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  1. But what do you do with the 4 piston style calipers that are bolted together? I have a spare caliper for my 69 charger that I can not get the pistons out since they are rusted in place.
  2. and yet we have sooooooo much to do to get the challenger in driveable condition. Heck, we will be lucky if it is all together for Gettysburg.
  3. Both of our cars, the 70 el camino SS 396 and the 69 Charger have received their junior and Senior awards out at the Hershey shows. Granted, when we had our el camino to the GN show at Dover, DE a couple years ago there were a couple cars in our class that had the satin black engine compartment painted a gloss which to me is not correct. Some view it as over restored but in all essence, is NOT correct as it is not the correct sheen or shade. From what I have heard, again, only here say, that vehicle scored a perfect score while we got a second due to the 5 pt rule. Again, I have no proof since the scores are not technicallly given out, but that is what I heard. It just disappoints me that you go all out to make things correct to the way they were supposed to be only to get beat out by something that looks pretty and pleasing to the eye compared to something that is factory correct. I am not saying that our el camino is a perfect 400 point car. I am sure that it is not since we drive it to most shows (unless it is out of state, then we trailer it) as it does have some stone chips and rash that have been touched up. I can assure you that if it was not for the 5 point rule, our car would have had its Junior GN award since it did score over the minimum amount to receive a first. However, the 5 point rule did us in. If it were the 10 point rule like the national shows have, we would also have had our Junior GN award. Bottom line is that it seems like consideration is not given to originallity or factory correctness versus what the car has. My case in point is the above argument!
  4. Mopar 6 cyl eng. known as "slant 6" or "the leaning tower of power"
  5. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: windjamer</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Stan, if your Ford is blue with a paint run on the inside fight front fender (from the factory)the only reason you dont have your Grand Nat. is due to over restored cars in your class.Your car deserves a Gn award </div></div> So preference is being given to cars that are OVER restored than cars that have runs and orange peel and such that definitely left the factory that way? Lets face it, these cars were produced on an average of one car a minute (at least thats what a factory worker said in an interview for my Mopar) Back then, they didn't care if the car had runs or looked good, they were built to get them sold and out on the road. I too have been burned and lost out on a deserving award at a GN show cause of over restored cars. Just burns my arse that AACA focuses on "factory" yet gives awards to cars that are over restored to factory conditions.
  6. Ok, since the topic is headlights, here is an issue with the rule that I have a question about. Since I now own two Mopars, back in 1969, when my charger was produced, Mopar had 2 different manufacturers of the sealed beam headlights. One supplier was GE and the other was Westinghouse. Now, depending on what stock was on hand, you could have had any number of combinations of headlights and high beams by each manufacturer. It all depended on what the worker pulled out of the bin at that day and that time. I have seen where some Mopars have had 3 Westinghouse and 1 GE bulb. Most of the time, it was the GE bulbs on the low beams and Westinghouse on the high beams. In this case, how would I be judged? Would I have 2 points or so deducted for unmatching bulbs?
  7. Great, we just replaced our original, US made Goodyear Marathon trailer tires yesterday with new China made ones (same Goodyear Marathons) due to the originals having dry rot cracking on the side walls and cracking in the bottom of the treads. Now that I have read this, I am nervous about our new tires. Granted, if we put 1000 miles on the trailer in a year its a lot, but I am still all too worried about that tire letting loose.
  8. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: darrelldavis</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I don't expect that the VCCA has as many cars at their shows as AACA. The ten point rule only discriminates against the part of the country that gives them the most support. Eighty two percent live east of the Mississippi. If you go to a meet in the West, no problem. If you go to Hershey. Big problem. If the standard is 365 then every car scoring 365 should get a first junior. If they want to make the cars better move it to 370 or 375 but make it fair and equal at every meet. </div></div> Very well put.
