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  1. Your 8-26 Packard was originally all black when new, according to several NJ old-timers who remember the car in the early 1960's.
  2. The Stuyvesant Garage and Stuyvesant Motor Sales were owned by the Chambers brothers, Leon and Bert, (actually Adelbert) whose father was a noted physician in Kingston. Stuyvesant Motor Sales were the Packard dealer for some years, how many I am not certain. Among others, they delivered a '33 Super Eight 1003 sedan that has been owned for many years by a friend of mine, a dark green car that he usually shows at Hershey every year. I know of several more Packards that came from this dealer, including a '31 8-45 7 pass. sedan and a '34 1100 5 pass. sedan.
  3. This is a Brunn body on a Third Series Packard Eight 3-43 chassis. The story of the car and its restoration was written up in the "Antique Automobile" some years ago. The owner is a long-time member of AACA in Tennessee. At the present time, so far as anyone knows, this is the sole remaining example of a Brunn body on a Third Series Eight Packard chassis.
  4. The Packard is a First Series Eight (called "Single Eight" in early production) Model 1-43 seven-passenger touring car. The First Series was current from June, 1923 through early February, 1925. Identifying feature that this is a First and not a Second Series Eight are the headlamps held in yokes. Second Series did not have the yokes.
  5. This right-drive Packard is a Third Series Eight Model 3-43 seven-passenger touring car, not a dual-cowl phaeton.
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