
  9. Further, they are probably the same as 34-35 dodge truck. There is a complete cab for sale on ebay.
  10. Just a thought, if you have a bad set, it would probably less expensive to have a set cast.
  11. There is a company that make excellant new running boards for 34-36 dodges, this is there item number drop them a line. Great people. #290590455281 Pat in arizona
  12. Looking for any of these in excellant condition