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  1. That is a "cover" for the upper brake bolt, a regular hex nut will leak, there should be a copper gasket under the nut also.
  2. These haven't been available for decades. I had some new ones made, but they are expensive. Message me. Rob
  3. According to the Hollander Manual 16th Edition, it depends on which Airstream you have, 6 or 8 cylinder. The answer is yes, now you need to supply more information as the interchange with other Chrysler Products will affect your access. Do you know which Model you have? 6 or 8 will help. VIN number will determine if you do not have an engine.
  4. A recent project showed up and it is a very nice 31 F31 Olds Business Coupe. I am looking for the following: Clutch inspection cover, Original taillamp lens, Crank Hole Cover. This last item if a sample was made available I can get these made. Any help or direction is appreciated. Rob hattiesgarage@comcast.net 240-344-2922 Thanks
  5. I have a Brake Drum lathe, Drum Doktor by manufacturer. It is located in mid Maryland and is going to the scrap dealer if someone doesn't come and get it. Free for the taking, PM me for details and phone, Rob
  6. The car looks more 28 than 27 which was a carryover from 26. Headlights, dash, wheel size all indicate 28. Very handsome cars when done. Long time fan of E series, mid time owner, 26 Pheaton serial number 13.
  7. Donna, I am sorry to hear of Bill's passing. I would hope someone in the area would be willing or able to help you on this. Some knowledge of the CJ Chrysler series would help, but if he was good about marking and bagging parts, photos of the disassembly and had collected some data then the job will not be so daunting. Are you looking to finish to honor Bill or find a new home for the car? Best wishes and again my condolences for the loss of your life partner.
  8. If your headlamp has 2 bulbs in it then you do not have cowl lights. The 27 Finer 70 I had in the shop did not have cowl lights. It was a Sport Roadster.
  9. I would think any Rigging company could make those for you. So look for a shop that has cranes or big wreckers.
  10. Thank you for the compliment. That was done in my shop. We matched the colors off the transmission and bell housing and had it mixed. That is a 1928 72 Sport Roadster. Rob, Hattie's Garage
  11. Hudson, 42-47 minimum, perhaps later
  12. Mike, I too am looking for one that West will probably not need. Dimensions follow. Rob
  13. Your owners manual has a good explanation and pictures. I don't remember exactly but didn't 39 come with "safety" rims? If so you need a special tool to break the bead. Rob
  14. An insurance co that bought out ALF had those. They were in VA , but I don't remember whom. I will ask a friend. Rob
  15. Harold, great to see such progress. Kudos to you for tackling this project. Looking good and coming along, it doesn't get any better than that. What's chances of finding an Ontario 1915 License plate? One of my Dodges' came from Ontario and I would like to have an era Canadian plate. Thanks Rob
  16. If you live in an area where they stretch truck frames, there should be a frame rail fabricator. They can copy and rivet as per your sample. This is a way out if you do not have success finding a replacement frame. Good luck, Rob
  17. It brings a smile, thanks for brightening a gloomy day and congratulations. Rob
  18. On a good day the engine probably weighs 400lbs with out accessories. As the trans is coming out by itself, the trans can be picked up by hand, maybe 75lbs. Rob
  19. They should to be pulled individually. The cross piece in the frame should stay. Remove the transmission first, then pull the engine. There are locating pins in the bell housing of the engine that go into the cross member a slight push will dislodge them. It is also easier if the steering gear is out, at a minimum pull the starter, it will hit the steering gear and not allow you to remove. Rob
  20. NC Industries 301 S Thomas AV, Sayre, PA 18840 570-888-6216
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