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  1. Nic, Is that outar rim made of metal or plastic? Who or what kind of shop can replate this stuff? steve
  2. Has anybody figured out what works well refinishing the "chrome" on a 90-91 IPC Bezel?
  3. I like the flight director too but on a good day I can fly a smoother IlS without it. Thats why i use the flight director. The good days are few and far between!
  4. I tend to agree with the disable ABS crowd. I have 40 years of driving experience also and have flown aircraft with ABS. The ABS on the aircrft I fly aircraft has a switch that allows you to disable the ABS because you cant trap the pressure required for setting the parking brake with ABS on. Many years ago I drove trucks that had ABS on the trailers. The company disabled them due to complaints from the drivers. I really believe that stopping sideways is better than not stopping at all IMHO. I believe the ABS on aircraft work well due to the fact you are always stopping strait ahead and the brake system is actually two seperate systems both left and right and brakes can be used to steer under some circumstances. My question is a legal one. If a vehicle has ABS, doesn't the design of the brake system take full control of that brake system FROM the operator? If so doesn't the manufacturer share some liability if there is a loss? Any Leagle Eagles out there? I believe this could be argued.
  5. Maybe i'm lazy and maybe i'm old but it would seem to me that if you want a Reatta with a sunroof then buy a Reatta with a sunroof. When I was younger I "witnessed" many of these type projects and I never saw one come out well. If the coupe in question has a nice headliner then it is probably a nice car. I would only do body mods on a Reatta that was considered salvage. Buick made a beautiful car and when they are modified they become less beautiful IMHO.
  6. I'm concerned with this NAFTA. If you have ever been to Mexico you won't want Mexican trucks sharing the road with you unless they have been inspected. I fly a charter jet and we must carry insurance specific to Mexico and proove it at every stop when in Mexico. Mexican aircraft on the other hand need fuel to operate in the US. That's it!
  7. I'm concerned with this NAFTA. If you have ever been to Mexico you won't want Mexican trucks sharing the road with you unless they have been inspected. I fly a charter jet and we must carry insurance specific to Mexico and proove it at every stop when in Mexico. Mexican aircraft on the other hand need fuel to operate in the US. That's it!
  8. Here in California the drunk driving problem has been addressed. Even the celebrities are being caught. There are still many people driving without a driver's license because you need to be a citizen to get one. If you can't get a license why bother with registration? You need insurance to get a registration but if you don't intend to register well..... so much for insurance. Money is tight so we will get new tires, brakes, shocks and ball joints next week. Gas is expensive so we can't afford to fill up. If the tank runs dry in rush hour traffic on a freeway, just wait, (block traffic) and a tow truck will come along soon and give you 2 gallons for free! Once back on the way should this fictitious person be involved in a bad accident because that pesky ball joint failed, chances are that they could be injured along with many others. No problem. Take the free ambulance to the hospital and be treated for free because they have to treat. No I.D. no charge. The rest of the people in the accident? Their cars will be fixed by their uninsured motorist clause on their insurance. Their health insurance will pay for everybody's treatment including the guy with no I.D. because the hospital cannot operate at a loss. No penalties to the person that caused the accident because the accident was an "act of god".
  9. Wait a minute! TDman says there is no inspection for pax cars in Tennessee. Ikesleeping complains about the inspectors in that state. I don't know who is right but i know i'm real sick of seeing cars flipping end over end on dry, strait roads on sunny days. I've seen cars here in California going down the road at night at 70 MPH with sparks coming off their tires from the steel belts contacting the concrete! A state inspection might catch this. I wish safety inspections were as big an issue in CA as smog inspections. I never had a car fail one of those checks and i'm certain a safety inspection would be no difficulty for my cars either.
