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  1. Ron-I sent photos of the door hinges to the e-mail address you gave and they failed to go through. Please send me an e-mail giving your correct e-mail address to: Marty@oldercar.com Marty Lum
  2. Hi Ron-I have a 1930 DeSoto roadster with an American factory wood-framed body. I had some duplicates of the original 2 piece door hinges made using laser cutting equipment. If your Australian roadster used the same type of hinge I might be able to help you. Let me know your e-mail address and I'll send pics. Marty Lum 1930 Desoto roadster
  3. I'm restoring a 53 Buick 76 series with power brakes and have just solved a problem with the rebuilt power brake unit. 4-5 years ago I sent the brake unit to Karp Brake rebuilders in CA for a complete rebuild.Toward the end of last year I bled the brake unit at the wheels and master and had a good hard pedal til I started the engine. After a bit of engine operation the brake pedal sank to the floor and the brake fluid in the remote reservoir disappeared. I tried adding more brake fluid but it too disappeared. I failed to find any hydraulic leaks in the lines or master so I removed the vacuum line at the master and found the 1 way valve was wet. Talked with Karp and he stated he felt the cylinder seals were leaking and asked me to return the unit. When I had the unit off the car I found brake fluid in the vacuum chamber which confirmed his and my suspicion. In a phone call yesterday with Jeff at Karp he stated he stopped using a rubber parts supplier (parts) because their rubber formulation did not work out well. He is replacing the leaky seals with parts from another vendor and feels these new seals will do the job. This setback was a disappointment but I hope we are headed toward a permanent Fix. Chrysler products used the same unit but located it on the firewall which makes for much easier removal. I've had experience with several Chryslers with this unit with no problems with seals or operation. Here is hoping noone else has the same luck. Marty Lum
  4. Sales of upper priced cars really slowed in 1931 so I'm sure you could have had practically any color combination for an extra fee. Even my medium priced 30 Desoto roadster option list included included custom colors for an extra fee. Martin Lum 1930 Desoto CK roadster
  5. Wally-Perhaps your sidemount top rods are like my 30 Desoto setup. On the CK the horizontal rods go through the side of the cowl and bolt inside to a cast iron plate mounted to the inside of the cowl steel framing. I had some extra castings made of these and other sidemount castings if you need. If you want to see pictures of the castings e-mail me: marty@oldercar.com. Marty lum 1930 Desoto CK roadster
  6. Boomer-sounds like an Ford 312 4 barrel intake manifold? What is the casting number on the manifold please? I have some extra Y block engine parts. Martin Lum e-mail : marty@oldercar.com
  7. 2010---Steele Rubber has a windshield kit which includes the sides and bottom for crank up windshield sedans in the Chrysler family. If you go on their website I think you can find. In my Steele catalog the part # is 70-0016-52. This kit worked fine for me on a 29 DeSoto sedan. 70-0064-57 seals the joint at the top of the windshield glass. Order by length. Marty Lum 1929 DeSoto sedan Model K. marty@oldercar.com
  8. Chaz-I had an engine rebuilder do a 53 322 V-8 with everything new on this high mile engine. The cost at the engine shop was about $5K with me doing the cosmetics. To be realistic you should also figure in rebuilds on starter, generator, carb, new fuel pump, etc. Marty Lum 53 Buick 76 series
  9. Geoff-I think I went online and searched 1953 Buick gas tank. Must go through my billings from 1-2 years ago if you want a specific name. Several vendors were offering this tank. Bought tank by size. E-mail me for details on my old tank at---marty@oldercar.com marty lum
  10. Geoffrey-I'm restoring a 53 76 model Skylark which has the same tank as your Roadmaster. I could have reused the original tank which is in pretty decent shape for a 60 year old tank but am leery about how gas tank sealers will hold up with future gasoline additives so I decided to order in a reproduction tank from an online vendor. The tank received mounts with the original tank straps and has the similar overall dimensions with one difference. The filler neck is not attached to the new tank. It couples up with a rubber hose and 2 clamps. the original tank's filler neck needs no support but the new neck does so I made a bracket which attaches at the fill door screws and a strap around the fill neck. I took some time to engineer the shape of the bracket but the results seem to be working and the tank is in operation. I would send you the old original tank but shipping would probably cost more than a repro. tank and you would need to derust the light inside surface rust and seal the inner surface. Based on my past experience with rusty tanks I think new is better even if you need to make a fill neck bracket. Marty Lum 53 76 series Buick E-mail me if you have any more questions. Marty@oldercar.com
  11. Mr. Cachorro: I have a 30 DeSoto Model CK 6 cylinder roadster with what looks like the same hubcap. If yours is a 6 cylinder CK model it would have had hubcaps with slightly over 7" outside diameter and fit into a wire wheel with a 6.50" diameter hole." De" is the correct logo for a CK model. Desoto also sold an 8 cylinder model in 1930 with a larger hubcap. What size hole do your wire wheels have? Original Kelsey wire wheels had the 6.50" hole and attached to the brake drum with 6 bolts. Marty Lum 1930 Desoto roadster
  12. Hi-I need the float lid or a used carburetor-a Stromberg U-1 used carburetor or round float lid for a 1929 Desoto K model. Thanks Marty Lum marty@oldercar.com 717-729-4080.
