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  1. My fuel guage is acting up on my 91 coupe. Anybody have a reliable source for that unit and pump?
  2. My fuel guage is acting up on my 91 coupe. Anybody have a reliable source for that unit and pump?
  3. Looks like that car could use some TLC. One headlight up, one down. Pinstripe missing from trunk. Aftermarket stereo. Cloudy tail light. Black steering wheel cover. Drop that car off at my house and I'll take good care of it.
  4. Billy, I hope you get an STC or at least a field approval for that installation. How does it effect W&B?
  5. My favorite is Warren Zevon. You drive a unique yet common car, so why not listen to music that falls into the same catagory?
  6. Thanks Maui, Wayne, they never dynoed my convertible. Seeing a front wheel drive car sitting with the rear wheels on the rollers is a hoot. My point is that I have had good luck getting things done to my cars. A shop that has fantastic equipment usually has some sharp personel.
  7. I don't remember what it cost. I don't check mileage. The throttle response was much better. I found a shop that specializes in late model Corvettes. When I first arrived the guy had a Z06 corvette on the dyno in high gear wide open. He asked to see the smog reports on my cars to see how much he could change the timing and still pass smog. Reprogramming my chip was everyday stuff. Find a speed shop or restoration shop and ASK THEM who does performance tunes on vettes that has a dyno. They will know.
  8. Mobil One. I never have a problem with leaks. I believe it is superior stuff.
  9. No, I used a local guy in Claremont CA. Remember the Reatta on the dyno pictures?
  10. Bobby, I see you live in Florida where it is hot like here in California. Part of this hesitation problem could be ignition timing. I suggest that you (and everybody with a Reatta) get your prom reprogrammed. I had mine done on both my cars. The cooling fans now come on at a lower temperature which helps with the A/C, the torque converter locks up at 50 mph rather than 42 which makes for a better ride around town and the ignition timing is advanced which makes the car jump when the throttle is pressed. If you intend to keep the car long have it done.
  11. I couldnt get the $20 RainX blades to clear the hood. Went back to the standard blade. I don't know why I care. It rains 3 tims a year here and it never rains inside my garage.
  12. Both my cars are slow to change temperature. When parked inside overnight side by side they read within one degree of each other. not bad!
  13. Maui, The latch on the "doghouse" looks just like the one on my coupe with a sn #120. My other car has a factory cd so there is no doghouse.
  14. The switch ahead of the shifter is for the fog lights on a 91.
  15. This can be avoided by specifying PayPal or cash only. This is a common scam Steak.
  16. I noticed on the page that lists the "yearly Diffs" that the 90 model came with "Auxiliary transmission oil cooler added". I dont believe that is true. That aux cooler is for the power steering I believe. Can anyone verify this?
  17. Ronnie, This sounds like material for Foxworthy!
  18. If all the cold air is coming out the defrosters then it is a vacuum leak. Without vacuum the default position is defrost. Pull the plastic panel by the wipers where all the plumbing is and the leak may be under there.
  19. I'm looking for some suggestions. I'm thinking of putting transmission coolers on both my cars. Bear in mind i live where it is warm all year round and warmer in the summer. 100 degree days are common 3/4 of the year. 1) Do you think these coolers are necessary? 2) Should I connect the cooler into the return line (in series) with the original cooler or seperate the systems completely? 3)Has anybody done this? 4) Can anyone suggest a make and model cooler? 5) Any pictures of an installation? Thanks guys.
  20. If steel chord is broken you will be riding on a time bomb. That bolt is huge. Tire will be safe at or below 15 MPH.
  21. I don't have an 88-89 but there must be a constant supply of power in order to maintain the memory when the battery is disconnected. Is it possible that there is a small internal battery some where just for this purpose? After all these years it may have finally quit. Just a thought.
  22. Those pictures of the reatta on the dyno always make me laugh. Going to that shop is like a car show. They always have really trick stuff. Notice the "woodie" in the background? Corvette on the right? The first time i went there he had a new corvette on the dyno running wide open. If you wanted a RWD reatta this shop could "make it so" for a price of course.
  23. The cure for those of us in Southern California. VanGorton and Brown in Claremont Ca. They specialize in GM and have the best equipment. Scott Brown did the proms in my cars in addition to some other repairs. Nothing is a problem. How many shops can dyno your Reatta?
  24. Yeller, 1/2 the useful life for 1/10th the cost new. And nobody else for 1000 miles takes theirs out the same day as you. Sounds like a bargain.
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