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  1. "Steve, So, what are you trying to show us here?" That is a picture of the ""b" piller on my gunmetal convertible. It shows a little of the color keyed grey headliner but more importantly the snaps I added to that flap that is always coming loose. The velcro never holds. Riding down the road with the window down and that flap loose is not cool. Snaps are the cure. For the DIYers: Attempting to install your own top is foolhearty. You cannot buy the same spray on adhesive in a rattle can that the shops buy in bulk. Your Reatta is not the car to learn on. If any part of the top frame structure is damaged or broken it will cost you an arm and a leg to fix it. There are only a handful of tops frames in the posession of us parts vendors. I have only two available for parts salvage. I dont want to sell these parts. It is money well spent to pay the experienced pro to install your top.
  2. The car in my signature has has an EZ-ON top which is the brand Marck sells. This car got a color keyed headliner in suede with a matching rear shelf cover. My gunmetal grey convertible got a color keyed grey headliner also.
  3. Angry Reatta owners in Syria probably having problems with their headlights.
  4. 4 doors? No problem. I'd buy 2 more Reattas or maybe a Corvette and a Reatta.
  5. After nearly 25 years of being operated day and night I don't see a need to modify the the headlight wiring. 70 posts?
  6. I would run from that car. Like Ronnie said there are quite a few nice cars available at reasonable prices.
  7. Headlight problems like indidicated earlier in this thread are the most common mechanical issue that Reatta owners will encounter. All Reattas will have have these problems sooner or later but the good news is that it is an easy fix with the right parts. See: There is only one kit on the market that fits better than the original, is constructed of the highest quality materials, and includes both variations of upstop nuts. This repair is not as difficult as some would make it appear but if you have any questions at all before the sale, during installation or after the sale I provide phone support 7 days a week during business hours and beyond.
  8. Ronnie, that is funny. You made my day
  9. Randy, Did you have help installing those "Texas bumper guards" or did you do that on your own?
  10. I'm looking to buy a rectangular illuminated sign that has the red Reatta in profile. Please contact me directly if you have one you are willing to sell. My contact information is in my signature.<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  11. There is no need to disconnect the climate controller when removing and replacing the radio.
  12. A/C conversion to 134a should cost about $800. $3000 is about half a paint job.
  13. It was probably a car ordered by someone that thought suede looked good in the 88 models. The craft centre was designed to accommodate this type of variation. There were lots of cars that left the craft centre with incomplete documentation. Every car I ever bought from GM was a non standard one off. I was glad to pay a premium to get what I wanted.
  14. I agree with your mechanic. Do it right the first time and the new magnet will last another 20 years
  15. Switch is fine. Window motor is toast. Any auto parts store has them new.
  16. Some of the 1990 select 60 convertibles did not get the special hood ornament however Buick sent it to the original owner after the sale. IMO the original owners were reluctant to install it. It is slightly smaller than the standard ornament and there is a good possibility of paint damage if the original ornament is removed. Either hood ornament is considered original on this car.
  17. I find this thread borders on comical. I have never had "Headlight Motor Headache" since my fabricator handed me prototypes of my headlight bellcranks (years ago). I have sold nearly 2000 of these kits without a single complaint. Mine were designed to fit EXACTLY like the original without the need to bend anything with a hammer or install spacers behind the motor. Ease of installation with quality fit and finish is second to none. For a comparison from an engineering point of view see the following thread. HEADLIGHT REPAIR KITS<!-- google_ad_section_end --> If you have any questions or comments I can be contacted directly via phone or email. (see signiture for contact info) The Reatta headlight problem has been definitively solved for quite a long time. New Reatta owners need not worry.
  18. Yes, it is at Brackett! Nice little airport. I bought that little plane and flew it from Corona, CA to Albany NY ( round trip) when I had 160 total hours.
  19. Yes and I still have my Cessna 172. It is a Skyhawk thus the email address. I flew it Friday. It is parked in my Reatta hangar
  20. Good rebuildable cores are quite valuable. If this new guy is not willing to buy the cores and buy a signal generator (Kent Moore test tool) then he is dead in the water. It is not up to anyone to provide anything. I pay $50 for rebuildable cores. They must have a blemish free touchscreen and have never been tampered with. My overhauler provides a 2 year warranty. Experience is included.
  21. Rule of thumb which I always follow is to bring old part to store for matchup. Can't do this on line.
  22. These bulbs can be purchased at most auto parts stores. I have never had any difficulty finding them or any other part for that matter.
  23. I would take the car and a dozen doughnuts to a "frame shop". The car will be fixed in less time than it takes to read this thread and eat the doughnuts. They have the tools, parts and know how. This is not a cost effective DIY project
  24. It appears that you have a 1990 convertible. Before you begin make sure you have the correct mirror. The correct mirror for a 90 will have one plug. Early cars had a double plug. They are not "all the same"