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  1. It is not uncommon for a well maintained Reatta to go nearly 300,000 miles.
  2. I dont consider this work to be a really big deal. When I get a bill like that I simply say "every 25 years or so they need a little TLC".
  3. A 23 year car car was moved from Ohio to the Virgin Islands and now runs marginally warm. What has changed? I don't really think re-engineering the car now is the correct solution.
  4. After all these years, radiators become inefficient. Air flow is reduced externally by bugs pollen and dirt. Internally they become partially plugged by rust, corrosion and dirt. Radiators are cheap. This sounds like a marginal problem with no component failed.
  5. This car should be able to remain cool in these conditions. I would put a new radiator in it if you haven't already.
  6. On this issue I agree with Kingsley wholeheartedly. I have had 3 EZ On tops installed by 3 different shops. In each case the shop was delighted with the provided top. The most recent installation was 4 or 5 hundred dollars and it included the fabrication and installation of a color keyed headliner. It helps to build a relationship with your shop. Making it clear that you pay cash is essential. Use of a credit card in this situation can double the estimate.
  7. If this volume loss happened when the speakers were installed then the speakers were wired "out of phase". To determine which is the positive connection I use a 9v battery. If hooked up in phase the positive terminal will cause the speaker cone to extend forward. If the wires are reversed on any speaker it will cause the equivalent of active noise reduction much like the headsets worn by pilots. The miswired speaker will produce a wave that cancels the wave coming from its twin. No volume
  8. Sometimes a plastic shopping bag comes up from the road and gets stuck on the exhaust pipe somewhere
  9. A bad A/C compressor will turn hard or not at all. Belt slips= rubber smell?
  10. My stereo 16 way seat bezels are ready to go. I just got my first production run. At arms distance they appear identical to the originals and they won't dent. I need to photograph the final version, set the price and list. I've been busy of late also so ill do that when I get back home. Unlike many people that attempt to reproduce parts, I don't micromanage the experts and nothing is attempted in the home. In the case of these seat bezels the art work was subcontracted to a graphic artist. The template and font came out perfect as a result. I really wish others would attempt some of these projects. I can't do it all. To fully understand supply and demand you need to get your toe in the water and stop all the talk. It may cost $1000 to reproduce those 88-89 door pull plastic ends. The elephant in the room then becomes; how much are people willing to pay for something that fits in the palm of your hand? I recommend to my customers that they use black silicone to hold those little door pull covers on. You should only need to R&R the door panel once in a generation.
  11. Woody and all, Take a look at that tank again. There is a vent right next to the filler neck that lets the air out of the "humps" as you fill it up. Varnish doesn't form in the absence of air. Varnish is the residue from evaporated gas. A legitimate California Smog check pulls a vacuum on the fuel system to confirm that it is sealed. No need for seafoam and our cars run fine.
  12. No such thing as seafoam on the west coast unless you go to the sea shore. IMO keeping the gas tank full to the brim eliminates fuel problems. Reason being that varnish forms when fuel evaporates. Full tank has no air therefore no varnish
  13. If each one of us would taske the time and expense to reproduce one part we would have a complete catalog of reproduction Reatta parts.
  14. This corrosion found in the top framework is common. All the good vendors have these parts available. When a convertible is reported as having the rear window falling out I never recommend the cheap fixes. In order to preserve the car it is imperative to replace the top and deal with these corrosion issues as Greg did. It is a mistake to buy a Reatta where the previous owner has kicked the can down the road by ignoring the issues under the surface. These cars are at a turning point IMO. The properly maintained cars will be very valuable and the others will become parts cars and crushed.
  15. I have new taillight letters available in my eBay store. Link below.
  16. Still low 80s here. Cool at night
  17. If you really want to do it up nice: replace the vapor barrier with Dynamat prior to replacing the doorpanel. The stereo will sound better and the car will sound more solid when you slam the door. Changes the sound from twang to whump.
  18. Many of the prototypes had matching mirrors. It's my guess that making them all black was a cost cutting move dictated by accounting not the designers. Matching mirrors is the way all the cars should have been IMO. Being as that prototypes had matching mirrors it would seem to me either matching or black should be considered "stock" for judging purposes.
  19. A little oil in a cylinder in a neglected car like this will not hurt anything. Probably do it some good.
  20. This car is NOT driveable with a leaking brake line. If this car were knowingly driven and there was an accident it could be considered criminal. I wouldn't drive this car one block. The fuel tank must be removed to replace the brake and fuel lines. Not a "driveway fix" for sure. When brake lines are leaking in the back there is a strong possibility that there are bad fuel lines, bad fuel tank and a bad fuel filler neck. Southwest cars do not have these problems but we do sell these parts all the time to people in the rustbelt. This car is a candidate for subframe issues I would pass on this car
  21. I have seen many sunrises and sunsets through the windshield at 35 to 38 thousand feet. It is very beautiful and the curvature of the earth begins to show. Lightning in the clouds looks like flashbulbs going off. It has often been asked why pilots work so cheap. The only logical answer is "the view".
  22. Try getting a new key. It is cheaper. I have driven from sunrise to sunset. Easy to do in the winter. I normally drive 650 to 750 miles a day.
  23. Jim is correct on the short timeframe cars are available "on the blocks" at the larger self serve wrecking yards. Years ago I felt bad stripping some pretty nice cars in these yards but those feelings have faded away with the reality. These cars get crushed between 3-4 weeks after bening put out for salvage. Get it while you can. I too have come back for a part and found the car gone. Scrap prices are up apparantly.
  24. Taking a good photo of somthing chrome plated is difficult. The reflection can mask imperfestions. If those wheels are as nice as they appear they are a great deal. It will cost around $200 to ship so be prepared.