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  1. I think you mean the kind of cd player that needs power& ground and taps into the antenna? I've already go two of those in other cars. You are probably right. I suspect the best place for it is in the right rear of the trunk near the antenna. What would be the safest place to pull the power?
  2. Hi All From the pictures i've seen the optional CD player went in where the little storage box below the radio is in the standard equipment car. Also it appears that the standard cassette tape player is part of the CD option. In other words the CD player looks to be "added" to the standard radio package. Is this true? If so how difficult is it to find an original CD player and "add" it to the car.
  3. Reatta 45 "At night is the system that dims the instrument panel working?" Yes the dimming function works fine. To all on the Forum: I gotta say that driving this car makes me feel like a million bucks going down the road. I don't have lots of money in my car but the bang for the buck is fantastic. Do the rest of you get that too? I'll bet we enjoy these cars more than most of the original owners did.
  4. At the time the Twilight Sentinal started to give me the Headlights Suggested annunciator I did have a dash mat in place. The first thing I did was pull the dashmat back to see if it was blocking the light. Pulling back the mat made no change. Is it possible that the system is sophisticated enough that there is a time delay so that the lights don't go on and off if you go under a bridge or somthing? Also someone on the forum mentioned that it is unwise to pop out the headlights at highway speeds? Any experience with that theroy?
  5. Hi All My 91 coupe has the Twilight Sentinal option and has seemed to work OK up untill yesterday. (I've only had the car a month) I was riding down the road with a bright sun in my eyes and the "Headlight Suggested " annunciator illuminates. So I make sure the slider is all the way to OFF (left) and the yellow light stays on. So i turn on the headlights and turn them off and the annunciator goes off and stays off for 2 minutes and comes back on. Is this common and if so is there an easy fix? If not i would just as soon disable this option and forget it. As far as i'm concerned if you cant tell when it is dark and turn the lights on yourself then you probably should take the bus! steve
  6. Hi all, My new to me 91 Reatta coupe sure has a personality all it's own. When it has not been run that day it will start and stop. On the second try it will start and continue every time and run smooth. Should I mess with it or accept this quirk? Also the car seems to like to be run. After it has run for 5 minutes under a load the idle improoves and is perfectly smooth. It seems to me that it is running a little on the lean side when cold. That is the extent of my knowlege. Is there a fix or is this just a quirk? As everyone recommends I had what I think is a pretty good shop do all the TLC stuff. Change brake fluid, coolant, motor oil, power steering, transmission service and tune up. I talked to the mechanic after the work was done and asked him if he noticed anything unusual or anthing he believed needed attention. He said overall everything looked great. I specifically asked about the transmission and he said it needed the service it got and the pan had a normal amount of clutch material. He added that he found a small piece of brass in the trans pan and believed it to be part of a thrust washer. Should I be concerned? This car drives like a dream. I suggested that he replace the thermostat with a 180 degree and he insisted the the 195 was the way to go. I live in Southern California and it is hot sometimes. The temp guage almost reaches red line on hot days with the air on in traffic. Should I insist on a 180 degree stat? Haven't driven it since coolant change. steve
  7. Hi All, My car came without the leather binder and manual etc. Does anybody have this stuff for sale? Could sombody post some pictures of what you got with a new Reatta? I'd like to see the pen and tire guage etc. Wasn't there somthing else in that binder? steve
  8. I believe the wiper and washer share the same fuse. Wipers work so fuse must be good. I really didnt want to take out the structural member. My car is a 91 coupe. Man that spider is creepy!
  9. There is a tail light listed on ebay today. sorry. i think a crash is all Reatta owner's worry.
  10. 63Viking Is it necessary to remove the brace in order to pull out the widshield washer tank? I hate to remove a structural member if it can be avoided steve
  11. Will a Riviera drivers seat have the same style and color upolstery as the Reatta? That sounds too easy. steve, 91 white coup
  12. So all i really need is the Driver's seat? I can't sit over on the passenger seat anyway! thanks!!!!!!!!! I want what I want but the money is limited of course. I've been told that the leg extension thing is really comfortable. Yes? steve 91 white coup
  13. Hi All Today I left my first post and two of my questions/problems are solved already!!! I really wish my new car had the 16 way seat. I know it was an option. My original seats (saddle) are in great shape however i'd still like the better seats. Were both driver and passenger seats 16 way if you got the option? Has anybody removed the standard seat(s) and replaced them with 16 way? Is the wiring compatable? (plug and play?) Will a change like this increase or devalue the car in the future? I may be Reatta crazy now. Other than an original 55 Chevy Nomad the Reatta is the only car I ever really wanted. The rest were tools. Thanks in advance, Steve, White 91 coup
  14. Bought a Reatta an am happy as a clam. Should have bought a new one years ago but they were expensive. I wanted a Reatta since I first saw the ads on TV in 88. I bought the one listed on ebay 190139124929. 91 white coupe with 65000 miles and runs great. Confirmed it has always been in California Paid $5500. Was that a fair price? Just about everything works and works like new. So far i've changed some light bulbs and repaced the old tires. Does this car have different brakes than the 88-90 models? Anything different that is better or worse than other models? Any suggestions as to how to to extend the life of this car. I don' ask advice unless i intend to take it. I intend to change all fluids and filters including brake fluid. Spark plugs of course. The light in the glove box is inop. Do i have to pull the whole glovebox out to replace bulb? The light under the hood is inop. Changed the bulb but still inop. Any suggestions? Winshield Washers are inop. Washer tank is full. I want to be carefull troubleshooting this as I dont want to run the wipers on a dry windshield. I bought new horn switches from Speedway in Phoenix hoping to just change the plastic button however it is a different button that looks exactly alike on part of switch that shows. Is changing the whole switch necessary? Sorry for such a long post but you know how us new reatta owners can be.!!!!!!! Any and all advice/help will be appreciated. There are quite a few Reattas available for sale here in California. All seem to be rust free but 150,000 miles is common. If anybody is intrested in a Southern California car i can look at it for you. I'd like to help others that enjoy these cars and network with others so we all can keep each others in parts.