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  1. I pull my hubcaps with a suction cup I got at Harbor Freight. No need to even touch them with a prybar. Hang in there Nic. Your tips are well intended and it is up the reader to take or leave the info.
  2. Willie! Funny meeting you here. The VIN you gave was lacking a number so i added the "1" and ran the carfax. Carfax says it is a coupe if the one I added to the VIN makes the VIN correct. Hope this helps. 1991 BUICK REATTA 1G4EC13L2MB901000 COUPE 3.8L V6 TPI OHV 12V / FRONT WHEEL DRIVE Standard Equipment | Safety Options Hi-I'm the CARFAX Xpert™. I'm here to help you better understand the data in this CARFAX Report. Did you know... We checked over 5 billion records from thousands of data sources for this vehicle This vehicle qualifies for the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee The last reporte
  3. Like just about everybody else i'd like a polo green coupe and or a driftwood coupe. I'm not a rich guy but I do have indoor storage (for two more cars) and these cars are a tinkerer's dream. If you have one you would like to sell or you know of one for sale please get in touch wih me. I'd like to get cars with under 100,000 miles and preferrably from the southwest. Thanks Steve Scott 951 323 0263
  4. Barney's directions that are included in each kit were perfect. He even tells you what size wrenches to use. Oh by the way, I was in Georgetown TX last friday for a few hours. I called but you were not home. Next time.
  5. I have Hubcaps that fit 1991 Reatta. I have new (reproduction) made from all new materials and are available in silver, white and chrome. I have used 91 hubcaps as well. For those of you that have 88-90 cars I also have NOS centers for your hubcaps too. Pictures/prices and contact info is available on Ronnie's website. http://reattasforsale.com/cars/
  6. Sorry Steak, I dont have any info on an 88-89. At least the female voice from the navigator never says "i need to go to the bathroom".
  7. Steak I got my information from this forum and the service manual. Unfortunatly my work was done on a 91 which is different than yours. As you know some 90-91 models had a CD player. Mine didnt. I got the wiring I needed from Jim Finn and a switch from radio shack and "faked" the radio into accepting the audio from my mp3 player. I turn on the switch and the radio accepts the audio that would normally be coming from a CD player. Never drilled a hole or cut original wiring. Switch is inside the doghouse. It works nice and no preamp was needed. The MP3 player is insde an Alpine navigator
  8. If you are lucky it is only a matter of putting the wire back on. The cam sensor is near the water pump.
  9. http://denver.craigslist.org/car/724744368.html Thought somebody might want this. I passed. Not the right car for me. No data on the CARFAX prior to 1998 with a milage of 3300 or so. I had a CAECHEX inspection done and it had a cheap total repaint "along time ago" according to the inspector. Somthing seemed fishey. Why would a car with no usage the first 8 years need a paintjob? It is not in the database. The vin is 1G4EC13C7LB903453. Driftwood with matching mouldings. Saddle interior no options. Barney; please add this car to the database. If anybody buys it good luck and keep us po
  10. If it were a simple leak like the above posters suggest it would still run smooth. My guess is that it is an intake manifold gasket. I replaced mine on my vert just before it failed to the inside. Note that it did leak to the outside yet still ran smooth. Upon inspection of the gasket when removed it was very close to putting coolant into an intake port. Good luck.
  11. The truth be known, Hemmings should publish a feature article on the realalities of the Reatta to right the wrong they have done. This bad press devalues every one of our cars.
  12. Where exactly does this article appear? I agree with NYBob. I will buy 91 verts for that price all day long. Hemmings needs to find me one.
  13. Debbie, I wonder what the average age of new Reatta buyers was. My guess would be 55 or so. I was told that my convertible was "Dad's retirement gift to himself". I'll bet they were 90% male too. For those that are looking for a nice Reatta: if you are lucky enough to find a "one owner" consider the purchase an adoption. If they have kept an expensive car for 17-20 years there is an emotional attachment. If the owner gets offended in any way or they believe you are not going to "restore" the car to its original glory they may not sell it to you at any price.
  14. It is common knowlege that the Select 60 is the most rare of all the Reatta. It is debateably the most valuable with condition and milage the variables. I've been watching ebay, auto trader and hemmings and notice that there are quite a few nice cars for sale and I personally dont see them selling. The cheaper cars and parts cars are selling but the nice stuff seldom makes reserve. Questions: Have there been sales of nice cars at auction lately that you are aware of? I have seen the asking prices in Hemmings but has anything sold? There is a S60 on ebay and one in Hemmings. They may be
  15. Yesterday I removed the ECC from both of my cars without removing the brace or unplugging the wireing. I had made up an adapter for my wet dry vac as per Barney's drawing. Once exposed the evap core looked like new with no obstruction on either car. I sprayed them down with windex and vacuumed the liqiud and maybe some dust out who knows. At this point I dont really think anything else is necessary except to enjoy the cars. The reason I was concerned with the A/C airflow was two fold. Obviously it is hot here in CA and need optimum performance; but the other reason is that one of my cars ha
  16. Contact Mike at buickreattaparts.com. He has or can find any Reatta part you may need. He is located near you in AZ and has been known to make house calls.
  17. This thread is really informative. The A/C in my cars work pretty good with 40 degree duct temperature with 90 degree OAT. Cleaning the evaporator sounds like a grteat idea. In order for the A/C to work right the airflow volume must be right as well as the temperature. 2 QUESTIONS: 1) The wiring on the ECC power module seems to have the airbag blue plastic tagging. When removing the module to get the shop vac access should this wiring be disconnected or remain connected while the cleaning is done? I don't want to risk firing the airbag. 2) What is the best way to get access to the inside f
  18. Kerry, Before you take anything apart first find out if the air is coming out of the defrosters instead. If the fan runs on high and the air comes out the defrosters then it is a vacuum leak. Mine did this after some major work. A vacuum line was disconnected near the firwall under the plastic valance. 5 minute fix
  19. Mine did that. It was a bad battery.
  20. Dick, Can't tell you what color top to put on your car that's up to you. I put a tan Hartz cloth top from Mike at buickreattaparts.com on my 91 Reatta convertible. It cost just under 900 bucks to my doorstep. I had a shop in a high the rent area of Pasadena install it. I had them tint the glass back window before installing the top and they charged me $500 out the door. I'm pretty happy with this top. It has double stiching around the rear window which looks nice and it is cut a little large so the weatherstrip around the windows doesn't show. I have a VW convertible with a white vinyl to
  21. Comparing the "look" to pong is supposed to imply it looks what? Dated? Old? I think the writer has been playing too many video games. Most people mistake a Reatta for a newly released model. I was disappointed that there was no picture. Two pictures of course were included of the unrmarkable Mustang.
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