  9. 2006 Hershey was the first year they had it on the grass on the old golf course. I think this is the reason why it dropped so bad. Honestly, would you want to park your expensive, highly detailed car on grass that will probably turn to mud once it has the typical Hershey rain? Worse yet, who is responsible if something gets damaged when you have to be towed out because your car sank down to the axles in mud? At least when it was on black top, if it rained, the car only got wet, not muddy.
  10. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Shop Rat</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Matt M, PA</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">...but it would be worthy of a point deduction as it is not "factory".</div></div> Actually it is a mandatory 10 point deduction for even one Halogen bulb. It does not matter if you have one or up to four. The deduction is the same. There is a one point deduction for non-matching headlights. They must match by brand and era within the brand. (ie. Don't mix GE and General Electric as they are from the same brand but different eras.)
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but according to the Judging Manual, aren't the AGNM's only supposed to be held in July and August?
  12. Steve, So the original dealer salesman order invoice should be sufficient then as it was something drawn up by the salesman? Items like this such as pre-delivery inspection sheets? All of these items are original literature. We even have the build sheet for our el camino. I have been having problems with my charger with getting original literature due to the fact that Chrysler Historical lost a ton of literature in a fire which destroyed everything from 1968 to the mid 1970's. The letter for Chrysler Historical even stated that the build sheets were NEVER meant to be kept with the car and was only an aid in assembling the vehicle at the factory. By rights, I would be that ALL of our cars were not supposed to have these documentations. For my charger, the best I have been able to do with getting original proof is to take photos of NOS parts in their boxes (if they came in boxes) and pictures of survivor cars that have not been restored and are still owned by the original owner. I have also used the different web forums in the Q & A sections to find out what is correct vs. incorrect. One thing to also think about regarding factory literature such as full line catalogs and vehicle specific catalogs. The one vehicle catalog I have for my charger has incorrect pictures in it from a 1968 car vs. the correct item that they changed to for 1969. If I were to show that to a judge, even though it is factory literature, that would make my car appear to be incorrect.
  13. I am almost certain that the tonneau cover was a factory optional kit that was installed by the dealer as the bows are made out of wood, not fiberglass like the newer versions are. As for factory literature as proof, the only thing we have found so far was the small carbon copy dealer salesmans order invoice that looked like it had the carbon paper copy. This paper clearly states tonneau cover on it with a price and other items hand written in by the salesman. To me, that would be considered original literature, same as an owners manual, warranty card, etc. I know I have seen Chevy truck literature showing the camper caps that make the back of the truck flush with the roof line. However, I have not seen any other accessory literature for trucks. The el camino was a rare breed. It was a cross over from the Chevelle but marketed as a car/truck depending on your pleasure. I guess you could call it the first Sport Utiilty Vehicle? Regardless, the el camino shared all the options that the sister Chevelle vehicle had and then some that were specific to the el camino. Everyone seems to have saved info pertaining to Chevelles but when it came time for the el camino to me marketed, they chose to put it in with their full size trucks vs. the Chevelle line. However, the el camino is still considered a Hi-performace vehicle according to the AACA.
  14. Terry, Wasn't the rule book "modified" to allow for vehicles as they left the dealership as opposed to how they left the factory? I know of certain Ford vehicles that were shipped with a dual quad carb and matching intake in the trunk but the engine had a single 4 bbl carb and intake on the engine. The reason was the factory did not want to take the time to get the carbs in sync and would let the dealer install it so it was their problem. Supposedly, the dealer would have to return the single 4 bbl carb and intake to receive a credit. Now our el camino that we have had a dealer installed tonneau cover put on it which is backed by the dealers order invoice. Granted, we have proof that this item was ordered when they placed the order for the car, but what would happen if one did not have this documentation to go along with this?
