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  1. Posting this for a friend, 40 something pontiac dash Gauge set. Appear to work, been in storage for years. $150 or make an offer, lots of other pontiac parts for sell as well, complete 56 pontiac grill call and let Rick or Frank know what you need maybe they got it. No internet access so just call 951-318-9950 parts are located in Corona Ca
  2. Posting for a frien without internet access. Hood planes, 56 pontiac Lighted $250 55 pontiac $150 55 Chevy $125 Or make an offer, other pontiac parts for sale as well to many to list, just call Call Rick or Frank @ 951-318-9950 Parts are locatred in Corona Ca
  3. <a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i50.tinypic.com/29ny1km.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> $250 OBO. good over all condition light pitting in the original chrome. other pontiac parts for sale as well. Call Rick or Frank at 951-318-9950 parts are located in Corona ca.
  4. Does anybody know if all 1940 Buicks have the same hood and if the side stainless is the same? Or where to get a set of hood latch handles that say "Century" on them. thanks for any help? Mike
  5. Thanks, I'll check into it. the parts interchange info I've found so far is mostly good for Chevy's and what Buick, Caddie and Oldsmobile parts fit them, not so much the other way round. Thanks again, Mike
  6. I did mine a couple months ago, used Cars Inc carpet, went in easy and looks fantastic. it's oversize just need to get it in place and trim all the way around. I have also picked up other bits and pieces from them and am always happy with the quality. You can find the Riviera catalog at www.oldbuickparts.com
  7. Hi everyone, WE just picked up our first pre war project, I already have a 64 Riviera thats done up and my wife wanted to have a classic car too, so we set out to find a restorable project and found a 1940 Buick Century, suicide doors and mostly complete, just missing a few bits and pieces. So if you have any you don't need maybe we could work something out. We need the side chrome / beltline chrome for the hood both sides and the rear passanger side. Hood release handles (both)Running board trim and the trim between the grills. Naturally we could use some other things so if you have any thing you want to let go drop a note. e-mail to wrightmike90@yahoo.com Thanks, Mike
  8. Just got it a couple days ago, pretty solid with a little rust around the areas where the bumper brakets pass throught the body but the floors and trunk are solid. Has been converted to a V8, automatic,power stearing, new front clip and disk brakes. Thanks, Mike
  9. Hi Frank, I need both side hood chrome strips and the passanger side rear one, both side cowl chrome pieces, running board chrome, both hood latch handles, Tail light lenses, trunk emblem glass / plastic pieces, emblem and chrome between the grills, windshield, both vent windows and driver side rear window, running board rubber, all of the inside door handles and window cranks and a passanger side rear fender if I can find one. I could fix the one I have but I would like to find another one. Let me know what if anything you have, my direct e-mail is wrightmike90@yahoo.com. thanks, Mike
  10. Wow, your right, those are going to come in handy, Bobsautomobilia has a new customer, going to order the head light rings and retainers. THANKS!
  11. Thanks Bill, I just did the buy me now thing on one listed on E-bay. Never crossed my mind to look there. Thanks!
  12. I just picked up a 1940 Buick 4dr with suicide doors, it's missing a few chrome strips and needs some rubber around some of the glass. It looks like these share many of the same parts as other models, like Chevy, Cadi and Olds. does antone know if there is a parts crossover listing or do they just look the similar on the internet? I'm kinda new to the prewar cars and I would be greatful for any help I can get. Thanks, Mike
  13. i tried it and the 65 grill didn't fit, had to cut about 1/8 of an inch off both sides, did that and then it fit into the opening on my 64. The 64 grill has a little tab on each top corner that fills in and converts the sharp 64 fender corner to a rounded edged grill. the 65 had a rounded edge but no tab to fill in the gap. After I got the 65 grill cut down and installed, I didn't want to modify the fenders by filling in the corners so I decided to stick with the 64 grill. I have a grill thats cut down to fit a 64, if you want to modify the fenders I'll sell it to you pretty cheap.
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