  10. Would you believe that the State of Califiornia has no such inspection required? Also license plates stay with a used car when sold. If they have a current registration sticker on the plate then they appear to be registered. I'm from NY and you can't get a plate unless the car is INSURED. It is not uncommon to see catastrophic wrecks on the freeways due to structural failures. Same people have no brakes, no insurance, no license and should they cause an accident they can simply run and you can't even find out who owned the car! Gas and oil is all they need. I love it when they run out of gas and block the freeway. No penalty whatsoever. And we worry about the appearance of our shifter tape!
  11. I have read all the posts and have decided that i'm just not as picky as some. It seems to me that taking the whole console apart to replace a one inch piece of vinyl tape is way too much work for what you will gain. I'm not lazy but i'm always afraid that these old plastic parts will get broken when removed. It would be nice if we had a diagram of where the clips were before we began to take things apart. I hate to think of how many nice parts get broken on cold winter evenings. Anyway i had about a one inch piece of shifter tape missing like most of us have had and replaced it with a piece of what I was told was "gaffers" tape. It looks much better and you must get within 16 inches to see the difference. Took me 10 minutes. I was wondering how this technique would work if i removed all the old tape and replaced it with the vinyl sign material as told on a previous post. If the vinyl tape were applied in two halves with the seam at the gromett who could tell? They would have to be within 10 inches and have their bifocals on! If the console were already apart it wouldn't be hard to do it right. A car that is intended for show is another topic. just a thought.
  12. To convetible owners: Why is it commonplace for the paint to be thin on the high mount brake light on convertibles? Overall the the rest of the paint looks good. Is it being buffed off?
  13. weewillie, I had good luck with these guys. I prefer the original look. To take the place of a casette player I put in an Alpine PMD-B100 navigator which has an mp3 player with an FM modulator. ($248 on line) Everybody knows that an FM modulator doesn't sound all that good so I hard wired it into the factory radio. I got all the info to do this on this forum and a wire harness from Jim Finn. A radio shack switch tricks the radio into thinking it has a slaved CD player installed and it will accept audio input from wherever you choose. Works great. Now I have a touch screen moving map and music galore. I put 36 CDs on a 2 GB SD card and it is only 3/4 full. I could drive cross country without hearing the same song twice and a nice female voice giving directions all the way.
  14. The service manual advises to disable the SIR prior to almost every procedure. Could some of the experienced mechanics expound on this? If you disconnect the battery does this disable the SIR? Can static set it off? Has anyone had an accidental deployment? Will these old airbags work as designed if needed? Can you guys provide some anecdotal information on airbag mishaps. I want to be able to change my horn buttons and don't want to get my plate cleaned in the process. Thanks,
  15. Richard, Are you sure I would have to remove the passenger kick panel?
  16. When I first saw the Reatta advertised on tv many years ago I said I have to have that! I went to the dealer and found out that there was no way i could afford "That". Adjusted for inflation a 36,000 dollar convertable would now cost around 60,000. I swore that there was an optional removable hardtop available way back when. Is there any truth to that or did I assume that because of the Corvettes? Was there a prototype i may have seen? If not has anybody attempted this? The Allante had a removable hardtop so maybe i was looking at those too who knows. Can you imagine what a REATTA convertable with an optional hardtop would be worth today? The vert numbers were so low and all of them wouldn't have had the "optional" hardtop! I know the front fenders on my Reatta are some kind of fiberglass. Does anybody know what the trunk lid is made of? I'm beginning to think it is Aluminum. The magnet test would do if I could find one!!!!
