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  1. Is this the car that 'Al Jnr.' owned and called 'Buttercup'?
  2. Hi knobless ,Thanks for your help. Fortunately My mate found one AT HIS HOUSE after he and I had been stripping my old ones of useable bits! \It is now in a hot tank for cleaning and if this shows no cracks it will be assembled to the intake , machined and fitted. I will let contact you by PM if this one fails to prove to be useful. Thanks to all who replied. Graham
  3. here is a picture,[ATTACH=CONFIG]282456[/ATTACH] and the CASTING # is 604501- 1,2,3,4,and possibly others so my guess is that the # after the - is irrelevant. It is 23" long over all. Thanks, Graham
  4. here is a picture, and the CASTING # is 604501- 1,2,3,4,and possibly others so my guess is that the # after the - is irrelevant. The casting # is on the underside It is 23" long over all. Thanks, Graham
  5. Here is a picture; and the casting # is 604501-1 (this last # can be a 1, 2,3,or 4 that I know of) manifold is 23" long
  6. Does anyone have a good exhaust manifold for a DP Dodge? OR is there a replacement I should consider?
  7. want to buy a 1933 DP dodge exhaust manifold in excellent condition. Prefer new old stock if possible. is there a replacement for the original?
  8. Interesting link here. Last year I was priveliged to see another of 'legs' diamond's cars. It is a 1932 or 33 Chrysler Imperial sedan that he owned at the time of his assassination. It to was seized by the authorities and stored til the 50's I believe and was recently sold to an Aussie who is using it on club runs etc. He told me that he was approached by the grandson(?) of Leg's Driver who also lives in Melbourne Australia! I can't vouch for the accuracy of this story but I do believe it IS Leg's old car and it looks great with the patina of a car stored for most of it's life one way or anot
  9. Regarding the re chroming, I bought the new hinge for the hood from Vintique or some such place. They are listed as a Ford part and are used by rodders but they are identical to my 33DP which has the same hinge and hood. Getting the actual hinge that slides in the top exposed part give you a straight, non binding hinge rather than a jammed rusty one. Hope this helps. Beetles
  10. does any one have pictures of 1933 D.P. interior for me to check for originality? I would also like to find a supplier of bedford cord. Can anyone help? Cheers Beetles
  11. Can anyone show me a picture of the original interior of a 33 D.P. dodge? I have a Brougham and it has a foot well in the rear seat area that was covered with ply and carpeted. The front has the original rubber mat. Did the rear have rubber and if so it must have been specially moulded to fit that foot well. I would also like to source the original 'bedford cord' trim in what looks like an olive gray. Any clues as to a supply of this and the braided hide 'em strips. Thanks in advance. Beetles
  12. A couple of things, If you want a 1928 (insert your brand of vehicle here) then DRIVE a 1928 (whatever you chose)! There is no point, in my mind at least, of having an old car but actually getting in it and driving something else. When your kid, or grand kid gets the pleasure of inheriting your old car he/ she will undoubtably tell friends that "this is the correct part for this car 'coz Dad/Pa has had it since new, or forever and that's the way it is supposed to be". Now unless this kid has been FULLY involved with you and the car for a very long time he won't know any better and this is wh
  13. Did you get my PM Ian with dimensions etc?
  14. I was lucky. Yesterday I fitted a NOS aftermarket electric from the era that was made in Germany. attached it to a NOS Mopar switch in behind the sun visor. (Ian, I got it from John Biddle but I don't think he has any more) said "I forgot I had that".
  15. Thanks for that info. My very original car just lost some more points. Not that anyone would notice the difference from what shows of the wipers. But We know!
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