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  1. I appreciate the information. Do either of you know of problems other than the galvanic corrosion that might be caused by the heavier springs with the lighter hood. The dent free aluminum hood is very tempting when I look at the 30+ dents in the steel hood. Thanks again for the information.
  2. My 1988 Cutlass was recently damaged in a hail storm. Most of the damage is to the hood. I have a friend who has an aluminum hood from a 1984 Cutlass he wants to sell me. I could buy the aluminum hood and get it painted for a few dollars less than it would cost to fix the steel hood. Other than a modest weight savings is there any advantage or disadvantage to an aluminum hood? Would I need to change the hinges? Any information would be appreciated!
  3. Is there anyone in the Hickory NC area that would be interested in some Chrome B Body Bumpers? I have a front and rear bumper that were removed from a 1984 Oldsmobile 98 and a rear bumper from a 1978 Oldsmobile 88. They are good solid bumpers from southern cars and are free to a good home. I no longer play with these cars and need the room in my garage. I also have a header panel and grille from a 1984 Oldsmobile 98 and various molding strips for a 1983 Delta 88 Coupe. I do not want to ship them, but hate to see them crushed at the scrap yard. Please contact Paul merryolds@gmail.com.
  4. Does anyone know where to get a new windshield washer reservoir? Mine seems to have sprung a leak.
  5. I believe there would be a market if the quality is there. The ones currently offered fill the holes, but I have never been totally satisfied with them. I don't like the extra seams.
  6. Check to see if there is an AUVECO dealer near you. They have thousands of reproduction bolts, nuts and various fasteners for cars from the 40s through the 70s. There are several AUVECO Dealers that sell on eBay. Their catalog is over an inch thick. I have not found any of their web sites to be terribly user friendly, but the dealers themselves have been very helpful. My local dealer is GTB Fasteners Inc.
  7. I installed air shocks on the rear, changed the rear springs to the Moog variable rate CC637 and installed KYB Gas Adjust shocks on the front. It made a world of difference in the ride and the leveling light almost never comes on.
  8. I used Enviro-Safe in my wife's Reatta for years. It had a slow leak and it was much easier to add a can per year than to fix the leak. It worked very well. I have also used it in many of the mid 80s cars I have played with with very good results. It is easy to use and seems to work every bit as well as Freon as long as you don't overcharge the system.
  9. Try this web site. I have played with mid 80s cars for several years and used several cases of this refrigerant. It is easy to use, inexpensive and seems to cool every bit as well as Freon as long as you don't overcharge the system. It has worked well for me as a complete replacement when I have had to change compressors, or as a conversion from Freon. Enviro-Safe Refrigerants
  10. Thanks - I looked up the lifter for my 1986 Regal and it only showed a roller lifter. I have done a lot of research on using newer oils with flat tappet cams. I will probably switch to synthetic oil for my Regal and continue to add a ZDDP supplement to oil I use in my 1984 Riviera. I was told by engineers at 2 different oil companies that ZDDP levels in newer oils are adequate for flat tappet lifters that are broken in, but would rather be safe than sorry.
  11. Does anyone know if any Buicks with the 307 Oldsmobile engine had roller lifters and if so, when did they convert.
  12. Does anyone know if the fuel sending unit for a Grand National with a digital dash will work for a Regal Limited with a digital dash?
  13. Can anyone tell me the difference in the F41 suspension and the F40 suspension on mid 80s Cutlass's? I can't tell the difference by looking. Both have a rear sway bar.
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