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  1. Thank you very much for the photos and information! I do not have the shift levers, but I contacted Merv Adkins who indicated that he has ALL (I'll be satisfied with MOST) of the parts that I'm missing for the shift column, including the shift levers. I have also learned that Boos-Herral has the shift levers, so they are available. Just so I'm clear: the internal rod inside the shift tube is supposed to slide inside of the shift tube, correct? Mine is frozen solid. I figure the shift handle is supposed to be able to move up and down, causing the internal rod to slide up and down inside of the shift tube. The shift handle looks like it should pivot about the pin that is visible at the base where the shift handle goes into the body. Thanks again for your information and photos! Photos of that particular area are difficult to come by. Best, Dave
  2. Hello all, I am attempting to finish a restoration that somebody else started and apparently got bored with. This can be a frustrating endeavor. Can somebody look at the photo I have included and tell me if I am correct in believing that the shift arm should move up and down, causing the inner shaft to move up and down within the body of the column? Mine is locked solid. It was obviously painted in place, you can see the rubber has been painted right over. Any thoughts? Also, I need a significant percentage of the shift column parts in order to assemble it. I have the steering column and the shift column (shown), but thats about it. Boos-Herral and Merv Adkins do not have all the minor bushings/hardware/clips/etc that I need. Is this assembly similar to another vehicle? I am interested in buying a complete used column if someone out there has one..... Thanks in advance for your help! Dave Lodi, CA
  3. I found a pair of clamps, so I'm all set! A few of you called to offer suggestions.... thank you very much for the help.
  4. I am in the process of trying to re-assemble the steering system of a 1953 Skylark, which was disassembled a year ago by someone else. Naturally, in that time, some of the parts have gone missing, and I'm in the unfortunate position of trying to locate them. I need the clamps and [long] bolts that secure the steering gearbox housing (at the bottom end of the steering column) to the frame. The Skylark has power steering. Please advise if you know where I might obtain these parts.... I've called around, and no luck. I don't even know if these clamps are unique to the skylark, or if they're the same as other Buicks of the same era. Thank you in advance! So frustrating! 209-747-3425 brothersofrockvale@clearwire.net
  5. We are restoring a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe, and none of the standard Lincoln heaters fit the existing holes in the firewall. I should know, I have bought 3 of 'em, thinking one would surely fit. We bought the car mid-restoration, and it came with PART of a heater that does line up with the holes in the firewall. I have included a photo of the partial heater... can anyone identify it? I need the rest of it. There must be some type of fan motor/blower assembly that affixes to the heater core part that I have. Apparently, this was a heater delete car, and somewhere along the line someone added this [most likely aftermarket] heater. ANY information to identify or locate parts for it would be appreciated. Thank you so much! Dave
  6. John, Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the help. I have been in contact with Merv Adkins, Earl Brown, and Chris Herral of Boos-Herral Lincoln Parts, and none of them have these parts. I understand, they can't possibly carry every single last part, but I must figure that others who have restored 1940 Zephyrs have found a source for these parts, or have found a suitable replacement. Thanks so much for your help. Dave PS- I am a member of the LZOC. Didn't know about the app though! I'll have to check that out.
  7. Hello all, We are restoring a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe with the original V12. This is my first Zephyr, and parts are not so easy to find, in some cases anyway. Surely someone out there has searched for these same items recently, perhaps with better luck than I've had. Please don't be shy; let me know where to look. I need: 1. Divider seal: goes on the front edge of door glass to seal the vent window when it is closed. There is no divider bar, the vent glass butts up to the frame around the door glass. 2. Upper door glass fuzz channel: This is the channel inside the door frame, at the top, that the door glass rolls up into. It is a formed piece, to match the curvature of the door glass, and there is a triangle-like structure stapled to the channel to fill the gap between the top of the glass and the top of the door. See photo below. (If the photo actually shows up when I post this. If it does not, I'll add the photo as an attachment) Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can't put the doors together until I have these parts. Also, does anyone know of an online blog showing the restoration of a 1940 Zehpyr (Or similar)? I'd like to see photos of other peoples restorations, showing as many steps of the process as possible. Thank you all so much. Sincerely, Dave Dixon
  8. Looking for trunk latch and striker for 1940 Zephyr coupe and ignition switch...help?
  9. Does anybody know where I can purchase a Lincoln Zephyr "Authenticity Manual" ? I was told that this manual was put together by the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club, but I cannot find it anywhere. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Does anybody know where I might find an ignition switch for a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr 3-Window Coupe? Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. 2-ML-106100-ML-<br /><br />Moved to the Buick Forums, David! They'll fix you up. Wayne
  12. I am restoring a 1948 Buick Roadmaster, and would like to find a correct windsheild washer resevoir (glass jar with pump) to install in it. The problem is, there are so many types of washer jars out there (usually there are a few on eBay) but I don't know how to identify the correct jar for my car. Can anyone shed any light on this matter? It would be MUCH appreciated. Dave
  13. Hello All, I am new to this forum, and I've got a pretty obscure question to start things off. Here goes: I am working on a 1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible (Body #76C) which has the large, hideous bumper guards in front marked by chrome balls at the top of each guard. I failed to take the proper photos during disassembly, and now that its time to put everything back together, I can't make sense of the mounting system for these guards. I'm not even certain that I have all of the parts- perhaps the chrome shop has lost some of them. I would appreciate any advice, but if anyone has a similar car that they could lean underneath and snap a photo of, that would be super! Thanks, David Dixon
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