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  1. I have a 1929 Dodge Brothers DA6 4 Door Sedan which is in great shape, and runs great. It is completely original which includes the glass. The only change that was done by the previous owner redid the interior in a dark brown naughayde material. The engine is a six cylinder, with a three speed transmission. The vehicle also comes with the stone guard radiator. Dual cowl lights. Rear view mirror above the drivers door. Original side window shades. Karry-Keene Trunk by rear spare tire which goes down when the trunk is opened. The color scheme of the vehicle is a Roal Blue Body with Black Fenders. This vehicle also won a first place trophy in 2005 at a local car show. The VIN# for this vehicle is DA42248. I also have complte ownership and documentation on this vehicle, which includes the 1929 license plate. All mechanicals, and electrical work on the vehicle. This is a rare, and very nice car. Price $15,500 Location of Vehicle: Cleveland Ohio Phone# 440-479-4250