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  1. Hello I am looking for the stainless grill trim.I would consider the hood and windshield,if the shipping is not to steep.
  2. I believe the Bonniville and the 6000 as well as the Buick Reata has the same brake systems. MP Lorfam
  3. 10/24/07 I have a need for a stainless grill shell. How much? e-mail me mplorfam@msn.com
  4. What is the Carbon canister? MP Lorfam
  5. 10/05/07 Hello, I have recently purchased a 1990 TC with a V-6, automatic,triple black,w/hard top.One of the issues this car has is electrical gremlins. The harness under the hood has been worked on,and I would like to replace it from the firewall forward if possible. An uncut stock harness with undamaged connectors would be nice.Does anyone parting out a '90 have one? Will a'91 harness fit? Any help would be appreciated. MP Lorfam
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