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  1. If you ordered an option the Craft Centre would accommodate. That was the design of the Craft Centre's unique assembly process. A "code" for every special option didn't exist due to the limitations of computers in use at that time. I see more of these cars than any 10 of the self proclaimed "experts" and there are many variations unrecognized by the uniformed.

  2. I disagree. My cars are in perfect repair and I don't consult this or any other forum for repair advice. I've seen many recommendations posted here that were way off track. I provide all the hard to get parts not the stuff that is available most anywhere new. Without parts even the best mechanic cannot fix a Reatta. That is what we do. The big 3 vendors provide the essential obsolete parts.

  3. The headlight issue is solved. No need to rehash that.

    Where we diverge is on the level of experience that the "average" Reatta owner posesses. Lets put this in real terms by giving an example. Lets say an average 1990 Reatta owner has overloaded his headlight wiring and fried his switch. He believes he has followed the directions he has read on this forum and swears there is nothing wrong. He then buys a nice used 1990 light switch from YOU for $250 which is a reasonable price for that item. He then installs the new switch in his car and burns that one up too. What are you going to do if he demands that you take it back and return his money? If you sold it through eBay you are required to do just that. Ironically there are other owners with unmodified cars that may need that switch. Can you then resell the damaged one? Of course not. If you had sold it to people with undamaged cars you will never hear from them again unless they want to buy somthing unrelated.

    I think the difference is that us vendors are required to see a repair completed with dependable results or our customers aren't happy. The guys that are trying to show how smart they are make suggestions that the average person can't perform, never have to answer the phone when things dont work out. In other words WE have to fix the problems OTHERS cause. If you dont have skin in the game then stay out of it. I dont sell electrical parts to people with modified cars if I'm aware that they have been trying out the forum fixes.

  4. Dave said: "It is no different then your headlight bracket"

    First of all I dont sell a headlight bracket. I sell a headlight motor repair kit that unlike other available hardware, my kit fits exactly like the original equipment parts did.

    Bad awitches AND high draw headlights cause the wiring to overheat. Would you rather someone burn up their car than admit that you are wrong?

    And my parts are necessary. Functional headlights are required by law.

    These cars have worked reliabily without modification for 25 years. Replacing the radiator will solve overheating problems faster than juryrigging the fans. If the owner messes up the juryrigging, the fans may not work at all and we know what happens then. Congratulations

  5. wws944 said: "I am not sure what Steves (sic) concern is."

    Ask any parts vendor and you will get the same answer. Because we sell the parts, we ultimatly have the responsibility to get the car repaired or the customer isn't happy. Any time a car is modified, jury rigged, tamperd with, or has non standard or substandard parts installed, it becomes very difficult to troubleshoot over the phone. Many well meaning posters forget that the average person reading the forum doesn't have the understanding, experience or tools to perform repairs and modifications. The same people that are recommending these ridiculous modifications are not the people that have to field the phone calls. I get calls all the time for wiring that was burned up by a "rebuilt" headlight switch or someone that is attempting to install brighter headlights.

    I get calls all the time from Reatta owners that have messed up their cars because they followed the advice they saw on this forum. Often times they have no idea about the relationship between price and quality and because of the misinformation posted here they will choose price thinking "they are all the same". Not so.

    The Reatta is actually a very well engineered and built car. An ummolested car is very easily maintained. Brakes, CRTs, Headlights, etc are no big deal whatsoever provided the car has not been visited by a shadetree cheapskate that is trying to improve the wheel.

  6. No need to ride around with a hole in your dash. The Overhauled CRT I sell is ready to install upon arrival. It includes a two year manufacturer warranty. I will also buy your suitable core if you dont wish to keep it.

  7. When you lose vacuum to the HVAC system it defaults to defrost. The source of vacuum starts at the engine. Begin there and inspect every inch of vacuum line until it passes through the firewall. My guess is that the problem is under the hood.

  8. Why Steve?

    When I bought both my Reatta's one of the first things I did was check the database to see if they were on it - any information that would have been provided about the car, good or bad would have been important to me.

    Exactly. If some hero reported the car you bought as "salvage" you probably would never have even looked at it. Crap? Bad unverified information is just that.

  9. This is a nasty job best left to an expert. When I have this job done, my guy (Harrington) will open a cooling line and pump out the remaining dirty fluid and I have him add a trans cooler while the car is in the shop. Remember the old fluid is hazmat and needs to be disposed of properly. This is not a job to do on your back.

  10. The Headlight Module installed in a Buick Reatta is probably the most reliable component in the entire car. I have sold over 1000 headlight repair kits and not a single solitary customer has ever requested a Headlight Module. It is unfortunate but when a headlight mechanism is repaired with ill fitting or poorly constructed repair parts the headlight mechanism will bind up. This binding problem is then blamed on the headlight module and often times the problem is never solved.

    If your car has never been modified or repaired with substandard parts, repairing a winking blinking headlight is an easy job. Contact me directly for more information.

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