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  1. I am looking for a rear transaxle for a 1911 Overland Model 46. This is a planetary transmission. I am also looking for any other chassis parts. Thanks! Todd Paisley
  2. I am looking for a Connecticut Distributor for a 1917 Overland Model 85-6. It used a Model 16-C distributor. Thanks!
  3. I am wondering if anyone might know where an original 1913-1916 USL battery case might be. I am wanting to build one for my Overland and would like to see what one looks like and how it was constructed. If anyone might have a battery from that era, I would love to see photos of it. Thanks! Todd Paisley
  4. Help! I really would like to get my Overland back on the road. I am in need of an engine. If anyone has one (or have a lead on one), please let me know. I would also be interested in partial engines. Todd Paisley
  5. I am restoring a 1913 Model 69. I am interested in these parts. Shoot me an email at: paisley@erols.com Thanks. Todd Paisley
  6. Thanks for the information! I wasn't aware they were used on other cars. I will definitely have to broaden the search now. Thanks!
  7. I am looking for an early USL starter/generator for a 1913 Overland. Anyone have something like this? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. Todd Paisley
  8. Help! I am looking for a engine for a 1913 Overland 69-R. Any parts for this. Thanks!
  9. I am looking for a frame and drivetrain for a 1912 Overland Roadster. If you might know of anyone who has anything for this vehicle, please let me know. Thanks. Todd Paisley
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