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  1. I believe you will find this fits a 1936 Plymouth P2, I am not sure the standard Plymouth used the stainless bars. I did not look up in the parts book but it may also fit both L & R sides. Rob
  2. Keiser, If it is a ball and pin style, those are tough, if it is a cross style Spicer, then those u-joints are strictly dimensional and new ones can be found at your local parts house. Rob
  3. The 31 Imperial has one, my 26 Imperial is not here, but I believe it has one also. Rob
  4. The round disc is used in some bumper center medallions, different mfg's used them. I have one on my 28 Chrysler 62. Rob
  5. I also see the conv, appears to be 37 Terraplane, I did not see the bubble lens on the taillamp that would have made it Hudson, Also the sedan with parking lights on the fender is probably 31 Oakland or may be Pontiac. Rob
  6. I believe it was the same year you bought it or early into the next year. I just don't remember the year I sold it to Chris. Age- ugh............................
  7. Richard, I sold the car to the guy you bought it from, Chris Chervanka. Rob
  8. Marbeton, I have found both a speedo and speedo casing for the speedometer cable. The cable casing is very nice, clean and flexible, the speedo looks good and turns both the odometer and speed drives. The cable itself is not there. This mounts on the bottom of the speedo housing with a single fastener. If this helps let me know. Rob
  9. Viv, I have removed all 4 plates, they look good and very usable. Tried to return you call but it would not go thru. Sorry I missed you. Rob
  10. Viv, Will look this morning and remove if there, they are yours. Anything else? Glad to hear you are doing well and making progress. Rob
  11. My inclination is Plymouth. Dodge, DeSoto or Chrysler, 1930/31. The clamps look like the ones on my 30 Chrysler CJ, Plymouth used these also for a while. 4 bolt is another similarity. From reading the tape measure it appears to be a 19" where the tire would seat on the rim. IMO Rob
  12. The trailer is loaded and we're off to the scrap yard on Monday with the remains of a 1927 Chrysler Model '60', so you better speak up.
  13. Could this be a carry over from the Type "B" Business Sedan of the 24-26 era?
  14. Typically this sway bar has oval ends where they go into the link, see if you can rotate the link 90 degrees and pull the link off the bar. That of course depends on the link being moveable or loose on the bar. Try some Kroil, PB Blaster or other de-ruster to "soften" the rubber. Rob
  15. I have gone to this event (the Old Car Festival) since the mid 60's, with a hiatus during times away. This is a must see and certainly on anybodies "bucket list" for good events to attend, display or not. Where else can you see 200 plus brass era cars in operation and on display at one place. I presume the idea to handle the "Pass in Review" was to consolidate and speed up the process without trying to kill off the program. How much can ANYBODY say interesting after the 30th 1930 Model A Ford Coupe passes in review. I know I'll catch heck for this, but that is reality. A sampling of cars makes the conversation and viewing better for the audience (which is what "pass in review" is for) than overwhelming them with many multiples of the same cars. Any change is hard, but I feel (no knowledge of their intentions) that this itself would be a better move and far more interesting for the crowds. I try to go each year possible, will continue to go as often as possible and highly recommend it for those who have not been before. Logistics of the 800-1000 vehicles is daunting, just think about the trailers/equipment, staff parking and the thousands of visitors that this event has attracted in the past. Kudos to The Henry Ford for trying to look at the objective (Visitors) and putting on what in my mind is one of the premier events for vehicles of this era. Rob
  16. 33-34 Plymouth Export, probably 34. Rob
  17. Marty, We may have an interest in this motor with some more details, call me, Rob Burchill 240-344-29twotwo
  18. If the threaded end is the same on all 4 these are rear wheel caps. Hard to find but not a set. If you need fronts which are shorter get with me. Dodge 8 1930, maybe 31 wood wheel. Correct rears are very hard to find. Typically the fronts are as I said shorter and have a nice finished ridge on the open end. Rob
  19. Not only that, it appears the lamps may be mounted on the base and not the taillamp end. Could be Model A replacement brackets. Rob
  20. Got to admit, I am just tired of trying to keep WW clean, been scrubbing them since the early 60's and .............
  21. John, Both is correct or you will find one end "flaring" out. I have had good success with Steele. Don't forget the sponge rubber around the inside to help seal. Rob
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