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  1. I see this topic thrown around all the time on this forum. I have even added to this discussion on and off the forum if i'm not mistaken. I bought my first Reatta just a few short months ago and believe it is probably the best car i've ever owned. I bought a 91 coupe with 65,000 miles which is a California car for 5500 bucks. After about 1,000 bucks of TLC the car looks new from 6 feet away and runs perfect. I guess i was still having some second thoughts about putting that much money into such an old car. I showed it to my father in law and told him how much money I had in it. He loved the car and decided he really liked the looks of a black Reatta convertible I showed him on the web. In regards to how much a Reatta is worth, my father in law reminded me that a NEW car DEPRECIATES more, the day you drive it off the lot, than i had sum total in my coupe. I bought a 91 convertible last week. No regrets!
  2.'s%20Rides.htm Go to this link and scroll down to the White 91 Canadian Vert where the hood is open. You can see a little of the "triangular brace".
  3. I have a 91 coupe and when i get in at night seems all the switches and such are backlit EXCEPT the headlight switch. When i feel my way to the switch and hit it to the on position the lights work perfectly and the switch is fully backlit with the little squares lit up too. Is this switch supposed to be lit prior to turning on the lights? They are real easy to turn off!!!!!!
  4. For what it's worth, I was looking at a 91 vert today and there were tapered pins on the doors and matching recievers in the door jambs. I assume this is to make the body more rigid. Has anybody else seen these and if so do the 90 models have them as well? I finally saw the "triangular brace". I'll bet that ther can be added to earlier models if you can get them.
  5. I don't need to replace them yet. I'm just wondering how long they usually last. Good advice thought to replace the whole half shaft rather than mess with a boot.
  6. I don't have much Reatta experience so i have questions galore. Just bought my 91 coupe (65,000 miles) a few months ago and part of my pre buy was a look at the CV boots. One looked as though it may have been replaced because it looked a little cleaner than the other. Both boots were looking real good. I expected bad boots due to age but was pleasantly suprised. Is it common for these boots to last a long time or can i expect to change these soon? If you have changed yours, what was the milage? I think age is probably harder on them than just milage. RSVP
  7. Has anybody with a 90 vert added the "triangular brace" said to be on the 91 convertible? Can anybody post a picture or tell me where it is in the illustrations?
  8. So where can we find this guy? Id be happy to look him up on our behalf.
  9. Has anybody shipped a car cross country? Any reccommendations? Any company or broker to avoid?
  10. That looks great!!!!!!!!! Is that the car with 250,000 miles?
  11. Has anybody found a good source of floor mats? I bought a pair from JC whitney and thet were not even close. I put them in my VW! perfect. I know original are impossible to find. I'd be happy with correct shape and color.
  12. I wonder how long it takes for data to get to CAR FAX? If you look at the right headlight door; it sure doesn't seem to fit quite right. If this car is as advertised (debateable)it is worth more than the buy it now price.
  13. An inspection is mandatory. I agree wholeheartedly. The problem is that a good Reatta is hard to find. You don't see one on every street corner for sale. Air fare isn't cheap however i believe there are services that will do inspections for you.
  14. Buyer beware! Still looks like a good car for the money.
  15. There is a nice white 91 on ebay in oaklahoma. Might be better off buying that and keeping yours as a parts car for youself.
  16. I think we have all agreed to disagree. I don't know who said it but it seems the only real solution is a switch that allows the driver to turn it on or off.
  17. I sent him a PM because i'd like to buy a couple of headlight repair kits and a center cap. He has posted to the forum since my PM. Hopfully you will see this Mr Eaton. Help anyone.
  18. Connections are funny. They can look good and not be. The bad connection can be the ground wire where it attaches to the chassis. It could be the connection on the starter solonoid. The reason it went black all of a sudden is because a marginal connection can arc when you put a big load on it which is what happens when you try to crank the engine. After you have checked all connections try to jump start it again. Better yet being as that you have a dead battery take the battery out when you disconnect it to clean terminals and charge the battery before reinstalling it. If you need to jump start hook the positive (red) to the small post on the batterry and hook up the black one to an unpainted bracket on the engine as far from the battery as possible. You want to avoid an arc near the battery because of the possibility that there may be some explosive hydrogen gas near the battery. good luck.
  19. John Force hit the wall. Being his daughter doesn't make you a good driver. Dad is the proof. Lets hope that wall hitting isn't a genetic trait for Ashley's sake. All kidding aside does anybody know if Nascar race vehicles are equipped with ABS. I'm guessing they are NOT. If they are not then that fact is telling. ABS is for beginners.
  20. Good drivers don't panic. ABS is for the average driver!
  21. A corroded or simply loose battery connection would explain all of this. Lets hope for your sake. My fingers are crossed. Good luck
  22. Were thre any saddle color tops in cloth?
  23. It would seem to me that if you wanted a Reatta that had a removable hard top (nice) you would start with a nice convertible and coupe parts car. Cut the hardtop off the coupe and make it fit the vert. Put in a plexiglass rear window similar in contour to the ragtop. My 2 cents.
  24. Was there an option to get a canvas convertible top as opposed to vinyl?