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  1. I have a 1991 Reatta radio that was overhauled by M&R Electronics in Saginaw (2009) Price is $225 which includes USPS Prioriy Mail service. This radio includes an overhauled casertte player. CD player never came in 91 except as a slave unit. A 1990 model Reatta can be quite easily upgraded to have the optional CD but not so the 91. I can help with console work. A passenger side door panel shouldnt be too hard to find but shipping will be pricey. Where are you located?
  2. There is a button on the lower left of the cluster that permits an analog, digital or both display of your speed
  3. LOL. One of the most often asked questions when I get a customer support call is "How do I get the gear out of the passenger side?" It can be stubborn. VTRex is doing great so far.
  4. Disassembling the housing is the hardest part. Often times the three small hex screws dont turn easily and can easily be broken off. Before attempting to remove these screws, to be safe I suggest a good soaking with WD40 or similar. It sounds as though you have already done this step however. Cleaning out the nylon gear can be done quite easily with a small pick and an air gun. When the parts arrive there will be complete instructions included. Contact information is provided should you require phone support during the repair. Feel free to call me. I want to see your cars lights working perfectly.
  5. It is hard to photograph chrome isn't it Keith?
  6. Stock market at an all time high indicates the economy is anything but shakey and the guide to valuation is not ebay.
  7. I'm just coming up on Indianapolis now. Weather is hot humid and overcast. Can't wait to go home
  8. Have you replaced your light switch with a "rebuilt"?
  9. I have never understood the need for twilight sentinel. If you can't tell it is dark outside shouldn't you be on the bus?
  10. Does your instrument panel still work?
  11. Also be very careful to put in a screw that is neither too long or too big in diameter. The fifth bow is a cast part and I'm concerned that it could break if an oversize fastener were used.
  12. Keith, A screw goes through the eyelet and attaches to the bottom of the fifth bow. The hole will be a little difficult to find because the fifth bow seal is in the way. If you had another vert to look at this would be easier. Maybe sombody putting their top down on their vert today can measure how far the hole is from the end of the bow. Take the shelf cover to the dry cleaner before you install it. Have them replace the elastic after they clean it. If that elastic is shot the shelf cover will droop when putting the top up or down and be a pain as someone mentioned
  13. If it gets in the way try replacing the elastic. I don't have any problem with mine
  14. Keith, If your package tray is not faded either the previous owners always kept the car inside or the top was always down. This was not an optional item and was permanantley attached. The one for my 91 vert with tan interior had faded to a gold color. It looked terrible.
  15. I like my cars to look the way the designers envisioned it rather than how the accountants decided. I think after you have your convertible for awile you will conclude that it is dark inside due to the black headliner which matches no other part of the car. With these headliners being so old now they normally look lifeless. The rear shelf cover is normally so faded that it turns to a color that doesn't resemble anything in the car. I am lucky. Finding a good trim shop in California is pretty easy. 3 times was the charm for me. I understand it is not so easy in other parts of the country. Good luck Convertible NOTE: If you live in a hot climate you may find that the convertible is a cooler car. First factor is that there is less airspace to cool. Second is that there is less greenhouse effect because of the small back window. Third the top itself is two layers of cloth with a small airspace which doesn't transmit the heat like a steel top. Same size A/C unit as the coupes. I prefer the verts when it is hot and the coupes when it is winter.
  16. Keith, If you want to really spruce up your new vert have your headliner and rear shelf cover rebuilt with synthetic suede. The car in my signature has a synthetic suede headliner and shelf cover.
  17. The ox sensor and MAF will make the adjustments. Not an issue
  18. Rent one of each and drive it. Then you will know.
  19. Number one rule for married guys: it is better to ask forgiveness than permission. I buy what I want and show my wife later. If I tell her I bought a new car she simply asks; what color? She likes the black/grey 89 best so I had a "handcrafted expressly for" dash plaque with her name made.
  20. I have shipped 3 of these signs in the past and each time it cost over $300 to ship from the Midwest to the east coast. FWIW
  21. The nicest brand of synthetic suede is called "Ultra Suede". Real suede is not worth the expense IMO. I have had convertible headliners made from synthetic suede and am very happy with results
  22. All that talk about crime is nonsense. If you fell asleep on my front lawn you would probably wake up with a pillow and blanket. There is a large park with a fresh water lake, small airport, NHRA drag strip, all with a snow capped mountain view within a mile of my home. The only thing that might disturb one that is sleeping on my lawn is the sprinklers. (It seldom rains). I've seen most of the country and there is no place like home
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