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  1. here's A car that runs on compressed air,zero emissions to drive.., what about charging the air tanks? Here's the link http://www.popularmechanics.com/automotive/new_cars/4217016.html
  2. This is some sparkplugs that I have collected any of them appear to be uncommon? http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa65/kevhum/MYCAMERA1001-7.jpg thanks
  3. Thank you,wondering how much did it sell for?
  4. Hello, anybody know what yr this winton car jack is.It says,buckeyejack mfc co Alliance O.,no.064 on the other side Thanks.follow this link http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa65/kevhum/jack.jpg
  5. So when you frist moved it did you let the ebreak off A cople of clicks.All the way forward puts it in high gear A colple of clicks puts it in nutural.If you let it off A cople of clicks it would make me think the break band and or the cluch pack is sticking on the drum in the tranny.It has been sitting for A number of yrs without moving, could be A posability. If you had it all the way forward it most likey would have been hard to push unless you hoked up to it to pulled it. that might turn the motor over but if it was slick like it looks in
  6. re;ditto on the aztek or how about a Scion xB SUV.looks like A bread box with A frount end,And some people think they look cool? No taste.
  7. I've been playing with vws for years and that could very well be a oval window radio,the nobs on it are simalar to that of A vw nob.Try posting it on A form on the samba,it's stricly A vw site.
  8. What is your favorite car website..,after this one.post A link? heres one that I vist often. http://www.conceptcarz.com/
  9. So I had A ad on craigslist for A fair pile of vw parts< recived this email in respose to the ad .It looks fishy to me.This is the first I heard from this person and the whole thing with his comission (with no price for the parts)included with the money order and him and I in chsrge of shipping is Questionale at best.what do you folks think? heres A copy of the email. >I am interested in immediate purchase of your item.After several consideration over the advert placed on the website,my client has really shown interest in it and would really want to iss
  10. It depends on how you discribe mass production.Follow this link,see what you think http://www.autotrader.co.uk/EDITORIAL/CARS/FEATURES/AUTOTRADER/33858.html
  11. would this be what your talking about? follow this link http://www.bacomatic.org/~dw/library/yore/gaa.htm
  12. mercer type 35r, auburn speedster, dolbe steam car, american undersling, stuz bearcat, vw hebmuller, olds curved dash, 1909 ford t, lincoln zeper v12 1939, packard 1906 mod s,
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