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  1. Fixing up 1983 "WOODY" HAVE COUPLE QUESTONS.. BEST PLACE (OR CAN I BUY?) a Woody TRIM Kit.. Wood is not in good shape,, trim/molding around wood is ok needs paint but afraid I may break a piece of mold while removing and installing new wood panel. passenger side window motor does not work, checked fuses, their ok,,, still woking on this as it may be connection or switch related but are new motors avaiable if so from who ?? next and the hard one.. trip milage computor does not work or light up.. also do not see indicator for heat or chargeing system when I turn on key... Suggestions on these where are fuses/ fuse links... bulbs (still looking) purchased Haynes Automotive Book from Advance Auto but not much help in this area. puchased this 83 woody and an 84 woody bout 18 months ago,, fixed up 84, rebuilt trans, new tires, struts, springs body was and is in great shape (gets 30mpg) 83 now going to take a little more work on body and in the interior.. but the motor and trans is in great shape. both cars set for around 15 years before I purchased last year. 84 now my daily driver. Thanks for any suggestions or advise
  2. 1984 2.6 LaBaron has "coffee shop Syndrome" when I stop for just a few minutes then restart engine it sputters as if its running out of gas then after couple min is OK. Older (1985) Toyota Supra I own does same thing when Oxygen Analyzer is bad. Bought one for LaBaron but Special Socket I purchased with new analyzer will not fit in hole provided around shield... is there a better method then removing shield... another special tool??? realy not looking forward to removing shield as its been on a long time, heated/cooled some rusty bolts so may twist one or two off... Thanks for any suggestions/Advise
  3. looking for 1983 passenger side convertable top latch assembly.. this is the type that hooks on the windshield bow not the type that side latches.. anyone have an extra from a parts car or information as to a source.
  4. why is he special and got two carbs? did not know they had dual carb system. see I'm learning all the time
  5. V12Bill, the 40 lincoln continental have fog lights? have heard that they did not
  6. Mr Phil, I was looking through several pictures yesterday taken by my father in law and found some of what I believe is your car.. Green and same driving lights guess he liked it also..and kept the picures. he used to go to Carlyle, (spelled wrong?), every year.
  7. WOW !!!! I am happy for you.... THAT's GREAT NEWS ME TOO ON THE SMOOTH AND QUIET OF THE ENGINE could not believe it.. I used a new click type Torque wrench also I don't like it as well as the old style dial.. one I had loaned out years ago missing. Mine started but have not added water yet due to water pumps frozen..
  9. HAVE MANY BATTLES AND THINGS TO FINISH BUT MUST STOP AND SAY THANKS.... Skip got water pump done,, Ken Finished rebuild on Carb and caught a potential problem.. with peech's help it was solved. Earl sent Spark wires and a few other things... Chris called to say he had a Steering Column. New Fuel Pump and Solenoid from NAPA, Advise from Murph.... GREAT HELP FROM GOOD PEOPLE-----THANK YOU ! .. These will keep me out of doghouse installing for a few weeks and then no doubt another round of questions
  10. VERY, VERY nice.. car shows a lot of patient restoration if started as you discribe.. thats why I'm going slowly 1 baby step at a time.
  11. CBoz, been checking this thing to see how your doing..?
  12. tastefull paint job not wilded out,, but to low to be practical, not many rods left hood ornament usually shaved... never remember ever seeing top mounted wipers on any custom did this leave lump in headliner how is it hidden.. assume it electric, noisey?
  13. Mr. Phil IS GREEN ORIG COLOR?? I DO LIKE the green. I AGEE lights block Grill.. carry a flashlight
  14. Phil Thanks,, Merv. did call while I was out and left his cell number for me.. am now waiting for someone to check his warehouse for the column before I recommit to someone else if they have it.. hope his mother is ok will be thinking of him.. no doubt this tough time
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