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  1. The factory used nylon tape to push the antenna up and to retract it as is common knowlege. OEM replacement kits are available which are made with nylon tape as was OEM. The portion of the steel replacement that protrudes from the bottom of the mast and goes around the spool effectively lengthens the antenna. Bad idea to use steel in my opinion but it probably wont have much effect in an area where strong FM signals are present or if stereo is unimportant.
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    I wonder why the headlights are open while the lights are off. I would love to see that car. I wonder what other non standard special options are on that car. About 10% of the Reatta's built had non standard colors or color combinations.
  3. The Reatta's taillight is the focal point of the car. This thread begs the question; Where else are you going to find one of these? I think this brand new taillight is worth all of $1500.
  4. I have an 88-88 blue armrest just like Ervin's available for sale. Vinyl is excellent. Price is $ 65 which includes USPS Priority mail to anywhere in the US
  5. I have a complete sunroof assembly just remove from a corrosion free Southern California car. This assembly will solve any operational or corrosion problem you may be having. The outer panel is completely corrosion free which is rare. If you send me your email address I can send a video of this roof performing perfectly on battery power. Price is $650 which includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48. $50 will be deducted from the purchase price for local pick up. I am in Los Angeles County. My contact information is in my signature
  6. Barney said; "If the motor runs but it does not go up or down the plastic line is broken. I rebuild them with a steel cable for $50" The "plastic line" he refers to is called a "tape". The factory used plastic tape because of it non conductivity properties. If Barney is substituting steel for plastic then he is changing the effective length of the antenna. Legnth of an antenna is critical to reception. There is an optimum legnth for every wave length (frequency). The stock antenna is designed to be at an extended legnth that is a compromise for the FM frequencies the radio is designed to receive. This fix of barney's may indeed make the antenna go up and down but may degrade reception of the radio. The cheapest, easiest, and actually the best way to fix a broken antenna is to replace it with a good working used antenna that hasen't been modified.
  7. Radio is on with volume turned down
  8. Weather Underground meets EHarmony. Gotta love it.
  9. If the pressure were low the engine would knock.
  10. The bulb that belongs in the Reatta's Center High Mount Stop Light is an 891. 4 are required. If you have ever changed the CHMSL bulbs in a Reatta convertible you know that it isn't hard but it is not a job you want to do too often. That being said I don't recommend buying non automotive bulbs at the garden center in an effort to save money. Automotive bulbs are built to withstand more vibration etc which is found in an automobile. Automotive bulbs are more expensive but will last longer. As a side note if you are having trouble with this stoplight being intermittant or not working at all, it could very well be a bad ground as it was in one of my convertibles. The ground wire for this fixture attaches to the body behind the passenger, behind the bulkhead in the top storage well. A quarter turn of the wrench and all is good.
  11. Take a look at this thread. It has the PN you are looking for. We gave this radio the nick name "Bushwhacker"
  12. The bulbs are common and easy to find unlike the new fixture. This Center High Mount Stop Light was mandated for new vehicles by the DOT in the 1980's I believe. Coincidentally this part was used on the Reatta Convertible, Corvette Convertible, Porsche 928 Convertible and the Avanti Convertible.
  13. Just got in a few of these Convertible stoplight fixtures. If yours has overspray on it or the wiring (sockets) are bad there is nothing like NEW. Price is $150 which includes USPS Insured Priority Mail. Check my eBay store for other premium items.
  14. Ervin and all, It doesn't surprise me the dealer in Vegas was reluctant to answer subjective questions about this car. Your first statement says it all; "unless you can physically inspect the car" is exactly the message he wanted to convey. In other words you need to come look at it. I can only imagine how many calls he has had on this car. What a pain to answer his phone. If there is anything that a dealer hates is a "tire kicker". By the way the term they actually use for people that don't buy isn't printable here. I know Ervin is a serious buyer, but that being said if I were interested in that car I would make the same call and expect no more than what Ervin received. Actually If I were really interested in that car it would make a perfect excuse to take a one way ride on SWA to Vegas. It is legal to do anything you want in Vegas as long as you dont hurt anybody else trying to have a good time. Just bring money. I had a great friend that lived there that used to say "You can't buy love, but you sure can rent it".
  15. I flew up to San Francisco to look at a Polo Green Coupe a few years ago. When I got there it was dark and couldn't see very much but the car looked pretty good. The lady that owned the car had complete service records since new and she allowed me to take them overnight for my inspection. She was the second owner of the car. The service records indicated that the car was from Chicago and had been serviced throughout the winter months up untill it was purchased by the current owner 2 years prior. When I saw the car in daylight it once again looked pretty good. The body showed no signs of rust blistering the paint with the exception of some small blemishes in the sunroof. (Remember the body is double galvanized) After looking over the topside I began to look lower. I noticed somthing hanging down behind the right front wheel. Got on my knees and identified that the subframe was falling off. Needless to say I thanked the lady for her time and went home. I dont know what ever happened to this car but I'm confident that a wire brush and some Por50, Seafoam wouldn't make it right. The value of cars in this condition will never be equal to corrosion free cars regardless how much effort is put into their repair. Car Fax and Auto Check aren't definitive, however where the car was operated can and should be a deal breaker in my opinion. The humidity in my driveway here in Southern California is less than the humidity inside the garages in Illinois. It is a fact of life that Por50 doesn't change.
  16. The antenna trigger wire and the cd on wire.
  17. I stripped a red convertible in a wrecking yard. I found the window sticker in the trunk in very nice condition.
  18. That is a 92 Reatta radio commonly called the "Bushwhacker"
  19. I have done it with the audio in plug from a cd harness and a switch from radio shack
  20. I find about one a week on average in the local pick a part or Ecology. There are 13 of these lots within 35 miles of my home. Kind of a shame. The cars I find seldom have any body damage and are generally corrosion free. I get a kick out of seeing the various crappy headlight fixes. I found a car that had a pillow holding up the headlight on one side and a bungee holding open the other.
  21. I find quite a few Reattas in the wrecking yards but seldom do I find 2 in the same row.
  22. Premium Reatta parts vendors such as Marck, Mike and myself sell 90-91 Reatta Horn Buttons exactly like the manufacturer did. We sell them as an assembly. To remove and replace a broken horn button on a 90-91 Reatta the air bag MUST be removed. Many inexperienced Reatta owners attempt to replace the visible portion of the button from the front as the above poster suggests. This attempt is never successful. Please feel free to contact your vendor prior to any repair you are unsure of. Quality technical advice is part of being a premium vendor. Contact information in my signature.