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  1. Package was shipped via USPS, first class mail on Dec 8, please keep an eye out for it and let me know you have received it. Merry Christmas, Rob
  2. Good Michigan driver, now reduced to the "winter beater" category.......
  3. Spoke with Brad a couple of weeks ago, he is alive and well at least at that time, Still waiting on moldings tho.Rob
  4. If he wants original rings for original pistons, they are unavailable and have been since at least the 50's. Chrysler in this time frame used a step style piston ring, and these have not been in service for years. Much conversation in the past has been had at this forum. 2 options, he can gut down his ring lands on the piston to accept standard rings (beaware of the dimensions) or buy new pistons and rings. Rob
  5. Send me your address and I will send to you. Rob
  6. Mostly just history on the car, some receipts for items purchased, photos, events where the car was taken and copies of sales and owners manuals. If you want them they are yours otherwise I will toss them. Rob
  7. John, If you need a spare waterpump to rebuild, contact me. Sounds like you found a good source on the bumper parts. Rob
  8. Marbeton , I do not believe the bodies are Budd as there is wuite a bit of wood in them. My Dad and I used to own this car, I have some paperwork for you if you wish to contact me. Rob hattiesgarage@comcast.net
  9. The main difference between 35 and 36 is how the hubcap mounts, On 35 the cap has a flat edge with clips that go into a center of the wheel that is (at least on mine) a welded ring that accepts the flat edge. On 36 the center of the wheel has clips that hold a cap with a radius edge that the clips retain (much like later hubcaps) Trim rings are an option on all years according to my sources. The scallop striping varies from year to year also. I have an original wheel with the scallop that the scallop is light, double stripes on the rim of the wheel (where the trim ring is) are also light and the face of the wheel is dark. The ledge under the spokes is light (same color as the scallops and stripes) as well as the back of the wheel. Never saw this before. Rob
  10. Ken, I have used Super Glue with very good results. I am aware of the 3M product you speak of but also am at a loss for the name. Have you looked at the 3m Website? Rob
  11. I agree with Keiser. The number is a casting number and is not used as a parts number in the parts book. My guess would be 72-78 wire wheel cover center. Rob
  12. It gives the appearance of a Paige, probably the 6-70 model. Yes Bi-Flex bumpers were used through out the industry, some cars used it more than others on a regular basis, but was often times a dealer add on. Rob
  13. Try George Bachleda at OlCar Bearing 910-693-3324 Rob
  14. The Vacuum switch for the wiper is correct on the LH side of the steering column, installed in a hole on the bottom flange of the panel. Dimmer switch is definitely an add on, The only knob on the instrument panel should be the choke, all others are add on as John and DC Dave said. Good luck on your project. Rob
  15. Thanks for your information, always good to be correct in information handed out. Very nice literature. Rob
  16. I have a very nice 41 Dodge D-19 business coupe in the shop and am looking for a window regulator handle. The original is a Butler finish or Nickle to many people, the knob is brown. Email me at hattiesgarage@comcast.net. Thanks, Rob
  17. Howard, See if Brandon Cheek in NC is still around. I believe he had some made. I used to have his number, but my old phone got flexible and not retrievable unfortunately. Perhaps someone here will be able to help you out with that. Rob
  18. John, I will take those, email me at hattiesgarage@comcast.net Thanks, Rob
  19. But only one a Swann's unfortunately. Rob
  20. Tim, What is your definition of door seal? One that goes around completely or any rubber at all? 31 CD Series uses door rubber seals at the top and bottom of the doors. Also showed signs of a trunk seal, but no pattern or material was left over to compare to. The Master Parts Book up to 33 gives a part number for such, but no visible photos. Rob
  21. Engine looks like a 30, maybe 31 Plymouth or Dodge truck engine. Water pump is correct, didn't see if it had a fuel pump plate or pump. Then is would be Late 30 or 31. If no fuel pump plate then 29- early 30. JMO Rob
  22. Had a 70 Polara, sold it. Very uncommon and the option packages are uncommon also. The one I had was 318, gauge package, no extra power anything and no AC. Blue with a tu-tone blue interior. No 2 seemed to have the same option packages, more had 383, one had a 440 (tho I didn't verify that it was built that way) some had power windows, AC, AM/FM, tape players, Not many around but more than you would think. Rob
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