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  1. JD in KC

    Tupelo Museum Closing, Selling Off Cars

    Here's the Nash in a less jarring view: You can imagine your own color preference 😊.
  2. It's a 120. They probably glanced at the straight eight and assumed it was a six.
  3. JD in KC

    Saw this reproduction ad today “Whirlaway”

    Never heard of 'Whirlaway' but it apparently was a term used by Oldsmobile back in the day. I don't remember it at all. Photo Credit: gmheritagecenter.com
  4. JD in KC

    1938 Chevy Business Coupe

    Here's a really nice doctor's business coupe that I wouldn't mind having in my garage.
  5. JD in KC

    What model is this ashtray from?

    Try Chrysler.
  6. I was twelve and remember all the advertising hoopla prior to the introduction. I also remember being a little disappointed when I actually saw the car and it wasn't as cool as I had imagined it would be. The car wasn't helped when Red Skelton made fun of the grill on his popular TV program. New car introductions were a big event in our family back then. The boulevard (Van Nuys, CA) was lined with WW2 spotlights and people thronged to the dealerships to see the latest wonders from the carmakers. I later thought the 1959 Buick Electra 225 (black convertible) was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen on four wheels. I can't imagine thronging to see the latest transportation appliance stamped out by today's carmakers. It was a great time to be a teenager.
  7. <----- 1948 Sherman Oaks, CA. No idea what the year/make/model of car was.
  8. JD in KC

    Pre-war car make/model?

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the quick response.
  9. JD in KC

    Pre-war car make/model?

    Going through some family fotos...What is it?
  10. Try to find someone who can reproduce the Packard Font for the model/serial number. The rendering of the number one is often a glaring error on reproduction plates.
  11. JD in KC

    New Olds Curved Dash Book

    Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer will both open the document once downloaded.
  12. JD in KC

    What Oil and What Coolant?

    I use Shell Rotella 15-40 in my straight-eight Packards. No oil-related problems experienced.
  13. JD in KC

    Steven Kings Christine

    1958. They used several cars. The fully restored version sold at Barrett-Jackson for $198,000.00 in 2015.
  14. JD in KC

    '48 Packard value

    It's not you. 120" the OP's car, 127" the two I posted, and 141" 7 passenger.
  15. JD in KC

    '48 Packard value

    I think that 12K for a Packard 22nd series Deluxe Eight is high. The Packard bathtubs are not the most popular Packard models out there. Of course there are those who do really appreciate them (ask the man who owns 2 ). The 288 straight eight is pretty much a bullet-proof easy to work on engine. The only oiling problems I'm aware of were with the new for '55 V8's.