  15. Dave, Thank you for the post about http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/458018#Post458018 . I somehow missed it and just went back and read it. I could not agree more with the original poster. I agree that the car show should be Priority 1 as that is what the AACA seems to have been founded on, preserving old cars and promoting the history of them to new people. Granted, Hershey has been known for its place to find parts but it has also gained a large reputation for the quality of their show cars that attend. Way before I got into the AACA and was going to Hershey to get parts for our resto, it was an inspiration looking at the beautifully detailed cars that looked better than new. The car show is where I met a bunch of fellow club members who got me involved in the different clubs I am in today and who helped me out with pointers as to what I was doing correctly and incorretly on my now restored car(s).
  16. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 160</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I first started at Hershey years ago when I could park by the old stadium, walk the few rows in the old blue field, park your trailer next to the old arena on Friday and then on Saturday show your car on the grass inside the stadium. I had flea market spots in the old green field, then the swamp of the yellow field and now in the red field. For years I considered the show on Saturday the main event for my week at Hershey. The flea market grew ten fold over those years but the Saturday car show I still considered the primary event of the week.In my opinion over the last few years the car corral and flea market have pushed the car show aside as to why people come to Hershey. Of course during these years Herco started to expand Hershey Park and the Hershey Region did a remarkable job of continuing to move the flea market as well as the ever expanding car corral, plus the Saturday car show. In the past several years, I think the car show has even taken more of a back seat as to location with the primary placement being the car corral. Here is where I think the tail is wagging the the dog. The tail being the flea market and car corral. The Hershey Region and all their members are doing a fine job in trying to satisfy everyone and my thanks for their hard work but you can`t be a nice guy all the time and hope to survive. I think that for the Hershey show to survive, then some hard decisions will need to be made. The car show on Saturday should be #1 priority as to location, easy of getting into the show area and the parking of show cars on a hard surface. This was the case around the Giant Center in 2005, a great area to show cars.The Saturday show has been lucky the past two years on grass. For someone who has spent years and lots of money on restoring their car, give him a hard surface to show his car and a decent place to park his trailer. Make the Hershey car show the priority as to location at Hershey even if the region has to limit the spots of the car corral or cut down on the flea market. Ebay is killing flea markets and will continue to take business from the vendors at Hershey. Make the Sat show the reason to come to Hershey.If the whole Hershey meet has gotten to big then put a limit on the number of cars spots available for the car corral as well as cut down on the flea market spots. Make the vendors prove they are selling rather just using the spot to park and walk. But whatever decisions are made on 2008 Hershey, please give the priority to the car show. </div></div> VERY WELL SAID! ! ! I could not agree more with his thoughts.
  17. The one Chevelle that beat our el camino is a personal friend of mine who actually went over our el camino and told us what needed to be corrected when we originally got our el camino. He is a OE restored Chevelle judged for the local ACES region. (American Chevelle Enthusiast Society). My father and I are judges for our local region and my father has attended national judging seminars also for the AACA. Both my father and I drive our cars and they are not trailer queens that are pushed off and winched onto enclosed trailers. Granted, sometimes we might use a trailer for going to long distance shows where we have the bias ply rims and tires on for concours events such as AACA and such that judge on factory standards. But if a show is local and it is not factory standards, we have correct rims but with radial tires on them and we drive the cars to the shows. This year on the way to Hershey, my carb decided to puke on me (third time this has been rebuilt). Luckily, I bring spare parts and was able to swap out the carb with an incorrect one but it still got me to the show with having the original carb in a box to show the judges with the explanation of what happened in route. Fortunately, the AACA takes that into consideration where as other organizations and clubs do not.
