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  1. Newbie, this isn't a cheap car. An extremely rare classic . One of a kind. Yes I still have it.
  2. Newbie, this isn't a cheap car. An extremely rare classic . One of a kind. Yes I still have it.
  3. Lot of work on this car, interior jump seats is it really a 90 ??? , hard to tell here, looks about right. Way to old to mess with another now, big beauties tho- Here's what it looked like at one time. This one is mostly all original. OCM
  4. Waldrons did this car- I installed it. 1933 90. Pretty sure they did the whole system, I know for sure the LONG muffler .
  5. I think they fit snug not air tight, at least mine do. Not loose but snug.
  6. My problem, was not the issue of gas quality, but the issue of evaporation of the vodka that's put in. I did a loooooooooooong thread about this and a 1933 Marvel carburetor design, WHICH may be a lot of the problem. ( low speed jets) I grew up with Ethyl or Regular. Who used Ethyl, the rich people I guess, I'd work for 4 gallons of gas to keep my 1953 Pontiac Chiefton Deluxe running. If not, couldn't pick up the girlfriend which was critical. I just fill em and drive em.
  7. Bob- I use 87 with Marine Sta-Bil ( the blue stuff ) Has worked very well with the 1933 Marvel carbs. Fought those for years, now no issue ( knock on wood)
  8. Send me a PM if you wish, we can contact, see if I can help- Digitals etc. Go from there. Sandy
  9. 1933 Series 90, model 90 Seven Passenger Sedans. Green is a one owner car I put back together . Black one was originally owned by the DuPont family.
  10. I'll do that good idea. I can send 4-5 of the big 90s over- Mike, the green 90 is in a collection in Wyoming now, I still have the black one that I'm thinking of selling- ( thinking) . I don't drive it but around the area here, a break down and repair of a 1933 Buick 90 is not a good thought if I plan on moving it. I've been saying this for years but the birthday candles are adding up, you know. June is pretty well tied up for me, those two facts and the potential, keeps the black 90 all bundled up in the garage. 138" wheel base. Car was originally owned by the DuPont family and is mostly original. 52,000 ( close) original miles. Now has the original trunk on it. Wonderful beauty- Thanks for the kudos, runs perfectly, ALWAYS. That's a good thing, engine EXTREMELY rebuilt in the late 70s like 1933 new engine. Issues are moth damage in mostly the headliner- nobody had the " balls" to replace an original 1933 Buick interior- me neither !!!!!! ( but I've done one ) Thanks- OCM
  11. 1933 Series 90 , model 90, seven passenger sedan-
  12. I have a 90, don't know if I can help you with your Victoria coupe. Parts are very difficult to find, a manifiold almost impossible, but I've seen repos turn up
  13. My black 1933 Buick 90 7-passenger sedan has an original trunk on it- Has the Buick logo inside and a original sticker that says Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Company, Sales. Has a part number, and color: Black.
  14. Delbert- Email & photos sent to your email- OCM
  15. I have their address on an old receipt: Northfield Forming, 468 Etheridge Blvd., Canal Fulton, OH 44614.
  16. I guess you didn't get to Northfield Forming, right ? or did you ? They did my 1933 Buick series 90, Seven passenger sedan, a rather rare car IMHO. Fit perfect, odd size and fit too. Made the little correct fasteners too.
  17. He's looking for an old sample off something to match a case to restore. He's tried the automotive world, but that keeps coming back to Cobra long grain. I thought maybe the DuPont/Buick connection might bring something up. Even a sample won't do much good if you can't find a new-day manufacture.
  18. Good information Jay, thanks. I'm looking for a friend that's trying to match something with new material.
  19. Hey, Any of you guys know of an older faux leather long grain material called DuPont Fabrikoid, used in the 30s, 40s maybe 50s ? OR where to search for such.? Sounds like an older Corba type material, maybe for suitcases or something ? Thanks OCM
  20. I used Appleton Lorraine on my 33 90
  21. Amen. A typical issue. Classic example, put your hand on the INTAKE manifold, if it's hot you are running HOT exhaust thru it. Very common. I would address that as the above guys have said.
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