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  1. You are right! The actual paper cover of the manual is blue!
  2. The Owner's Manual that came with my wife's 1990 Reatta was black. I believe we bought it in December of 1989. I have tried to attach pictures, but am technically challenged so they may not come through.
  3. The pen with the Owner's Manual is in a plastic loop. It is a lightweight pen and is black with the same gold Reatta as on the pen and tire pressure gauge in the portfolio. I listed it on eBay to start Sunday afternoon. I also listed a shop manual to start Sunday afternoon.
  4. Thanks for the help, Mine seems to be missing the flashlight. Probably went to one of the grandkids. It has the Road Atlas, The book about how Reattss are built, The maintenance schedule, the pen, tire pressure guage and note pad. The Craftsman's log and one plastic key are still there. There is also a pen in the Owner's manual. I will probably list it on eBay Sunday night starting at $49.99.
  5. Is there any value to a like new 1990 Reatta Portfolio and Owners Manual? The car is gone and I was going to put the manuals on eBay, but have no idea as to how to price them. Any help will be appreciated.
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