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  1. If you have any interest in redoing another one? I call you... Mark Plante
  2. Andrew.... wonderful work!!! I do not recognize it!! regards, Mark Plante
  3. The detroit you have is a 1929/30 year car. The car originally was produced in the teens (I will have to look up the serial numbers which I have a list of existing cars). The Anderson Motor company was in financial trouble for several years ---they would take a say 1916 model in on a trade ( in say 1929 and "retrofit " it to a modern THIRTIES LOOKING VEHICLE ....ie cut the top down 12 inches and replace the fenders with "rounded" fenders ! Hence you now have a modern car!! The motor would be serviced as would the rest of the car including new interior. I own a 1930 Detroit with 3300 miles on it and it was originally a 1930. I also have 1921 and 1922 Detroits with the different fenders and much taller height. They are fun cars !!! Battery compartments are/were typically slatted wood floors. The electrics should be gone through carefully on your car so you don't have a fire.... Keep in mind wood bodies. As one closing thought .... Galen Handy in CA has all the records on the Detroit electric cars......his father was the LAST employee of the company!! Great guy and a wealth of information. He would be able to tell you when the car was produced and where it went in it's early years. My email is mpl1736664@aol.com I am out of town but will be home next week if you want the serial number information. Regards, Mark
  4. will do my research ---thank you Brian. Both nuts are tight ---I will be checking the packing.
  5. Hello all..... I just bought a 1913 Buick model 25 that leaks on both sides of the water pump?? Any ideas on fixing? or where I can bring it?? Thank you. Mark Plante 321-506-6066
  6. I would be interested in the woods parts. Let me know if they are still available. Thank you. Mark mpl1736664@aol.com
  7. I am not sure of the age but I have a Waverly meter -- Mark 321-506-6066
  8. Walter, I haven't tried lying down to kick it from the other side -- I will try a variation of this. I will let you know --what's your email address --mine is mpl1736664@aol.com Thanks, Mark
  9. Walter, I can not figure out how to take my rear wood spoke wheels off my R&L to get to the brake shoes. The wheel and inner bearing seem to be pressed onto the axle?? Help?? Thanks, Mark
  10. Let me know who you use to reline your shoes --I have a "17 Rauch and lang needing to be done. Thanks, Mark
  11. would your producer be able to make a set for a rauch and lang ? Thanks, Mark
  12. Hello all ---does anyone know or have for sale hubcaps for a 1908 waverly and also one of the fron lights? Thanks, Mark
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