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  1. Chances are that the motor is fine. My guess is that somebody will get a great deal. Knock noise is probably just a bad harmonic balancer
  2. That looks like a good deal provided it is a true California car
  3. I have personally repaired more Reatta headlight assemblies than the so called experts have ever seen. The motors are NOT problematic. Suppliers of ill fitting and poorly constructed replacement bellcranks are the only people suggesting a problem with commutators and headlight modules. This is no coincidence. A properly working headlight motor does not have enough torque to overcome the binding caused by a mechanical (read bellcrank) problems. It is a disservice to confuse the average "end user" with complicated and unnecessary repair procedures.
  4. I have a complete Reatta leather portfolio for sale on ebay. 90 91 Buick Reatta Leather Owner's Portfolio Complete with Manual | eBay This offering includes multiple "bonus" items that nobody else has, including the above mentioned brochure, an '88 Press Kit, brass KeyChain, "OK to ship Decal and genuine Craft Centre stationary. This would make an excellent Holiday gift.
  5. That suede could have been an upgrade or have easily been replaced. I just had a suede headliner made for my one of my convertibles. Most convertibles came with a black headliner unless it was special ordered with a color keyed headliner
  6. I have dozens of fenders but they are difficult and expensive to ship. That is why I have so many. I dont bother to collect/save/sell them anymore because of this. Thy are a cash and carry item only
  7. If you want to live on the edge take up skydiving. A blowout on the front of a Reatta can take the fender with it. That is not the least bit exciting
  8. This sounds like another good reason to install a NEW radiator in a 20 plus year old car. Reprogramming the fans and changing the thermostat wont keep coolant out of the trans cooler.
  9. Any expense finding a car that has never been used in the rust belt is money well spent. A trip out west is far cheaper than fixing a rustbucket's bad fuel tank, rusty brake lines, rusty fuel lines, battery box and reattaching the subframe. When you get all done you will still have a rusty car. Being from the rustbelt myself, I was like many people who grew up there, and had never seen a corrosion free car. We assumed back then that "they are all like that". Not so. The cars I own and work on are usually from California. In my opinion a truly corrosion free car can be disassembled with hand tools purchased from Sears without the use of WD40. All fastners are reusable. Seafoam is for the seashore.
  10. I attended last year. Good time. Lots of convertibles on display. Perfect weather as always.
  11. I would run from this car. Keep looking.
  12. Sidney and all, Kevins advice is spot on. When buying any used car of any kind it is best to buy the best exampe of that car you can afford. Better to spend more up front than to buy cheap and restore. Nice parts for Reattas are very hard to find and when you do find them they aren't cheap. A 91 convertible from west of the rockies would be your best buy at any price.
  13. Dave is correct in saying that there is a Diode in the console (88-89 only) that fails from time to time and the headlights will open but not close. In this case I simply replace the diode instead of jury rigging something. Additionally the headlights (all models) will not close if the headlight is burned out or missing. Dave makes a good point about some people requesting headlight modules. Coincidentally they are the same people that use brand X headlight parts and refuse to acknowlege the binding issue. It is not my desire to debate the pros and cons of headlight parts. That ship has sailed. My only desire is to make this simple repair simple for the newcomers. The Reatta was a well built car. The headlight motors and circuitry is robust. The ONLY thing I have ever seen wrong with one of these systems are mechanical issues that are cured with the installation of a good kit. I always recommend that brain surjury is not necessary for a hangnail.
  14. My company has repaired more than 1000 headlight assemblies in the last 2.5 years without a single malfunction issue. In that time I have never replaced a headlight module nor have I had a single request for one. Binding of the assembly is caused by worn out original parts, poorly constructed or ill fitting bellcrank replacements. This binding problem is often improperly diagnosed as electrical problems with the module, bushes and or commutators etc. I also sell completly rebuilt headlight motors that are plug and play. 9 times in 10 these motors are purchased by people that unecessarily took apart perfectly good headlight motors and couldn't put them back together. If you own a Reatta you have or will have headlight issues. The fix is easy with the right parts. This problem is solved. If you have headlight issues please contact me prior to taking anything apart.
  15. Improperly working headlights is purely a mechanical problem and will be fixed by installing a quality headlight kit. I have never seen a bad headlight motor except one that was removed from a Katrina car.
  16. There is nothing wrong with the headlight motors in a 37 thousand mile car unless it is a Katrina car. The problem is purely mechanical and can be repaired by installing a quality headlight kit.
  17. A free standing inverter will produce an easily audible high pitch whine if working properly. I tested many inverters with a DVM and found that good ones whine and normally put out in excess of 110 VAC and the bad ones were silent. I have lots of tested inverters. When troubleshooting I would first listen to the inverter with a probe and if silent then check for DC. Keep it simple
  18. If you dont have a spare bumper then you will need to use the one on the car. Painting the bumper rub strip when not attached to a bumper or other improvisd jig would be like trying to paint a live snake. Nice results will be unlikely. A junk bumper should be readily available.
  19. Let them know at the museum that I have any part they may need for the restoration including a complete convertible top frame. Shipping will be free of charge as my contribution to the project.
  20. The best way to prep and paint these rub strips is to mount them on a spare bumper and lay it across saw horses. Use the junk bumper as a jig.
  21. There is no way to know if a stripe is original either. It is simply a guess/opinion.
  22. I like a narrow two tone stripe on some cars
  23. There is a button that allows you to select analog, digital or both. Nothing is wrong. Door open indicator not the cluster.