  18. Ex98th, -I thought the chairman for the event was on the national level, not regional. My mistake. -As far as bringing a vehicle to wet pavement vs. wet/soggy grass. I know a lot more people would have brought their car to a show knowing it would have only gotten wet than to get wet, muddy, and possibly even sink and then have to be yanked out. With parking on asphalt or even gravel, chances are your vehicle will not sink or need to be towed out. Cleaning water off is a lot easier than getting mud out of cracks and crevices. -I agree that most of the problems are in relation to greed by HERCO or someone else. Who exactly? I don't know as I am not in that region. I can only imagine what stress and grief the Hershey Region goes through trying to put this on. I am not trying to bash them as a group at all, just trying to express my displeasure since I have always had a really good time in years past. I did not complain last year about being on the grass since that area was supposed to be paved this year. Last year there were problems as people have stated. Lack of food and portatble toilets in the show field section left a lot to be disired and thankfully that was changed this year. Granted, there could have been more food vendors there but at least my food was still warm by the time I got back to my car as opposed to last year where I had cold coffee and a cold sandwich (both of which were hot at one point when I got them) after making the unknown distance hike from the Giant Center area back to my vehicle. I agree, things will never be perfect but this year certainly seemed to be FAR from it as opposed to years past. The Hershey Region DOES deserve a lot of credit for putting such an event on however, I think that if we (as a club) do not voice our issues, the problems will just get swept under the carpet and the situation will continue to get worse. My local voluntter fire department puts on a Labor Day carnival and parade every year where we use the towns high school grounds for the carnival. Does the school restrict us from where we put the rides, games, and food? No. We have say as to what goes where. We are just using the grounds. This year we hosted the NJ State Exempts firemans association parade. We had around 80 towns showing up in attendance for marching, some of which bringing up to 5 pieces of fire apparatus. Try picturing where you could put around 400 fire trucks on a high school parking lot or field. We had to come up with shuttles and satelite parking for the fire trucks. Was it ideal? Not really but it was thought out. The saying in the firehouse is the same as the boy scouts.... Be Prepared! I guess my whole rant and displeasure is that it seems someone, either national or the local region, did not prepare well especially since they know how many vehicles are expected to show up.
  19. A half mile gap in between fields is nothing when you walk probably in excess of 10 miles combined going up and down all the isles at Hershey. You might remember the field that used to be for vendors below where the school is. I think that was the White field at the time. When I was there prior to bringing my cars to the show field trying to get parts, I had to walk all over the place just trying to find parts for my "new car" even though it was still over 30 years old. The thing is if there is a vendor that sells the brand part you need, you are going to go to that vendor no matter where he is located. Granted, my parents and I probably crossed Hershey Park Dr. multiple times going back and forth to vendors when it was across the street and there was around 5 different colored fields back when. The thing was that if you needed a part, you would look around to try and find it. It is nice that the Hershey region is trying to accomodate everyone and make it safer by having everything on one side of the road but if you look at it from my view, going by the satelite map, the show cars started out by the Hershey Park Stadium, then got moved next to the Giant Center. We are now currently on grass and even further away from the whole swap meet section. Where will we be moved to next? The property where the sewage treatment facility is? If you had the choice, would you park your vehicle that you have spent countless hours working on, cleaning, and detailing only to have it sink in the mud and then have some person who might care less about your car come and yank it out only to do damage trying to get it out of the mud? As for the comment about the golf cart bridge.... my car weighs close to 4000 lbs. I highly doubt that a golf car weighs anywhere close to what my car does with all of its cleaning supplies. So if the bridge is only rated for a golf cart, whoever decided the route for us to go over with our cars obviously was not thinking ahead. Again, I am not trying to berate the Hershey Region or the national AACA. I am just trying to express some displeasure about what I noticed this year. Last year I was not too happy about having to park on the grass and then having to clean all the mud out from my wheel wells from parking on soggy ground. That was supposedly a "transition period and a ONE YEAR ONLY deal" in which it clearly was not. There were multiple publications in the bi-monthly magazine stating that the new area was approved for paving by HERCO and Derry Twp. Personally, after reading about all these new changes that were supposed to have been upgraded from last year, I feel that I have been lied to and I am sure that is what the general consensus of the other show car owners feel going by what I heard this year on the field.
