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  1. They are in very good shape. There are a couple of bent and chipped fins, Nothing major. I had them cleaned up. With some elbow grease they would shine like a mirror. $375
  2. These are original taillight brackets from my 36 ford 3 window. these will fit other models. The RH side is non rumble seat and LH side has the hole for the gas tank cap. Comes with the lights. $200 I also have another pair of 36 brackets. the LH side is original, it has the cutout for the gas tank cap but it was cut out a little more a long time ago. I also have a reproduction RH side that has the Rumble seat step. $125. Pics upon request.
  3. The cover is in really good shape. The outher trim ring needs some polishing. It has been sitting in my garage for a while. I also have the mount. Any questions please feel free contact me. $300
  4. I am not at all familiar with maxwells but, i have this windhshield frame w/glass that is supposed to be from a 20's maxwell. The glass is not original. I would like to sell it but not too sure what it is worth. Im open to offers. TIA here are some pics