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  1. I need a brass radiator recored and some brass tank work near michigan Thanks
  2. I need a remy mag switch and coil box that mounts on dash 1911 kissel Thanks Tony
  3. I need the light on the dash for a 1920 k 45 . I think other years may also work 18008251349 tony
  4. Looking for front and rear bumpers 1920 k45 also still looking for bezel around hand brake and shifter on floor Thanks Tony 18008251349
  5. Help I need the metal bezel on the floor around hand brake and shifter Thanks Tony P 1 800 825 1349
  6. Help I need to recore a 1920 k45 radiator The shop in michigan wants to recore it with a modern core and a 1 inch old slice of my old radiator to make it look orignial from the front. I think they are sending it out some where for $1675.00 . I would like to have the correct core for a little more money and a better job . Thanks Tony
  7. Hi can any one tell me what type of radiator core this car came with honeycomb or square holes ?? Thanks tony
  8. Need some help. will 21-23 k45 splash aprons fit 1920 k45 or 1918 buick fit Thanks tony
  9. Hi Bill Kalamazoo mi. that would be great . Get me your number Thanks Tony
  10. Hi Bill I am in middle of a restoration sure could use some up close photos thanks Tony
  11. Thanks mark I will try that tony
  12. Hi I need a hood handle for a 1929 116 standard Thanks tony
  13. Hi can anyone tell me if on a 1920 k45 between rear fender and the body there is a body welting ?? Thanks a pienta:)
  14. Hello. I've recently began working on the mechanical side of a 1920 Buick Model K45 Touring. It's in pretty solid condition and I'm eventually going to work on the body and refinish it. It's an older restoration in it's current condition, but the current body and wheel colors are quite ugly (primer grey body and bright yellow painted wheels). I'm pretty sure one of the original 1920 Buick body colors was a dark green, but I'm curious to find out any other original factory colors. The wheels are currently bright yellow, which can't be the original color. Were the original wheels just varnished,
  15. Hello. I have 4 used Universal Tires for sale. They are size 34 x 4 1/2 and 4 ply. Tread depth on these tires is 8/32, 7/32, 7/32, and 7/32. I'm asking $400 for the set plus shipping. Thanks and email me if you want photos.............Tony 269.217.3400 dandaautobody@yahoo.com
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