  20. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ex98thdrill</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">While I am on the subject of parking, I thought this year was extremely tight parking as I could barely get out of my vehicle without having it rub doors with the car next to me, and I am a skinny 31 year old male</div></div> Bear in mind that you had a new chairman in charge of setting up the showfield, and you had limited real estate. They did the best that they could do, and I'm sure they'll work to improve it next year. I would be willing to bet that the spaces between the vehicles isn't any tighter than if the vehicles were parked side by side in the parking lot at the Giant Center. To your advantage, if the vehicles are that close together, it makes it a lot more difficult for the exterior, interior and chassis judges to look at your car close enough so that someone can complain about being 'knitpicked.' </div></div> I was not aware that there was a new chairman that was responsible for the set up of the show. I did not see that anywhere in the monthly magazine that comes out. For that, I am sorry if any of my comments were aimed directly at him, that was not my intention. As for parking space sizes at the show, the space that the Daytona in my class had to park was FAR from what a regular parking space would be in a regular parking lot. If this guy could have opened up his doors just a little bit to get out of his vehicle, it would have been a lot. When the judges came around, the interior judge would not touch my door and had me open up the door and stand beside the car next to me holding my door so it would not hit the neighboring car. With the length of my doors, I am sure he was able to see well enough into the inside of my car. The chasis judge literally laid down on the ground and shimmied himself under the cars in our class and physically reached up with his arm under our cars. I really didn't complain about it as I know from the judging book they are only supposed to get down on one knee and look under. To me, I think that the chasis judge did a good job as if I could do that at our local regional shows, I would, but I am by the book. The exterior judge, I had to keep apologising to, as as I seemed to keep getting in his way to open up the doors for the interior judge. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ex98thdrill</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">God help us if it had been raining during the show as no one would have been able to safely get out of the mud hole without having to be towed out and then the possibly having damage occur from being yanked out of the mud</div></div> Back in 2005 the show was on blacktop, and very few people brought their car out on the field when it was on blacktop, so the issues with mud wouldn't be there either. There were so many no shows that year that the region gave away the dash plaques to the judges.</div></div> Back in 2005, my father and I were there with his el camino going for his senior which we got. I think the whole issue of people not bringing their car out that year was due to the rainy weather. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ex98thdrill</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Next, and maybe this is just my view but others have mentioned it as well, why is the show cars so far away from the center of the event?</div></div> Do you really think that it would it make more sense to have the showfield in the center of the event?? On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you'd have to walk across the vacant showfield to get to another flea market field?? How much sense does that make?? Do you want someone walking by with carts and carrying fenders past your car (with the possibility of scratching it) to go from one flea market field to another?? If you hauled your vehicle into the meet on a trailer and parked in the designated trailer parking, the trailer parking is 10 times worse than the showfield ever thought of being, and anything that you would've gotten on your car was already on it before it left the trailer parking area. </div></div> My view of this was looking back at years past where the show cars were in a centrally located area of the show/swap meet. In 2005, the show cars were next to the Giant Center, not at the farthest end of the field like it was an after thought. I know last year there did not seem to be that many spectators walking through and looking at the cars, maybe because no one knew where the show cars were that year? Prior to the show cars being parked next to the Giant Center, weren't they next to the Hershey Park Stadium? Again, fairly close to the central focal point of the swap meet. I can understand vendors wanting to go look at the show cars but chances are, the vendors have more than one person at their spot and they could rotate out to go see the show cars. I also know that it takes time to break down the set up and then drive the unknown amount of hours home. I have traveled to long distance shows also with my car and have had times where it has taken me about 4 hrs to reach home. My parents and grandparents started bringing me out to Hershey