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  1. Tom... What ball-bearing sizes are you using on the wheels? Use soap (or tire lubricant) on your tires to help them slip over the rims. The trash bag method works nicely, except when it doesn't! Phil
  2. I have some steam-bent oak that might fit your trunk. They are 3.75" wide and 14.5" long. I have two pieces. Check the photo to see if the radius might work. Phil
  3. Mochet

    Who Owns A Metz?

    Join the Metz Forum on Yahoo. I have patterns for the transmission cover. Perhaps another member can supply the belly pan design to you. Send me a Private Message for more info. (click my name). Also, check my Metz restoration blog here. Phil
  4. Mochet

    Metz models

    If the original paint was blue, it's a "22". The Special Roadster was vermilion. The only serial number was on the engine near the water outlet. If you think the engine is original, you can date it from that. Phil
  5. Be sure to join the SPCOA (you can probably guess what the letters stand for). Phil
  6. I have a Citroen 5HP also (1924 Cabriolet), but not yet restored. I'm envious that you could get that trailer full of rusty junk running in a few months, also that it could go 60mph. Sure that isn't kph? Best, Phil
  7. Removes rust, according to their literature. I'd say it would blast off body filler without much trouble. Phil
  8. Plus, a 185 cfm compressor costs about $125/day. Couldn't justify the purchase cost, but sounds like a good business idea. Does anyone own this setup? Phil
  9. Saw this in Hemmings. It looks like a good idea: media blasting without the dust. It's done with a mixture of recylcled bottle glass, water and rust inhibitor, powered by a big contractor's compressor. I have no connection with them, but it looks like a good idea. Here's the video: The only thing they don't mention on their web page is the cost. Phil
  10. Mochet


    So the plastic models are placed in sand, and they dissolve in the molten metal? Phil
  11. Does the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry still have cars? I recall they had a collection at one time, but I see no mention of them on their web page. Phil
  12. In crank car-starting comments, you'll often see "Retard The Spark" mentioned prominently. This is to avoid the kick-back an advanced spark can cause (ie; broken arms and wrists, etc.). Neither my Metz nor my '21 Peugeot have a spark timing control, so you have to set the spark at a "medium" timing... whatever that is. You could rig a spark control lever to your dash from the magneto in some subtle way. Phil
  13. I am jealous of your new shop. Regarding the magneto, the Metz used the Bosch DU4 Mod [model?] 2, I believe. This magneto has no spark adjustment lever. The DU4 Mod 4 does have a spark advance/retard. Fortunately, both types are fairly common. You might keep your eye open for the latter type, if you don't have one. They both have the same mounting pattern, and are identical in size. Keep up the good work. Phil
  14. A number of the larger transporters will give quotes on-line, such as Passport Transport. Go to Hemmings for a list of 70 transporters. Phil
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