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  1. Interesting link here. Last year I was priveliged to see another of 'legs' diamond's cars. It is a 1932 or 33 Chrysler Imperial sedan that he owned at the time of his assassination. It to was seized by the authorities and stored til the 50's I believe and was recently sold to an Aussie who is using it on club runs etc. He told me that he was approached by the grandson(?) of Leg's Driver who also lives in Melbourne Australia! I can't vouch for the accuracy of this story but I do believe it IS Leg's old car and it looks great with the patina of a car stored for most of it's life one way or anot
  2. A couple of things, If you want a 1928 (insert your brand of vehicle here) then DRIVE a 1928 (whatever you chose)! There is no point, in my mind at least, of having an old car but actually getting in it and driving something else. When your kid, or grand kid gets the pleasure of inheriting your old car he/ she will undoubtably tell friends that "this is the correct part for this car 'coz Dad/Pa has had it since new, or forever and that's the way it is supposed to be". Now unless this kid has been FULLY involved with you and the car for a very long time he won't know any better and this is wh
  3. Hi all The hood 'side panels' on this truck look like 33 Chrysler to me and I see some on the photos of parts as well but have no knowledge of a Chrysler commercial product with these hood louvres on. ( of course the ones in your photos are spares for your sedan). I have a 33 H.C. roadster ute bodied in Australia as well as a 34 K.C. roadster ute by the same company (T.J.Richards). 33 has wheel well on what is your U.S. passenger side while the 34 has it on your drivers side. My 35 K.C.L. coupe ute has it on your passenger side and while this is also a T.J.R. bodied 'truck' it came to Austra
  4. Hi Ian , Re your imported 34 Dodge, I too haven imported Dodge. Mine is a 33 Brougham and the insert looks the same as yours and was redone when previous owner had it. They used what looks like 'SIKAFLEX' to seal it. After 7 years in the bus repair industry I can vouch for this stuff but it isn't easy to get off. Cheers Beetles
  5. Hi there, Good job on the trunk latch. I filled my D.A. engine with diesel fuel in the spark plug holes and forgot about it for a few months. when I remembered it I put my 18" shifter on the drive dog and pushed. It moved easily where before i could jump on it to no avail. All donks are different though. Keep up the good work and we should all take the view that if we do SOMETHING on our restorations every day then progress is being made. Even the cost free job you did on the latch. Cheers Beetles
  6. OH SILLY ME ! your not any where near 4 foot. Just 4&3/4inches. Sorry. Graham
  7. Hi 4 foot (oh sorry, that should be 1200mm) , Good luck with the Dodge. It is a lovely looking model. I bought a 33 in 2 tone green and I don't like green cars but in a short time I got to like it and if a repaint was in order I would do it the same coz that's how Dodge painted it and it would look wrong in my eyes even though few others would think so. How did you get the 1200 mm tag anyway. Just curious, I am a Bailey and in the Army in 1970 some wag called me Beetle Bailey and it stuck except that many added the 's' as in 'the beetles' so there you have it. I often wonder about some user
  8. Hi Brad, Wow what a project! I admire blokes like you who take on the super rare, super hard, and more importantly, the super important vehicles to preserve. Anyone can restore an everyday car but few have the heart to tackle something unusual and possibly worth little in $ terms to the average bloke. I helped a mate restore a 1947 Fargo semi trailer caravan over a 10 year period that took up 5 yrs worth of Saturdays. Only one was ever built and now it's alive again for allto see. I feel that I have acheived something worthwhile in my life by being a part of it's restoration. You will too. Tr
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