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  1. Hello!! Here's a problem that still haunts me: some while ago I got the complete overhaul kit including a converter for my C6 auto-transmission from Summit and installed it in my car with a mechanic friend. Neither of us have any experience with auto trannies but all went smoothly just the same. Now, the problem is that I am not at all satisfied with the way the car behaves now: the upshifts are ok and not jerky, however, the transmission seems to waste a lot of time (well, milliseconds...) slipping or at least not doing much work. For instance, when starting from a full stop the cars does not
  2. Hi there to all who helped me with good suggestions: I am very pleased to tell you that my old Buick is now running like a youngster again! In fact it does since the last 3 weeks or so and I had forgotten to thank you all!!! Do you know what the main problem was? Yes, the cam sprocket was in fact one tooth off. Yes, I know one of you told me and I said "no" because I had already asked my mechanic and he said he had not touched the cam...hmmmmm... I am red in the face!! So, thank you fellows so much!!! Lars
  3. My 1950 Chevy convertible has been fully restored "BUT" by a mistake the transmission was thought to be good and was left untouched. The problem is that it is in fact very worn out! I wonder if anybody can help me locate new or very good parts so I can rebuild it. I hopefull need all the gears, synchros and the mainshaft. (The bearings I can find.) Where I live I have lost hope of finding these parts (only worn out parts.) Could anybody give me a link or advice for obtaining these items please?? Thanks, Lars
  4. Thanks! The exhaust is not to blame in my case (checked it). Hchris: I only worked on the head itself but the cam was left in situ. Could it be the valves springs were alraedy weak and that the the slight work on the seats resulted in just the minute additional clearance to make the springs too short (or too weak)? Sounds far fetched but... I would discard the cam being one tooth off. Brian K.: that`s an interesting variation of a problem you mention there! I think the valve you mention is actually missing in my particular engine but will certainly check it soonest I can! Thanks again to al
  5. Ron3660, Hchris and Mark: many thanks to all of you for the suggestions. They all sound obvious and very worth a try! Further to my original message, I was thinking it could be weak valve springs....but would they suddenly get weak?? Thanks! Lars
  6. Hello: My 1936 Series 40 coupe has just got new rings, honed cylinders and cylinder head work including valve seats. (Bottom end was checked and as it was ok, left as is.) Prior to this the engine ran fine, smooth, with plenty power etc. (despite the fact that the reason for the ring job was uneven compression and some oil smoke). Here is my problem: the engine will simply not run smoothly anymore. It will start and idle reasonable well and also pull well in the lower range (both when at steady speed or when accelerating) BUT if I try to accelerate suddenly or if I try keeping a steady speed
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