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  1. Lot of work on this car, interior jump seats is it really a 90 ??? , hard to tell here, looks about right. Way to old to mess with another now, big beauties tho- Here's what it looked like at one time. This one is mostly all original. OCM
  2. 1933 Series 90, model 90 Seven Passenger Sedans. Green is a one owner car I put back together . Black one was originally owned by the DuPont family.
  3. I have their address on an old receipt: Northfield Forming, 468 Etheridge Blvd., Canal Fulton, OH 44614.
  4. I guess you didn't get to Northfield Forming, right ? or did you ? They did my 1933 Buick series 90, Seven passenger sedan, a rather rare car IMHO. Fit perfect, odd size and fit too. Made the little correct fasteners too.
  5. Something a bit easier to use is model airplane dope to cover the cork. I have two done that way and one brass one. I keep a spare. Two have the standard needle for the 33 90s, one a teflon tipped needle. One I repaired the jets, by sweating the tips on as a plumber would do with copper connections. Then make sure the hole is open and not covered with solder. The jets will have cracks or splits in the end where the tips screw in. ( tiny) I set the float heigth higher then called for, to make up for the 10% viscosity change in the fuel because of the ethanol. Before reassembly, I clean every
  6. Looks like Chris has you covered- Mine are for the 1933 Buick, an updraft set up. Appears to be a different animal then what I've been playing with. My Marvel book shows the Marvel CD-1B is for the 1937 Model 40s. Both are running excellent, but I've written volumes on when they were not. I could bebuild them blind folded, that's not a good thing. Mark Shaw has a good article about the general dealings with Marvels, search the forum, Marvel . The 37 guys would be a better bet, but you are welcome to contact me. The Vodka gas we are using is horrible. Sandy OCM
  7. Hey Mark, Love doing stuff like that, painting the parts and all, coming along great. Maybe I'll go out and clean the shop or something... BRRRRRRRRRRR Sandy
  8. Great news Mark, and a good boss, I have one of those too. ( boss, not a 1912 Buick ) COOOOOOOOOOOOOL Sandy
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