  17. Hi All If you have read my previous posts, you may remember that i am putting an Alpine Navigator with an FM modulator in my coupe. Well the FM modulator works OK (not great) but I'm working on "hard wiring" in the audio. There are previous posts on the forum that tell exactly how to hard wire in "AUX" audio. With the help of Jim Finn I have the wire harness from a car that had a CD player and a radio shack switch. I've soldered all the connections and am now in the process of running the wire. I have 3 wires with a female plug on the end which is "audio in" which will connect to the navigator via a double male stereo patch cord. The other part of this new harness that needs to be routed is power, ground, and the "trigger" wire to tell the radio to accept the AUX audio. I need to route the wire and mount the switch and audio plug in an inconspicous place. I was thinking inside the "doghouse" or console or even the glovebox. HOW and where would be the easiest way to route the wire and "hide" these things. I have removed the radio of course and have removed the glove box to replace the light. Many of you have had these cars apart and know the anatomy. if i go the glove box route can wire be pulled from the back of the radio to the glove area easily? I remember when i had the gloveboxout to change the bulb it was roomy back there. I DO NOT want to do major surgery. I don't want to remove the the console. I want to drill as few holes as possible. An suggestions will be appreciated. Your experience far surpasses my trial and error. THANKS and happy Thanksgiving
  18. If you use WD40 it won't have to light up; you can just follow your nose to the switch! P-U
  19. BONDOMAN3 I live in La Verne and use a guy in San Dimas. Private shop that works on everything. He wes working on an Avanti last time I was there. I asked him about working on Reattas prior to buying mine. He is knowlegeable, reasonably priced, and always returns the car without a fingerprint. He has worked on 'touch screen" problems for another customer and one of his hired mechanics personally drives an 89 Riviera. I know it would be about 35 miles but if you run out of options contact me.
  20. In California when a lazy cop that is afraid to pull over a true criminal they will pull you over and ticket you for what they call film. If you see them before they see you; you can roll the window down and avoid the stop. My brother claims that in Kentucky it is illegal to pull over Buicks. He claims his LeSaber is stealth.
  21. The purple tint was on there when i bought the car. It wasn't bubbled up too bad but i have seen others that were. I'm glad It was on there as the saddle interior hasn't turned pink yet. I had it replaced with limo on the rear window and a medium on the sides. This car is always garaged and i never even use the defogger so lets hope it was installed properly.
  22. We dont get ice and very little frost in Southern Califonia. We do get many 100 degree days and if the rear window defroster were to accidently be turned on how hot do you suppose the tint will get? It is only a plastic film. I see many cars here with bubbles around the heating elements. Is this coincidence? I don't think so. Heated seats are laughable here. When it gets down to 50 degrees people are freezing.
  23. I just bought an Alpine PMD-B100T navigator strictly for use in my 91 coupe. It has an FM wireless modulator which works OK but it will sound better if it is hard wired. (I sometimes get a hum) This unit has a headphone jack which i'm planning to use as an audio out to my radio. I chose this unit in order to keep the original radio and have digital music. (GPS Navigator is a cool toy too!) It is a touch screen Navigator and iPod for $248 on I got an original CD player wire harness from Jim Finn and from other posts have figuerd out how to get AUX audio in and "trigger" the radio to accept audio from the AUX source. My question is that if I take power from the antenna power lead ("Radio power output" pink wire) through a switch and back to the "Disc on power input" White/black wire will I get any BCM codes? The manual shows an "Entertainment and comfort data line" (Page 8A-150-5) I just dont want to screw anything up in the intrest of getting my Warren Zevon all the time. Any Reatta/Warren Zevon fans out there?
  24. Hi All, I just had the rear window RE-tinted on my coupe to keep out the California sun. (Old tint went purple) I'll bet that if the rear defrost is used with film tint that the tint will bubble and look like crap. In the climate here the last option i will ever use is the rear defrost. I only drive this car when the weather is perfect. I'm wondering if to prevent the rear defrost from coming on (by accidentally hitting the button); is there a fuse I can pull and if so will I lose any other function besides the rear defog? If in pulling one fuse I only lose the rear defog which fuse do I pull and where is it?
  25. Mask off the body just beneath the tail light prior to removal. It will keep the paint from being chipped. Remove the license plate before you try to remove the tail light assembly. It will be much easier to reinstall. Bevel the sockets with a sheet rock knife as explained above and the "long life" bulbs fit ok. After you do this once you wont want to remove that tail light more often than necessary.