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  1. Just back from an hour drive in my 1913 KRIT, all seems well now,just a few small oil leaks to be tidied up!
  2. Hi All and thanks for your replies.Yes,most people think its German,engine almost ready to fire up,I will keep you informed. Keith.
  3. Hi All,I own a 1913 Krit K Tourer,and am curious if many survive? My car is in Ireland from new,and is roadworthy. I am just finishing an engine rebuild.Looking foreward to hearing about other cars, Happy New Year to all. Keith.
  4. Hi All, this is my first time to use the forum.I own a 1913 Krit K tourer,and wonder if there are many more survivers? I live in Ireland and the car has been here since new.Look foreward to any help you can give,Thanks Keith.