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  1. Hey everyone Selling my late Father's car. I'm posting the Ebay link below for the description and pics. Asking $6000 or best offer on EBay but if anyone here is interested and is NOT going to part it out, I'm very flexible on the price. All proceeds are being split into my kids college funds. Cadillac : Eldorado | eBay
  2. Hey everyone, I know ive been pretty out of the loop but figured if I'm going to find this, it'll be here!! I'm looking for the complete setup. So I need the Aircleaner, Manifold, both Carbs, etc. If you have them , just let me know where , what condition, and how much to write the check for LOL. Thanks everyone!! John
  3. All I can say is that Pacino (middle) is not aging well
  4. Posted up in the standard F/S. Follow the link! http://forums.aaca.org/f119/1965-imperial-convertible-factory-c-267973.html#post684425
  5. Jack - I only wish that was my collection . A friend of mine is an associate of a large collector who gives me free storage at his place. Somebody has got to want a great car! Lowering the price to get her sold. $11k
  6. Not to start off topic but Ebay is becoming a lowballer paradise. If they can't buy it for .30 cents on the dollar it's not a good deal. Anyway, I posted this here at the beginning of the summer and am giving it another shot. Its a 1965 Imperial. Check out the ad below for pics and description. Circumstances changed and I have to thin the herd a little. I was asking $13k but will take any reasonable offer at this point. WOULD LIKE TO SELL BEFORE HERSHEY. Lowering to $11K Chrysler : Imperial:eBay Motors (item 330355416268 end time Sep-02-09 18:54:29 PDT) Feel free to Email me at Johnpaul.Ragusa@Sprint.Com , PM me here, or give me a call at 914 557 0555.
  7. You also gave us a link to edit your craigslist posting. You might want to remove this link and put a regular link in.
  8. Greg Welcome to the site. YOu may want to post the pictures here on the site itself but you must post an asking price.
  9. I also have a 1940 81C. From what I have found, there are about 14 total. I have #164. There were 250 total 81C's . The last one I saw was at Hershey last year. It belonged to Greg Field who founded the Buick Club of America. It was in very nice shape and was yellow. There was also a car in California being sold by some company that was advertised as a 90c but then they advertised it as an 81C. It was a custom bonham and schwartz that claimed to be Shirley Temples. Here's the stats on the Limited Line: Series 80 Limited, wheelbase - 133,0 inches: 80C Streamlined Sport Phaeton, 4540 pounds, 1952 US dollars, 7 built 81 4-door Sedan, 4440 pounds, 1553 US dollars, 3898 built 81C Trunkback Sport Sedan, 4540 pounds, 1952 US dollars, 250 built 81F Trunkback Formal Sedan, 4455 pounds, 1727 US dollars, 270 built 87 Streamlined 4-door Sport Sedan, 4380 pounds, 1553 US dollars, 14 built 87F Streamlined Formal Sedan, 4455 pounds, 1727 US dollars, 7 built Where did you come across this car? Do you have pictures?
  10. Bumpin up. Car is still for sale and again Im willing to listen to trades!
  11. Before I go out and get a quote, anyone coming up my way. Car is in Hagerstown,MD and coming to Pawling, NY (hour or so north of NYC).
  12. Thanks for the information. I posted it up on Ebay. I really appreciate it!
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