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  1. 2 questions: What do you do with the cover if it has rained and it is wet when you want to go home? Putting a wet cover in the trunk will do more harm than letting the car sit uncovered in the rain. How many 30 dollar full size covers can you buy on ebay for the cost of one of these custom little covers. At 30 bucks you can throw it away if it gets wet or dirty and get a new one. Been there.
  2. They all fit if you put a small bevel on the socket with a sheetrock or similar knife.
  3. 60 MPH on California freeways will get you a new rear bumper and taillight, and possibly mirrors and ventglass. They slow to 70 here depending on how hard it is raining!
  4. I lived in upstate NY and saw 36 inches of snow on Thanksgiving day in 1971 I believe. I never saw any fun in snow. Saved my money and moved. My job allows me to visit snow regularly. I am always glad to go home. Oh by the way I drove my convertible yesterday with the top down of course. Went to a burger place and ate outside on the picnic tables. This is why it is so crowded here. It's nice! We are supposed to get "showers" on Wednesday. Once the rainy season ends it is not uncommon to have 6 months without any precip whatsoever.
  5. It is going to be sunny and warm again here all day. Darn!
  6. Scott, Forget the casettes. If you search this forum the information exists to hard wire a mp3 player. I bought an Alpine GPS navigator which has a moving map of course AND an mp3 player. I got the wire harness from Jim Finn and a switch from radio shack. I soldered all connections, put the switch in the "doghouse" and ran the audio input wiring through a vent. Never drilled so much as one hole in the car. Works beautiful. Basically you are fooling the radio into thinking you have a CD player. When you flip the switch the radio accepts audio from the external source.
  7. Rustbuckets all. Take a break from the winter and come to California and drive home a rust free car. The money you save on a car that needs very little repair will buy you a one way plane ticket about 5 times over. It will be clear and 70 degrees here today. I was born in upstate NY and so I feel your pain.
  8. My tire guy puts it very simple. Rubber is a vegtable. How long do vegetables last? You risk life and limb not to mention ruining a car that isn't easily replaced. Buy a good set of NEW tires and forget it.
  9. I've read that the final drive on the 91 Reatta is different (lower ratio) than the previous models. It has been said this was done to enhance performance. It is also true that the 91 models have larger wheels. Wouldn't this combination result in the same final drive ratio at the road? Has anyone done the math? Just curious.
  10. I have flown Richie Sambora a couple of times. If we fly him again I will ask him who belongs to the Reatta in the video. He is a nice guy by the way. Always laughing!
  11. Just curious. This car is on ebay? I couldn't find it.
  12. Sell the car. You now have the advantage of knowing exactly what you are looking for and what is valueable. Now you can choose year, color, coupe or rag top, sunroof and milage. Get a 91 and Teves will only be the Elephant Man's doctor!
  13. Replaced the TPS (throttle position sensor) today. It was full of water. BINGO it is fixed. My first guess was my best guess. Also changed out some questionable vacuum lines as everbody suggested. Thanks for everyone's input.
  14. Mine acted similar after a major pressure wash. As it worked out I had flooded the the throttle position sensor which sent bad info to the tranny and cruise. How does it idle? My idle was erratic. Sometimes it was fine.
  15. OK guys, Today I took apart all the sensor connectors and dried them out. The one on the cruise servo was filled with water. Found a cracked vacuum hose and taped it up. Disconnected the battery to erase codes. SES is now out. Cruise is working and trans locks up as it is supposed to. Wont idle now. Idle is about 2500 in neutral and 1500 in gear. No SES! Now what?
  16. I forgot to add that on the way home after the cleaning (48 miles) the throttle seemed to be stuck on real high idle. Car would go about 30 mph without any pedel pressure. This lasted about 30 seconds. If the truth is that somthing simply got wet and it dries out will the problem go away and the SES go out? The trans did lock up from time to time and the SES would go out simultaneously. I'll try it today and check for codes. Go Chargers!
  17. possibly disloged a vacuum line? The idle was perfect. Wouldn't it idle rough with a vacuum leak?
  18. Hi Guys, Took my 91 to work today with everything working perfect. Nothing to do at work so we decided to do a MAJOR pressure clean under the hood. It looks beautiful, started easily, ran smooth but the SES is now on most of the time. Cruise control is in-op and the trans doesn't lock up. Shifts fine but no overdrive. 35000 RPM @ 70 MPH We got this thing REALLY wet. Haven't checked for codes yet. My guess is the throttle position sensor. How about your guess! I'll post the cure after it is fixed. Lets have some fun.
  19. This may sound like a stupid question but has anybody thought of removing the Teves system and replacing it with 91 style vacuum assist booster/mastercylinder? Same body and a caliper is a caliper, right? This harware must be readily available.
  20. Has anybody had any experience with cast aluminum wheel polishing? Is it dismounting the tires required. There is a place near me that claimes that they can do it without removing the tires. Can the curb rash be removed? How about cost?
  21. Some aircraft have the battery mounted in the back. This is done to adjust the Center of Gravity without increasing weight. I wonder if the engineers at GM considered moving the battery to the trunk of the Reatta at any point. That sure sounds like a better idea than "mass dampers" with useless lead shot. I have a suggestion to all convertible drivers. To reduce "cowl shake"; leave your bowling bag in the left rear of your trunk and tour wife's bowling bag in the right rear of the trunk. Just remember to get to the bowling alley early to warm up your balls in the winter!
  22. The reason they wanted them removed is explained on the service bullitin. The complete service bullitin is available on line. http://www.reatta.net/docs/index.html
  23. There is a service bullitin for some 90 and 91 convertibles that instructs the dealer to REMOVE (2) "mass dampers" from the frame near the rear bumper. The bullitin says they weigh 20 pounds each. Has anybody found these on their car? If so what does a "mass damper" look like? It weighs as much as a bowling ball!
  24. Does an 90-91 come apart the same as a 88-89?
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