  13. Hi-I need a 29 Desoto Stromberg U-1 carburetor or round float lid for the same. Thanks Marty Lum marty@oldercar.com 717-729-4080
  14. Hi-I need a 29 Desoto Stromberg U-1 carburetor or the round float lid for the same. Thankss Marty Lum marty@oldercar.com 717-729-4080
  15. Hi-I need a Stromberg U-1 carburetor for a 29 Desoto model. I specifically need the float bowl round lid. Thanks Marty Lum marty@oldercar.com 717-729-4080
  16. Bob-I'm restoring a 53 70 series. Hill Jenkins has the correct carpet for that model and may know what you need. Call 336-902-0717. Martin Lum 53 70 series
  17. Mark-based on my past experience you may not want to use antique new oil seals as they may not soften and/or wear well. A member of the Chrysler Club, Larry Chegwidden, offers new neoprene seals for Chrysler products late 20s early 30s, He may be able to make you a set . Give him a call 503-253-8941. He is on the W. Coast U. S. in OR. Martin Lum 1933 Chrysler
  18. Michael-e-mail me at marty@oldercar.com. I think I might have an oil pan for a Thunderbird 55-57. Marty Lum
  19. Hi Ceejay-I'm restoring a 53 Buick Roadmaster and had quite a problem with the original transmission. When we removed the transmission oil pan the fluid inside was black with powdered aluminum particles on the floor of the pan. The transmission rebuilder advised me to find another transmission as the oil had deteriorated due to poor maintenance causing so much wear on the moving parts they were trash. I ended up buying a good used transmission from a rebuilder in Ohio and having the rebuilder do the rebuild job. So before you spend money shipping your unit anywhere you might have a good mechanic in your area inspect the parts you have. We bought a used transmission from a Buick club member who stated the fluid in his unit's pan was fine. When we received it was also black oil and the parts useless. We are just getting the engine running and driveable so no report on the tranny yet but it does go into gear. Martin Lum 53 Buick 70 series
  20. Buick-I just went through this process with a 53 70 series on which we rechromed the pot metal frames. The main window glass channel is riveted to the u-shaped metal frame. If you drill out the rivets which you would need to do to replace the glass channel it will expose the attaching items between the pot metal framework and the main glass channel. You'll see the rivets on the backside of the main glass channel. It 's a lot of work but the main glass channel fuzzy is usually worn out at this point anyway. Restoration Specialty in Windber, PA will sell you new glass channel pieces to rivet in. marty Lum
  21. Hi John--I'm restoring a 53 70 series convertible Skylark and used modern automatic transmission fluid in both the Dynaflow and the hydraulic pump powering the top and the windows. Modern transmission fluid called ATF replaces both of the types of transmission fluids sold in the 50s. It seems a tough job getting to the pump reservoir underneath the RF fender but it can be done. Marty Lum
  22. Hi-I have what appears to be a new non-power master cylinder for a 3 bolt mount -not sure if chassis or firewall mount. It is in new condition inside and has a displacement type chrome pushrod. The casting is labeled Delco and the casting # is 5455261. Looking for help in identifying the year for this unit so I can offer it for sale. I can e-mail you a picture if you get in touch via e-mail. Thanks for your help. Marty Lum 717-729-4080 marty@oldercar.com
  23. Crazy-this same person "had" my ignition parts but could not take Paypal. I've had this same approach to a couple of my other parts needs posted here. Marty Lum 1929 DeSoto
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