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  1. The CarterCarStarter was also used on Packards 1942-1953.
  2. I should have looked earlier and qualified my post, it was some time ago... July, 2009. How time flies...
  3. Using Windows 10 with Firefox or Microsoft Edge... no problems accessing PackardClub.org. .
  4. I can only recount my personal experience with Ficken (Wiperman.com). I did all the recommended tricks to get my '49 Packard wiper motor running but nothing worked (I could get it running while disconnected from the cable mechanism, but it didn't have enough power to run the wiper blades). I ended up sending it to Ficken and got it back very quickly. The cost was reasonable. The wiper motor runs like new. I would have no problem using them again. Edit: This was some time ago... July, 2009. However, the wipers are still wiping.
  5. Many thanks. I thought I was losing it 😄. I guess the parts illustration I found for the Carter 2015S was generic and was probably for a Buick.
  6. So a fellow on another venue has a question regarding a 'wrong' carburetor on his Packard. The carburetor is a Carter WGD 2015S. Looking up what information I could find about this carburetor, it appears it's for an Oldsmobile maybe 1951-53. The thing is, it has a Carter Car Starter switch. For many years I have been under the impression that only Packard and Buick used the gas pedal starter method. My question is... did Oldsmobile also us the same Carter Car Starter?
  7. Over the top I know... but it sure gets attention wherever it goes.
  8. I use mine to cover up a tacky aftermarket rear speaker grill.
  9. Here's a photo of the tube in my '49 356. There is no major gap anywhere around the front of the tube. It slid out easily ... lucky me.
  10. The car has hydraulic windows which can be a major PIA to deal with. I'm not sure but I think the glove box door is off of a Custom and may not be lockable depending on how complete/correct the installation was. If the engine turns, floors solid, and no major body work, I'd think $5000 would be a screaming good deal.
  11. Thanks. Rusty. Looking forward to part 2. Rooting for the Packard 😃.
  12. Well... not if the last page of the landscaping feature was on the back of the missing Maxwell ad. ☺️
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