Park every year once I got out of school for the year and it pretty much became a yearly tradition untill I got out of school. Hershey Park is so much cleaner than the closer Six Flags Great Adventure we have here in NJ and the people are that much friendlier in PA it seems also. So I know how much Hershey Park has expanded due to the new rides and attractions and also having some of the land get developed on. My profession is law enforcement and I am also a volunteer fireman so I know a lot about stuff changing suddenly and at the last minute. Unfortunately, things like that sometimes happen and I very well understand that. Packards1 - Like I mentioned, I work in law enforcement and I have a now 10 month old daughter who stayed home with my wife so I could be able to go to the show. We arrived on Friday and by the time we got there, the majority of the vendors were closed or closing up and we were lucky to get our registration packet so we did not have to wait on Sat in line. I would like to thank you for staying open on Sat till 1500 hrs (3 PM) as that still gave people a chance to shop even if they were only able to make it a day trip there on Sat. Again, I understand that some vendors make a long trip to get there but so do the people who go to purchase parts and see the vendors. Personally, there are not that many vendors for our two vehicles as when we first started getting parts for them years ago, the majority of the vendors told me that "your vehicle is too new and we dont have anything for that". This is where ebay has been an asset to me as well as forums like Chevelles.com and Dodgecharger.com. Places like those allow people to get the parts that they need. I am not saying that I was upset by the vendors telling me that my car was too new. Actually, I had to laugh at them since I considered any car over 25 years old to be just that... OLD for a car. A new car would be something like a 5-10 year old car. I also understood that the majority of the cars and vendors a couple years ago (and currently) predominantly sell parts for the cars from the early part of the 1900s which is still nice to see. My whole point about the vendors lacking in appearance on Sat was that my father and I were trying to get a blasting cabinet and there were hardly any tool vendors around or left. In trying to locate these tool vendors, we noticed a large amount of empty spaces at 1100 hrs which seemed quite odd for me as there seemed to be plenty of vendors around at that time last year and in years past. Just an observation, thats all. Again, I am not trying to belittle the Hershey region or the AACA National in anyway as I know it takes a lot of time and effort to run such a large scale event. This year had to be probably the worst one for me even though I got the award I was going for, it just seemed to leave a bad taste in my mouth and fill me with disappointment where as in years past, I was always glad I came to the Hershey show.
  21. I must agree that there seemed to be a lot more spectators there this year at the show field compared to last year. Maybe it was because there were so many vendors that left by Sat morning that no one could get any parts and figured they would not waste a trip and check out the show cars?
  22. My father and I ran into a similar instance at the Grand Nationals last year in Dover, DE with our el camino. The reason we seemed to get a second place was that we were told by a couple people who I will remain nameless at this time, that there were a couple 400 point cars in our category. With the Grand Nationals only having a 5 point spread, that means that we could have gotten a 394 out of 400 and still been over the minimum amount of points needed for a First place Junior Grand National but not making the within 5 point requirement. Granted, there were some items on our el camino that might have been like that from the factory such as a scratch on the plastic back paneling on the front seat and other items that we placed on the car that were NOS. Such items seemed to be deducted as when we got our sheet, those were the areas that were highlighted and we could not find anything else wrong other than the NOS standard lacking in quality versus something that was totally rechromed and/or restored. Did we have enough to score a first place if there were no 400 point cars or have the 5 point rule? Yes. Should we have gotten a first place based on the judges findings and rules of the AACA? No because of the rule of 5 for the Grand National shows. Kinda disheartening but that is what the rule is. My father has basically written off Grand National events now for this reason since I highly doubt that our el camino will be a 400 point car unless we totally restore our restored car again taking the NOS parts and having brand new NOS parts restored to better than new condition. The 10 point rule for National meets and 5 point rule for AGNM is like a double edged sword. It makes us try to do the best that we can for our vehicles by using orignal parts vs incorrect fitting repros to achieve "Factory standards" yet something that is not factory standards or over restored vehicles scoring higher than vehicles using original NOS parts.
