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  1. I sent a link to my father in law (that I got off this forum) of a Reatta promotional video. After watching it he wrote me back and asked if this was a new model that Buick was offering. Prior to this he mentioned that there is no such thing as a nice two door car anymore. Having always wanted a Reatta I went out and bought my 91 coupe a week later. He hasn't seen or even been told about the twin convertible. I wonder what he would think if i had been a little quicker and got the polo that was up by san francisco? Don't bother to answer. If you are reading this then you are as crazy as I
  2. Howard, You seem like a good person. You have always had a kind helpful word for me. If you locate a replacement car in southern california i will pick you up at the airport and we will find you a car. Would you like me to pick you up in the coupe or convertible? Finally a good use for these cars!
  3. Does anybody know where to get a NEW one of these for a 91? The upper is easy to get but the lower is what corrodes. Earlier models dont have it.
  4. Search the forum for "California Pop Top". On one of those posts has a link with pictures of the prototype cover on my cars both vert and coupe. The link is called "pop top".
  5. Jim, When John was doing the fitting on my cars I remember he noted that getting the cover under the wipers was difficult because Buick did such a good job of hideing them. He said to just tuck the cover under the hood and over the wipers. I have one for each car now. The fact that only 4 have sold is an indication of the current economic downturn. With prices what they are who can afford anything anymore?
  6. For you West Coasters; I took both my cars to VanGordon & Brown Performance in Claremont California. Scott Brown reprogrammed the PROM in both my cars so that the fans came on at a lower temperature, torque converter locks up at around 50 mph now and he gave me more spark advance so that the trottle was more responsive. Timing was set so that i'd have more performance without exceeding smog standards for California. If you dont have smog checks in your state i'm sure there is more that can be done. Temperature guage now sits at the 12 o'clock position at all times (both cars). Both car
  7. I agree with the previous posts. With the exception of the missing antenna a new battery and a fresh tank of gas may cure ALL of these problems. Headlight mechanical repair is easy and inexpensive with the kit from Barney. Included instructions even tell you what size wrenches to use. Put in the battery and drive it! I think you are in for a pleasant suprise.
  8. The electric car was killed by the government because if a car didn't use fuel there was lost revenue on highway use taxes collected when fuel is purchased.
  9. Roger, How do you like those chrome 91 wheels? Can you post some better pictures? I have a spare set of 91 wheels and am toying with polish/chrome/ or original. steve
  10. I had a car in storage for about 7 years. Tires looked fine . They were Michilins that I had put on. They had about 5,000 miles on them. I took it out of storage for my wife to drive and I heard somthing outside at slow speed that sounded like a squeeky shoe. When I stopped (after driving it 70 MPH) I could pull apart a crack in the sidewall with my fingers and see the ends of broken steel fibers. I went to the tire shop the next day at 30 MPH. Bear in mind that this car was stored in an ideal environment. (Inside a hangar in southern California and covered with a soft cotton car covert
  11. In the FSM under "Driveability and Emissions" section beginning 6E3-C12-1 it is all explained.
  12. I wondered how long it would take for someone to notice! That is why i thought the pictures were funny.
  13. With the hot weather coming I wanted to insure the proper function of my cooling fans. So the temperature that they come on was lowered. The torque converter lock up speed was increased slightly. Timing was advanced for better throttle response. All functions were verified and multiple road tests were done with both cars to confirm driveability issues. I drove the coupe to the shop and a friend followed me in the convertible. When passing a gas station a guy standing outdoors gave us a double take and may have dropped his Starbucks. How often do you see two identical Reatta go by?
  14. Well I think i finally figured out the picture sizing problem. That top on the vert was just installed yesterday. Mike from buickreattaparts.com promised me a nice top and he knows his stuff. The installer said it fit like a glove. I really like the fabric and the fit. It seems to be cut longer over the side windows unlike the vinyl top that came off.
  15. First time I tried posting a picture. What did I do wrong?
  16. Got her all ready for the big race this weekend. Actually I thought a Reatta on a dyno was a rare sight! My PROMS are now reprogrammed.
  17. Yesterday I had an appointment to see a guy named Scott Brown at a company named VanGordon&Brown Performance. When I arrived, Scott had a new 500 HP Corvette running wide open on the dyno. You would have to go to a car show to see more Corvettes and hot rods than are at this shop on any given day. I saw a beautiful 56 Chevy 2 dr hardtop which had late model Corvette driveline and suspension. Flawless! A prewar Ford "woodie" with Corvette driveline.These are <span style="font-style: italic">customer</span> cars! I am convinced these guys know what is going on. Scott hook
  18. I called a glass shop in Ontario California and there were three available brand new. 1500 installed.
  19. I called a big glass shop and there are three Reatta windshields in the LA basin. 1500 bucks each installed.
  20. I understand that milage is recorded in one of the computers. If i'm not mistaken the vin is recorded in the same place so that the milage cannot be tampered with by installing a different BCM? Does anybody know how to pull this up?
  21. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Buick-Rea...1QQcmdZViewItem Here is the link. Question????????? Are the screws along the lenth of the console through the carpet original? This car is close to me so if anybody wants a look see prior to bidding get in touch.
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