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  1. How did you get that tailight to look so good? It looks like new. You can see a perfect reflection of you taking the picture!
  2. I suspected that but wasn't sure. When I got my car I spent quite some time polishing off the paint swaps on the mirrors.
  3. Rawja What happens to the vent glass assemblies?
  4. Mongeonman! The before picture is of the right side and the after pic is of the left side. Actually I think your car looks great and the white painted wheels are awsome. Better than the original brushed silver. You guys fighting the rust have my sympathy. Whn I was a kid I lived in upstate NY and worked for years trying to fix a rusted out 55 Chevy Nomad. Never again will I touch a rusty car. Contact me (anyone) who is interested in a car in Southern California.
  5. Thanks Barney, I was hopeing you would respond. I hesitate to contact you personally because I don't want to bug you. Your answer confirms what I suspected about the headlight switch. They seem pricey on ebay. What in your opinion is the best source for a new one for my stock? How much is a good deal? I have two new horn switches in stock and have glued the old one which is holding. Sombody suggested Locktite 427? and it is working. Why the door panel? Mine looks like new. I'll get one. I noticed that they crack at the corner of the switch panel. (current ebay car) What goes wrong with
  6. As my signature indicates I have a 91 coupe. I intend to keep this car for life (mine or its) and would like some advice. What spare parts invintory should I keep in order to keep this car going in the future? It currently operates perfectly! A pleasure to drive.
  7. Lots of rust free cars in california. Probably cheaper to fly out and drive home than to try to fix somthing with cancer. Remember the cancer is in the electrical system too. Anybody that finds a car in southern california and would like me to look at it prior to maklng the trip let me know.
  8. I have the manual, leather binder and some of the other books/booklets that came with the car. Sorry, no flashlight, pen or tire gage.
  9. Are there any Buick/Reatta get togethers planned for Southern California? I am going to go to the Pomona Swap meet on December 2. I can hear the drag races over there from my house today! Going over tomorrow to watch the finals tomorrow.
  10. IKE I have had good luck with DHL when shipping large heavy objects. If you don't sell those seats send me a PM ok?
  11. Got my fasteners from vintageparts.org as I posted above. I installed them the other day as soon as they arrived and they were perfect. Not cheap but perfect!
  12. Hi guys Ive got a 91 coupe with no CD player. The tape deck ate the first tape I put in it. As per the advice of the forum I resisted the butterknife trick and took it to a radio shop that said they could fix it. While it is out i'd like to wire the original radio via the CD/AUX inputs but i dont have wire connector/harness as my car never had the CD player. Has anybody produced this harness? Does anybody sell it? Id really like to hard wire this in. I understand that a FM modulator is easier but i'd rather do it this way. There is an elaborate post on how to do this on the forum but the
  13. Hey Maui, I was trying to say somthing nice about somebody and i get slammed. All i know is that the dealer quoted me a price of over 300 bucks. The truth is that the company in question refunded 50 bucks because the remote had a caddy emblem rather than buick. So I paid actually 169. Just attempting to stay all original.
  14. Barney, I looked in the archives and have seen your list. All the names look to be authentic on both logs I have. Do the signatures look to be in ballpoint or Sharpie style finepoint? Anybody? I have one of each.
  15. Hi all, We all complain when we get shortchanged by sombody but we usually don't say anything at all when we are treated good. I needed and wanted a new OEM remote for my Reatta. Bought one on ebay "buy it now" for 219 dollars + freight. I neglected to to look at the ad real close and was dissapointed to get a Cadillac remote. I called the guy, and because of the discrepency in the discription he discounted the remote. Same company sells clones. I cannot say the company name but for those of you needing a replacement remote I reccommend these guys. From the info I provided tou should be
  16. Can anyone help me with a flashlight question? I think I am missing a small part inside discribed as a brass and L-shaped. The best way to fix a Reatta flashlight is to find an identical flashlight produced by the same manufacturer and use the new "guts". Anybody know who that is or where to get a generic flashlight of same make and model? Can any body post an exploded view of the Reatta Flashlight dissassembled?
  17. Hi guys, Somebody is selling copies of their Craftsman's Log on ebay which is OK but it makes me wonder how we can authenticate our own. Could everybody let me know how thiers looks and verify it's source. (original owner is best!) I have already looked at the posts that have the craftsman's names and departments so that was easy. The names on mine all jive. Q: What color is the paper? I've seen a light green and a gray. Q: What kind of pens were used? On the gray paper i've seen both blue and black ballpoint pen and on the green paper i've seen both blue and black/gray feltpen. If you
  18. HRP Just ordered the above mentioned Retainer and Nut from www.vintageparts.org They have lots of them. They will only accept a retail order online. Good luck. steve
  19. I'm missing one of those fastners too. The dealer doesn't have them. Help anyone? The dealer I went to advised that the part numbers were: 1637234-retainer 25515544-nut I'm looking for a pair of these too. Help please.
  20. I´m reading in this forum that 91 models don´t get as good milage as previous models. The good news is that the transmission in my car shifts so smooth I can hardly feel it. I can´t feel the transmission lockup at all. At exactly 70 MPH with cruise on as close as I can read the RPM is 2200. Does that seem right?
  21. Nice car! How about some pictures of the interior. If the car is equipped with the original CD player why was an additional cd player installed?
  22. Are all the 1157's across the back supposed to illuminate with brake? The four in the middle on my car only work as tail light. Is this the way it is supposed to be or are the middle bulbs coincidentally out?
  23. Has anybody had any difficulty replacing bulbs in their tailight? I don't know what brand of bulb I got but it didn't fit well. It seemed that the base of the glass portion was too big in diameter and the bulb didn't fit down in the socket well. The owners manual contradicts the service manual on some bulb numbers and truthfully I am not sure which bulbs light when the brake is on. Are ALL the bulbs across the back supposed to light when the brake is applied? Has any body had this problem with bulb fit and if so what brand works best? Source?
  24. How is the tail light and rear bumper rub strip?
  25. Hi All I've noticed that the pictures of many members cars have seatcovers. I'd like to protect my seats and sheepkins are comfortable weather it is hot or cold. Can anybody recommend a source? I have saddle interior with standard seats. Colorwise I was thinking a medium brown?
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