  23. Let me just start off by saying that I have been attending the Hershey swap meet and show way before I even started showing our antique cars there probably for over the past 10 years. The last 4 years we have shown our cars on the show field and have noticed the mentioned changes taking place over the years. I understand that running such a large event is not an easy task and my hat goes off to those volunteers and workers who take on such an amazing feat. However, with that being said, the AACA and/or the Hershey Region seem to have lost sight of the fact what the AACA stands for..... Antique car preservation. For instance, why were the show cars that were supposed to be on asphalt (supposedly 2006 was a one year only happening)actually on grass again and the vendors were on the asphalt? Personally, I spend an extraordinary amount of time getting my vehicle cleaned and shined for this event only to have grass and mud thrown up in the wheel wells pulling onto the field. In years past, the vendors were on the grass while the show cars were on the asphalt. If this is how our expensive vehicles are going to be treated, please do not look for me at this show in years to come! God help us if it had been raining during the show as no one would have been able to safely get out of the mud hole without having to be towed out and then the possibly having damage occur from being yanked out of the mud. Secondly, I was a little upset with the person parking my class as he had me move around about 3 times before I got aggrivated and stopped my car in the middle of the row till he knew exactly where I was supposed to go. It got tiresome moving from one spot, back to my original spot, and then back to the spot where I was just at. If you have written out who is supposed to park where prior to them arriving, please do it or have a name card down on the ground where you are supposed to park like they do at the Grand National events. While I am on the subject of parking, I thought this year was extremely tight parking as I could barely get out of my vehicle without having it rub doors with the car next to me, and I am a skinny 31 year old male. There was a person who arrived later in the morning who parked in our class with a Daytona who had to have someone else park his vehicle because it was so tight that he would not have been able to get out opening his door due to his size. I understand some cars are larger and wider than others but this needs to be taken into consideration when the planning is done. Also, there seemed to have been cars parked in the isles. This event is by preregistering only so why was not enough space left for them to park in their rows? The above items left me with a disorganized view of the show this year. Next, and maybe this is just my view but others have mentioned it as well, why is the show cars so far away from the center of the event? Years past, the show cars have been the focal point of the show located in the center, next to the Giant Center or the Hershey Stadium where plenty of food vendors were present. The food vendors were quite lacking at the show field this year even though it was an improvement over none from last year. When my father and I went to go shopping through the vendors on Sat morning after our class was judged, it seemed like 90% of the vendors were gone from the swap meet and this was at 11 AM on Sat morning. Other spaces in the swap meet seems to be rented by people that just wanted to get a closer parking space for their daily drivers so they didn't have to walk that far to drop off parts to their vehicle. Again, I have noticed the changes over the past couple of years and I understand that last year was a transition period which was supposed to be corrected by this year with the show cars being on paved ground. From a spectator point and a participant stand point, it seems like the AACA is catoring to the vendors instead of catoring to the vehicle owners who belong to the club. Granted, the vendors pay more money but the vendors is not who makes up the AACA, it is people with antique cars like me and my neighbor down the street. Also, the majority of your clientelle is older people yet you have them park so far away that it is difficult for them to walk to the show and swap meet. No thought of transportation was made available to these people in the form of busses or shuttles. Again, just a thought for next year. I hope this is just a temporary thing but if this trend continues, as much as I hate to say it, the Hershey meet might soon meet its demise as I see a downward spiral trend starting. Personally, I prefer asphalt parking as it is cleaner and you are on solid ground making the cleaning of your undercarriage a lot easier on the owner. The grass parking is nice for pictures and giving shade with some trees but at the same point, if it rains (and Hershey is know for its rainy shows) you are going to have a lot more unhappy people when they have to pay extra money to have their vehicles pulled out of the mud. I know from experience with having a high performance muscle car that when you let the clutch out in first gear, the rear tires will spin on any kind of wet or soggy ground. Last year it took me over 4 hours to clean the mud out from my rear wheel wells just from leaving the grass show field since I was parked in a soft section. Personally, I could certainly think of better time to be spent than cleaning dirt and grass out from an area which was pristine only a couple hours prior. I know the AACA is trying to recruit younger members and this is coming from a 31 year old member so I hope the younger generation input does not fall on deaf ears as this will be the last time that my vehicle sees the grass show field at Hershey unless it gets changed back to paved ground for the show cars.
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