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  1. Frank as well as all others who replied; First of all thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. After reading your opinions, all of which were unanimous against swapping the engine, I have decided not to change the engine. I plan to spend a few bucks to make sure that the things that could cause problems such as my fuel pump, water pump, etc. are up to par. Thanks for your opinions Tom B
  2. Rusty The straight 8 that I have is rebuilt and in great shape. The reason for wanting a V8 is due to several reasons. I want to use this car for weddings and "if" I were to have a problem with anything on my engine I could not replace it in a timely fashion which could cause some problems in providing the service that I intend to provide. So my need to do this is not necessarily what I want to do.
  3. I am looking to replace my straint 8 with a new v8 engine. anyone have any experience with this type of project?