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    The passenger seat seldom gets used. I would remove the seat and check every single connection. Check for power to the non functioning jackscrew. Put power and ground to that jackscrew to see if it will work. The good news is that all Reatta seat bases are the same, all years, left and right, standard and 16 way. You should be able to get a good seat base from any good vendor
  2. "Better to have a dark cockpit in a flyable plane as oppose to having your ticket punched prematurely by a computer that's no smarter that the remote for your TV. But, maybe it's just me." John F.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> EXACTLY! Another gem of aviation wisdom is; "if you move a switch and somthing bad happens...return that switch to its previous position". (probably derived from an autopilot snafu)
  3. Pull the codes. A throttle position sensor going bad can make for those symptoms
  4. Returning to the original topic: if California repeals the ethanol requirement for motor fuel I can and will legally use unleaded mogas in the plane. I tried it and that engine likes it.
  5. Advancing the timing makes sense but I believe the A&P mechanic is required to set it to "spec". There is no advance mechanism on the mags either. 1940's technology. Reliability is first priority with performance and efficiency being distant seconds. Carburetor ice is a real problem with this engine. I have had it happen more than once in flight.
  6. GPS is a tool only. Allowing a device to think for you is a mistake. I must admit that aviation GPS devices work very well. Approved boxes for use in IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) conditions cost (start) in the 5 figure range. They too are subject the old "garbage in, garbage out" computer rule. When paired to an autopilot it is not uncommon for one pilot to say to the other "why is it doing that?" It is pretty funny provided nothing bad happens. The best flight instructor I ever had said "a computer is a conscientious idiot; it will do whatever you tell it as many times as you told it, right or wrong." He also said you must know "every way possible to turn off the autopilot including turning off the master switch". (Everything in the plane goes dark when the master is off)
  7. My guess is that you will always have ethenol blend gas if you live in a state that grows corn. Follow the money. As a side note; Prior to 9/11 there was talk of a new blend of avgas called 80NL or 80 octane unleaded. My old low compression Cessna 172 would have loved that stuff. 9/11 nearly killed General Aviation and now we are lucky to get any avgas at any price. I constanly have plug fouling, valve sticking problems using 100LL which has 4 times the lead as the "required" 80/87 which is no longer available. I can use unleaded auto gas if I can find it without alcohol or ethenol. (same thing) which is also unavailable in California. The only hope I have is the environmentalists which are pushing for unleaded avgas. It would work well in my little plane but the bigger high compression recips need more octane and that is a problem the engineers havent figured out.
  8. I have bought and used (side by side) the best (trucker) GPS units available. (Garmin, Rand Mcnally) Both of them work well untill you cross the Hudson River into NYC. A current paper road atlas is the only way to go. I love turning the volume down low and listening to them argue which way to go when I cross the George Washington Bridge. It is comforting to have somthing to ignore.
  9. Ethanol or any other types of alcohol never caused anything to rust. The problem is that alcohols are water soluble. This ability to absorb water is why these blends with alcohols are incompatible with use in an aircraft. The water that might have been liquid at nice warm sea level may very well freeze when brought to altitude where it is very cold
  10. Post number 4 has no signature. I just added the word "edit" on desktop and still no signature.
  11. The first post in this thread includes signature and was done via IPhone and the most recent was done via same phone and there is no signature.
  12. All of my most recent posts were via iPhone. Some have my signature and some do not. edit
  13. The light switch or a good look at the console fog light would be telling.
  14. It appears in some posts and not in others?
  15. I found and stripped a 91 coupe today. Lots of nice parts available
  16. Sun visors can easily be recovered. See the thread I posted titled "91 select 60"
  17. I R&R this badge with a box end wrench. It takes longer than I'd like but it is what it is
  18. I use solvent based SEM for a perfect match
  19. If you want to fix your headlight problem contact me directly.
  20. If a bulb is burnt out they won't close. If bulbs are ok then you may need a diode. Common problem. I have the diode if you need it
  21. I believe the poster is referring to the shelf cover. The attachments for the shelf cover are elastic straps that should have a grommet on the end. Normally there is a screw that goes through the grommet and into the fifth bow from the bottom up. My guess is the screw is still there but it may be hidden by the 5th bow rubber seal. No matter what the condition of this shelf cover is it is valuable. Any good upholstery shop can use it as a template and make a new one. I had my shop make me a new headliner and matching shelf cover from color keyed ultra suede.